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September 2015 PreMed Student Newsletter
Join the PreMed Division of the American Medical Women's Association 
Join the rapidly growing pre-medical division of the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA).  Founded in 1915, AMWA is the oldest national organization of women physicians, and the primary mentoring organization for women medical and pre-medical students nationwide. 
Start a branch of AMWA at your school and gain valuable leadership experience, network with women physicians and students nationwide, participate in healthcare initiatives like the fight against human trafficking, global women's health, and gender specific medicine.  Learn firsthand from women who have balanced career goals with family commitments.  Find a mentor.  Be empowered.
To join the premed division at the newly discounted rate for $25 for all premedical years, please click here
Be a part of the planning for AMWA's next century. Attend AMWA's Centennial Interim Meeting, September 19-20, 2015 in Washington, DC. Keynote speakers:  Dr. Maryellen Gusic, Chief Medical Officer, AAMC and Dr. Alice Chen, Executive Director, Doctors for America. Register now for only $15!
Get involved with the premed conference committee. Sruthi Buddai, PreMed Conference Chair, is currently looking for 3-4 PreMed members to help plan PreMed events for the 101st AMWA conference. For more details on the available positions, please click 
here. Please email your interest in joining to Sruthi at or for any further questions. 
Dr. Rashida, one of the physicians from the Diversity and Inclusion group, is looking for ways that AMWA can help with addressing health disparities among minority groups, collaborating and educating members on cultural competency and cultural consciousness, and implementing a program on how to use complementary and alternative medicine in patient care.  Dr. Rashida is working with the Native Health Initiative and the Zuni Reservation with these initiatives. Please submit your ideas on how to help these two organizations to or for any further questions.
AMWA's 2015 Interim Meeting
September 19-20, 2015
Washington, DC
AMWA's 101st Annual Meeting
March 11-13, 2016
Miami, Florida
Hello AMWA PreMeds, 
         It is my pleasure to welcome you back to another fantastic school year! As your undergraduate journey continues, I would like to thank you for allowing AMWA to be a part of your PreMed career. As our division grows, there are numerous opportunities to get involved with nationals. With a strive to create new initiatives, provide mentoring for students, and much more, I am confident that we can find a home for each member within the AMWA student division. Please extend my invitation to other PreMed students to join AMWA at a newly discounted membership rate. I'm looking forward to the growth of our division and am incredibly honored to serve as this year's first PreMed President. 

- Jennie Luu 

Make sure your branch is active this month!
It's Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month,
National Yoga Awareness Month
& National Food Education Safety Month!

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