Near Media Co-op News Update - June 2015
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NEWS UPDATE   June 2015

During the summer we’ll be out and about across the community. If you miss any of our special outside broadcasts, look out for podcasts and don’t forget to check in on for new videos. August will see the 20th anniversary of the first nearfm broadcast, back in the old CDC days, on 101.5fm. Hard to believe that was 20 years ago.!  At the end of this month the Annual General Meeting of the Co-Op will be held.  This is really the legal bit of Near. AGMs aren’t for everybody, they tend to be quite formal, but it is a legal requirement that we hold one, and produce our audited accounts. If you are a shareholder, do try and attend. If you’re not a shareholder, and want to become one, email me and I’ll talk you through it ( There are very few opportunities to own media in Ireland, but this is one.
Dave O Connor
Secretary Near Media Co Op
Near Media Co-Op
Committee of Management

Vincent Teeling (Chair)          Declan (Vice Chair)
Dave O’Connor (Secretary)    Peter Cunningham (Treasurer)           
Stephen Blayds                    Andrew Robinson
Sue O’Neill                           Connie O’Reilly
Aileen Lee                              
Welcome to Aileen Lee who was co-opted onto the Committee last month. Aileen has been with near fm since 2013 and is on the Programmes and Contents Committee. We also say thank you and good luck to Shannette Budhai, who is not seeking re-election at the forthcoming AGM. Shanentte was instrumental in progressing our Intercultural Policy, and coordinated the newsletter.

Ann Loughney RIP

Ann passed away recently after a long illness. She was a valued member of the Near Drama Company and performed in many radio drama productions on Nearfm.
Many of you will know her voice as she, along with the voice of her good friend, Mary McNamara, are both regularly heard on Nearfm station IDs.
Despite her illness, she still gave a 100% in everything she did. I specifically remember her giving a great performance in a radio play about domestic violence written by Denis Byrne last October, which was broadcast live on 90.3fm.
Her last appearance on this station was on a Christmas Special edition of Curtain Up last December when she facilitated a lovely mixture of poetry, prose, music and anecdotes. I will have fond memories of that broadcast.
Ann was a feisty woman, who argued her corner in a robust manner. I pity Saint Peter at the gates of Heaven if there is a query about her admittance!!!!!
I had the privilege of knowing her. She will be missed. I will miss her.
Declan Cahill,
Near Drama

Nearfm at 20 

As part of our celebrations we are doing radio interviews with people who made important contributions over the years.  If you can think of anyone who was here during that time, and would have good stories to tell, please let us know.     As an example of what you can do on your programme, Fergus Carroll is replaying interviews he did during the years. Last week he played an interview he did during a cricket match at Lords with Trevor McDonald in 2004.    Pat Kearney is also doing a series of specials reflecting on his 20 years with Nearfm.  We’ll make all this material available as podcasts.  Please let us know what you are up to and if we can support you with promotion (

Nearfm at European level

CMFE and AMARC are the two European organisations representing community media.  Ciarán Murray is president of CMFE and Sally Galiana of AMARC.  Jack Byrne is a former president of AMARC.  This demostrates the important role that Near plays for community media, not just nationally, but on an EU level.     We are currently working on lobbying the EU Culture and Education (and Media) committee for better conditions for community media across the EU in terms of better access to licencing, transmission and funding. 

Smart phone and Online Listening

Have a smart phone?
Watch  Nearfm live on webcam at

Listen to our high quality livestream at
Have a laptop or PC.
You can still watch and listen to Nearfm live at and
Or you can download free radio apps such as Tuneinradio or Radiodeck

New Staff members

Welcome to Linda Bell and Adrianne Murphy who started CE employment  with Near. Linda is the receptionist and shares this position with Joe Reynolds; Adrianne works on publicity and outreach and is based at NearTV. Welcome also to Keith Campbell, Felicity Kearney, Joe Reynolds, who have recently joined staff.

