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Depth of Knowledge by Jeffalytics
Jeffalytics Newsletter
Volume 1.0
November of 2013

Hey Friend of Jeffalytics!

November is the calm after the storm here at Jeffalytics. It has been nothing like the month of October where I had several speaking gigs, conducted a Mozinar, helped put on the annual MIMA Summit, attended the annual Google Analytics Partner Summit, taught 4 Google Analytics classes and left my employer of over 6 years.

That last part is likely the biggest surprise to those reading.

I quit my job!

Leaving steady employment to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities is not something that happens every day or to the faint of heart. But that is where I found myself as I packed up my office and put up an "out of office... for good" message.

I have gone back out on my own and taking the plunge into entrepreneurship, and I couldn't be more excited about it.

While I will surely have more announcements in the future, for now you can expect to see more time and effort being put into Jeffalytics starting with this very newsletter that you are reading.  

Feel free to reply to this message with suggestions for how I can improve future editions of the newsletter.

Analytics Tool Watch

Even though Google Analytics is my first love, there are many more tools available to help us measure our marketing efforts. This section of the newsletter is dedicated to sharing some of the tools I have come across since we last spoke. By linking in this newsletter I am not personally endorsing these tools. Some of these tools may be subject to a future review on Jeffalytics. 
  • Docalytics ( - An analytics platform for documents (particularly PDFs) that helps you generate leads through your white papers and provides rich analytics on how readers engage with your content. This St. Paul, MN company should be on the radar of every B2B marketer.
  • Funnel Plus ( - A better funnel for Google Analytics that plugs into your existing GA data to create reports. I hooked this up to my Google Analytics account and the process was very seamless. Pricing is free while this product is in beta. 
  • Lead Pages ( - I first came across Lead Pages after reading that they secured a large amount of money from venture capitalist Brad Feld. This Minneapolis based company is in my back yard and is revolutionizing the way leads and inquiries are generated by marketers. Pre-made lead templates that you can sort by which one converts the best across users? That was enough to get me signed up.

More Cool Tools 

All Analytics and no play makes Jeff a dull boy. That's why I like to experiment with more than just Analytics tools. Here are a few tools that have come across my radar recently. While I have not personally tried each one, they looked interesting enough to share with others. 
  • CoSchedule ( - Social Editorial Calendar for WordPress sites
  • Content Cloud ( - Software for Managing a Content Team 
Have a tool that you think I should mention? Email me suggestions at
Perhaps I'm drinking my own Kool-Aid, but I'm really excited to start writing a newsletter for Jeffalytics and I have a feeling that this has the potential to grow a strong following.

In each edition you can expect to see a mix of industry happenings, personal thoughts, tips, tricks and tools that will help grow our collective knowledge. I'm always looking for improvement suggestions and new ideas.


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