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Glenn Travis

A note from Glenn

2013 was a great year for GMT Home Designs and we are anticipating even greater things happening in 2014.

There are  a lot of exciting things happening in the field of Architecture and residential remodeling. We describe some of the latest ideas and trends in this edition.

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January 2014

New Home Design Trends for 2014

Creating the Right Home for You
If you google “home design trends in 2014” you will get a bevy of articles from “experts” describing the new trends. We have seen everything from “navy is the new big trend” to “it’s all about black and white”. Vintage, transitional, modern mash-up and so on. Our view is always the same and that is a home is a reflection of your tastes, your life story, your needs and your budget.


A look back at 2013

Janice Hunt, Architect at GMT Home Designs

I have now been at GMT Home Designs for 3 years. In that time I have become proficient in Chief Architect software which is a powerful and valuable tool for our clients. The ability to render lifelike design for homeowners, allowing them to visualize a completed project is truly powerful.  At GMT this last year I was able to sink my teeth into “new” home construction projects and larger whole house remodel/addition projects. 

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