New Programmes on Nearfm

Declan Meenagh started a new programme called ‘Tech Near You’, broadcast is the last Thursday of the month from 4.30-5.00pm. The programme is about how technology impacts on our lives.
Alison is extending her programme ‘Dramatic Dublin’. This series explores different aspects of theatre behind the scenes and features theatre reviews and interviews with people involved with theatre. Tune in Tuesdays from 3.30-4.30 fortnightly in turn with Padraig’s ‘Arts and Disability Radio’ that showcases the work of artists/companies with disabilities, promotes upcoming events and features music by Irish and international singer/songwriters with disabilities.
Near’s Golden Years: Gerry McGuire will be presenting over the summer months Saturday 8am – 9.30am while Dave O’Connor takes a summer break.
The Film and TV Show
Paul O’Rourke and the rest of the team takes a look at Irish film and television Thursdays 3.30pm – 4.30pm

New on Friday: Alternating with The Grove Show is Classic Rock Radio with Dave O’ Connor, everything from The Doors, to Zeppelin, Beatles to Bachman Turner Overdrive, Stones to Stone Roses...yeah you get the drift, just great classic rock music, every other Friday 9.30pm – 11.30pm.

Soundtrack is a new bi-weekly music programme, 8.30pm every second Sunday, presented by Near Media Co-op Treasurer Peter Cunningham. Soundtrack will also feature a co-presenter each show who could be a well-known local character, a politician, a sportsperson, a musician, or a Near Media Co-op personality. The co-presenter chooses the music and plays songs that mean something to them, that may have accompanied them through their lifes journey. Guests to date have included Margaret E. Ward, Senator Averil Power and Jack Byrne. If you have any suggestions as to who could feature on Soundtrack, or if you would like to co-present yourself, please contact me at This could be one for your bucket list!



Q - What is your favorite movie?
A - High Fidelity, with John Cusack which is based on the Nick Hornby book of the same name, it deals with relationships based around a Chicago music shop. The music is quite eclectic and Jack Black plays the very funny Barry. It's a real film for music nerds like myself!
Q - What is your program about?
A - Our program is the Grove show, hosted by Peter Gaynor, Jennifer Roche and myself. We've been hosting the show since August 2012. It was the brainchild of Peter and it's going from strength to strength. The show came about from the Grove reunions over the last 10 years or so. It was a disco that ran in St Pauls Raheny from 1967 to 1997 and Cecil who still DJ's at the reunions is an integral part of our shows popping in from time to time!
Q - What's the most inspiring feedback you have received from listeners? 
A - Our listeners at the end of the show post up how much they've enjoyed the show and that they look forward to the next show, that's what inspires me.
Q - Who is your heroine?
A - Debbie Harry, she was innovative, a great songwriter, a fantastic performer, trailblazing and an amazing lady for almost 70, if I look like her when I'm that age I'd be doing very well!
Lynne co- presents “The Grove Show” alternate Fridays 9.30pm – 11.30pm

The Craol Féile

The Craol Féile is the biggest networking and skills development event in the Irish Community Radio calendar. Each year 2-5 places (depending on the stage of development) are allocated to Craol member stations to join an incredible weekend of sharing and learning. This year’s Féile has been organised by Dublin South FM where Near Media Co-op’s staff members of Ciarán will lead a workshop on ‘Archiving’; Sally on ‘Training with people that are visually impaired’ and Dorothee on ‘EU funding for Community Radio stations’. If you like more info on the event email

Coláiste Dhúlaigh Radio Week

This year in April for one week from 12-1pm we held our first ‘Coláiste Dhúlaigh Radio Week’ for 5days during which we played magazine programmes, documentaries and one on one interviews produced by Journalism and media students of Dublin’s Northside Media College. Picture below captures participants of the panel discussion as part of Radio Week on one of the days. 

Recordings in the school library of St Davids

Over the last couple of months Nearfm did recordings in St Davids BNS for the series ‘Exploring with Tom Crean’. This educational series about the Antarctic explorer is now in post-production and will broadcast in Autumn this year. 

