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It’s never too early -- or too late -- to start preparing for retirement. Maybe you’re working with recent college graduates who are faced with their first retirement plan options. You may encounter middle-aged adults who want to catch up on retirement savings. Older adults facing retirement may have questions about their home, health care and other significant issues. And yet, the best laid plans…imagine heading into retirement with a new child coming into the home due to unforeseen circumstances. No matter what retirement assistance your adult learners need, Financial Workshop Kits are here to help.

Retirement Series Workshops

The Retirement Series Financial Workshop Kits explore eight decision areas highlighted in NEFE’s consumer web resource:
  • Work
  • Social Security
  • Home and Mortgage
  • Insurance
  • Retirement Plans
  • Savings and Investments
  • Debt
  • Fraud
These workshops help your participants discover the connections between these areas and see how making informed decisions can lead to greater financial well-being in retirement. The workshops are designed as a series, but you can deliver an individual workshop to address a need in your community. The Fraud workshop, for example, can help vulnerable populations recognize and avoid fraud.
Note: If you’re working with people in their twenties who may be encountering retirement plan options for the first time, use the Entry-Level Wages: Living on Your Own workshop.

Kinship Care Financial Workshop Kit Available

Adding a member to your family brings up financial issues -- especially if the new family member is unexpected and the caregivers are close to retirement. That’s the situation for many of the grandparents, relatives, and close friends who are raising approximately 7.8 million children in the United States today. To help with the financial issues, NEFE recently developed a new workshop: Sticking Together: Kinship Care and Financial Care.

Challenging circumstances such as death, deployment, and incarceration lead to these kinship care relationships, so caregivers may need help with financial, emotional, and physical issues. To address these issues, sample workshop topics include:
  • Adjusting to life with children or teenagers
  • Managing the situation financially
  • Understanding possible tax benefits
  • Protecting savings and retirement income
  • Finding assistance 
The Kinship Care workshop is specifically designed to address financial issues in order to free caregivers to focus time and energy on their kin. 

The Needs vs. Wants activity during the Kinship Care workshop helps caregivers make the right decision for their family.
The Needs vs. Wants activity during the Kinship Care workshop helps caregivers make the right decision for their family.


Conferences: See Financial Workshop Kits in Action and Meet the Project Manager

Mary J. Schultz, Manager of Financial Workshop Kits, will present at the following upcoming workshops. If you’re there, tell her you subscribe to the Financial Workshop Kits e-newsletter and she’ll give you a free NEFE memory stick! 


National Center for Families Learning
Families Learning Summit 2016
Oct. 16-19, Detroit, Mich.

Colorado Nonprofit Association
2016 Fall Conference & Exhibition: The 20,000
Oct. 20-21, Denver, Colo.

Remember: Financial Workshop Kits Are Free

As always, there is no product to buy. No strings attached. We provide all programs (including Financial Workshop Kits) at no cost.

Getting Started

If you are getting ready to teach a financial workshop, visit our website to get started. We provide presentations, scripts, handouts, and tips to help you with your presentation and make your job easier.

Questions or Suggestions?

Questions or Suggestions?

We want our tools to be easy to use and as effective as possible. So if you have suggestions, tips, questions, or feedback, we would love to hear it. Have something to say? Contact our team.

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Community Action and Financial Workshop Kits Webinar, Sept. 9

Are you dedicated to helping people manage their finances? See how Financial Workshop Kits can help you reach out to your community with the tools and resources needed to deliver financial education information to underserved audiences. Financial planning professionals, social services professionals, community volunteers, financial educators, and human resources professionals gain access to workshops, tools, and other resources that can be used separately or together to empower people to make the best financial decisions for their values and unique circumstances. Learn more about how to use the website and other NEFE tools. To register: 

Friday, Sept. 9, 10 a.m. MDT
Friday, Sept. 9, 1 p.m. MDT

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Webinar

Listen in as Mary J. Schultz delivers one of the most popular Financial Workshop Kits: Rebuilding Financially After Domestic Violence. This workshop covers building a modest financial foundation and making plans for the future -- crucial skills that empower individuals to make informed, responsible financial decisions to reestablish their lives. 

You can listen to the webinar anytime here or review and use the presentation.

Watch for links to register for the next two webinars: Thursday, Nov. 17, and Thursday, Dec. 15. 

Host a Webinar!

To see a Financial Workshop Kit in action and get ideas on effective presentation, talk to us about hosting a webinar for you. Contact Mary J. Schultz, Manager of Financial Workshop Kits, at to discuss your needs. Webinars offer an ideal way to share targeted personal finance information with audiences across the United States. 

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