‘YouEditEU’ (Young Editorial Teams Europe)

‘YouEditEU’ (Young Editorial Teams Europe) is one of the Erasmus+ projects we are working on this year. Since February Dorothee and Aiert have been working with 8 students from Coláiste Dhúlaigh and will be travelling for an exchange visit to Hungary where we will meet and work with participants from the partner stations. Our partners are Tilos Radio in Budapest, Hungary,   Spain Radio Valekas in Madrid, Spain and Radio Wüstewelle in Tübingen, Germany.  If you like further information please contact

The Erasmus+ funded project EurEval

The Erasmus+ funded project EurEval is a collaboration with 9 partners all over Europe. Part of this project involves a reference book to facilitate the ‘Jobs skills Portfolio’ booklet that had been designed in a previous project. The stations also meet to exchange best practice in training and arrange for meetings to learn from other community radio stations. In November this year Nearfm will run a training course in France as part of this project. If you like further information please contact

Happy Birthday Near!

Near is turning 20 years this summer! To mark this milestone in the history of community media in Dublin and Ireland we will run a special night out in early September, watch out for this space! 

Nearfm volunteer induction course

Nearfm is running its next induction course for new radio volunteers  in June and July this year. If you like to sign up for a course at a later stage please get in touch with Adrianne at

Nearfm live OB

Nearfm live OB from the Open Day of Child vision on Saturday June 13th
Nearfm will be speaking to organisers and different community groups on the day, exact broadcast time TBC. If you like to organise a programme to go live from outside the studios please get in touch with We love hearing about new ideas and places to broadcast from!

Launch of a BA Honours Degree in Broadcasting and Journalism

Coláiste Dhúlaigh College of Further Education in association with University of Wolverhampton and Nearfm are proud to announce the launch of a BA Honours Degree in Broadcasting and Journalism in September 2015.  This one year course will be delivered on a part time/evening basis at our Coolock campus, with a minimum of 12 contact hours per week.  The radio broadcasting elements of the course will take place in Nearfm. The course requires full commitment from participants, as self-directed learning is central to successful completion of the Top-up degree.

Commissioned Programming

Poetic Lives is a 6 part series that follows the lives of 6 migrant poets that are living and producing their art in Ireland. Each poet expresses their different experiences through the medium of poetry.
This series is being broadcast every Thursday from 3pm- 3:30pm
The producer and presenter of the series Ignacio Irigoien said “Each programme is a blind date for the interviewer who will only know the poet through a selection of poems and a brief biography sent in by the poet. This has been as intriguing as ever, I had never met the poets before and have identified their character through their art.”
Following the path laid by the poems, the interviewer will talk about the life experiences and interests of the different poets, and how they are reflected in the poems. All poets have three common denominators:  poetry, migration and Ireland.
The series is supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound & Vision Scheme.
Rivitin History  - Produced by Pat Meehan, Gavin Byrne and Declan Cahill is
A  hilarious 4 part satirical drama by Pat Meehan.
Meet ‘Marrion Monroe’ and ‘Duck the Bullets’ as they are taken in by Professor Henri DuFornicate’s ability to travel back through time to ancient Ireland, every Friday at 6.00pm
This series is made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound and Vision scheme.
Novels, Plays and Schooldays 
Novels, Plays and Schooldays is a new 9 part radio series produced by Produced by Debbie Hutchinson and Nearfm with financial support from The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. The series looks at the novels and plays that form part of the Junior and Leaving Certificate English syllabus and discusses potential questions and approaches to those questions. The series features panel discussions with local schools and their teachers. The first programme discusses the novel Of Mice and Men and features teacher Michelle Fallon and students from inner city school, Larkin Community College. The second programme discusses The Great Gatsby and prescribed comparative texts with teacher Leslie Dowdall and students from Colaiste Dhulaigh in Coolock. The programmes also feature dramatisations and narrations of key excerpts from
the texts, performed by various contributors and members of the Near Drama
The remainder of the series will continue from September 2015.
This series is made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound and Vision scheme.
Northside Football 2 – is a four part series broadcasting live local football, produced by Paul Loughran. Already Near has broadcast live the St Kevin’s Academy Cup, The FAI Women’s National League Cup Final from Tolka Park and the Intermediate Cup final from Aviva Stadium. Stay tuned to near fm for details of our final match in the series.
If Ever You Go: A Northside Dublin perspective (pic attached) – Produced by Pat Rogers and Pat Lynch (Nominated for a CRAOL Award)
Nearfm have produced a ten part radio series reinterpreting the Dublin: One City One Book ‘If Ever You Go: a Map of Dublin in Poetry and Song’ edited by Pat Boran and Gerard Smyth. This series takes a unique look at the book from a northside Dublin perspective by focusing on the poems, poets and songs associated with Northside Dublin.
The series features many well known poets reciting and being interviewed about the poems they have featured in the book including Paula Meehan, Theo Dorgan and Dermot Bolger as well as up and coming poets such as Colm Keegan, Jessica Traynor and Alan Jude Moore.
Contributions also come from Poetry Ireland, Dedalus Press, Dublin City of Literature, Trinity College Dublin and St David’s Boys National School in north Dublin. There are also well known ballads performed by Gerry Cooley, Vincent Smith and Stephen Heffernan. Poetry recital contributions for the series were made by Mary McNamara and Michael Sharp from the Near Drama Company.
This series is made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound and Vision scheme.
This series is available now on Podcast
New Perspectives on Irish History is an 8 part radio series devised by John Haughton, which takes a unique look at how our ancestors viewed their natural environment and how different periods of history co-existed with the natural environment of our island. In this instance this series relates to the themes of Irish History, heritage, experience and the natural environment and will raise public awareness to a unique historical perspective. Expert contributions come from Andrew St. Ledger of the Woodland League, Lord Ross of Birr Castle, Dara Molloy Celtic Priest, Padraigin Clancy expert in Celtic Mythology and Folklore and Professor Patricia Lysaght of the School of Irish, Celtic Studies, Irish Folklore, and Linguistics, University College Dublin, among many others. The series uses narration, music, poetry and voxpops to bring the themes under analysis to life in an entertaining and engaging manner.
This series is made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound and Vision scheme.
This series is available now on Podcast
P.O.S.H. – a four part series on Dublin port, produced by Ger Leddin. Broadcast dates TBC

Near Archive

In October 2014 Near Media Co-Op was awarded funding by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland to build a dedicated digital archive for a discreet collection of content broadcast by the radio station between the years 2011 and 2015. The total number of segments in this collection will be in the region of 1100.
The content is to be taken from Near fm’s programme Northside Today, and will reflect upon themes of Irish Culture, Life and experience.
The Near Archive will be built in three stages and with the input of expert partners including the Digital Repository of Ireland and Dublin City Council Library and Archive.

Near TV

NearTV would like to welcome Michael McCabe to the team.
Watch out for
David King Album Launch Ruirteach Blues
Near TV documents David King’s album launch of ‘Ruirteach Blues’ in The Grand Social. Ruirteach Blues is the first album from David King. A five piece band accompanies him on the night giving it a blues, folk and acoustic sound.
World's Largest Gluten Free Pancake
In Smithfield, Dublin: For Coeliac awareness week 2015, The Coeliac Society of Ireland in association with Knorr Ireland and the Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland made the attempt a Success.
Sean O’Casey lived here – A community remembers
2014 was the 50th anniversary of the death of Sean O’Casey and the residents of East Wall marked the occasion with the unveiling of plaques on Hawthorn Terrace where he lived and at St Barnabas Church of which he was a member, they also held a memorial at Abercorn Road where he lived for twenty years , this is the record of those events.
Currently in production:
Science Investigators:  Filming has started on Science Squad Investigators a BAI Sound and Vision funded Science Education series for primary school students. We have been filming in Springdale National School, Raheny and the Glasnevin Educate Together School and have had experts from Met Eireann, the Irish wildlife trust and Junior Einstein’s. Filming will continue into September October and the series is due to be release early next year. 


We recently revamped the Near fm podcast site. You can find it at

Because we don't delete old content there are now currently over 2100 programmes available on the podcast section of our website dating back 5 years. That's a lot of content and it's now easier than ever to explore it all. There are improved category listings and a more robust search engine.

We've also improved and streamlined the process involved in putting your own programme up onto the podcast. So if you would like training in this then please contact:
There will be more features coming soon to the podcast as well, such as more detailed stats and category subscriptions. 


We also recently upgraded our online livestream. The quality of the audio is now higher than ever if you choose to listen to the radio station online. The new system also allows for a greater number of listeners to tune in simultaneously and we're already breaking our old maximum capacity on a weekly basis.  

You can listen to the livestream at
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