Sept-Oct 2013

Volume 2, Issue 5, Sept-Oct 2013

Score Foundation is a New Delhi based not-for-profit organisation that runs the project Eyeway—a single stop knowledge resource for living life with blindness.

Agents of Perceptual Change

The main objective of our recently launched TV Series ‘Nazar Ya Nazariya’ is to reach out to the general public so that we could bring about a sea change in the general mindset and perception towards disability. Post the launch of the series we take a look at the impact the show is creating and measure its efficacy in terms of number as well as nature of calls we received on the Helpdesk on Saturdays, after the airing of the first 6 episodes. We have reviewed 98 calls so far from most states in North India. To read a detailed account of the impact click here.

Running for Change!

After a gap of 2 years our CEO, George Abraham is running the 21 km course in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon once again, on 15th December 2013, to raise funds for Score Foundation. Due to lack of preparation time and an injury he had been unable to run the 21 Km course these past two years.  

Over the last 11 years we have been running our various projects through support from various foundations and generous contributions from people like you. We request you to support us once again. All contributions made would be exempt from Income Tax, under section 80G.

You can donate online. Visit and follow the simple directions to make a donation. You can also send us a cheque favouring ‘Concern India Foundation’ to the Score Foundation 17/107 Vikram Vihar Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi - 110024.

Visually Impaired people are part of the human resource of this country. Unfortunately over the years they have been perceived as people who need to be looked after and supported. Please do join us. Your support will help us change perception and further the cause of including visually impaired people into the mainstream of our country.  

Advocacy and Research


My vote matters!

Persons with visual impairment have right to participate in political activities like voting. The issue of inaccessibility of the polling system in India has kept persons with disability away from the electoral process thus far. There are government provision (Supreme court order, 2004) that ensure the right of blind people to vote. However due to infrastructural inadequacies, most people are unable to cast their vote….. Read what Score Foundation is doing to remedy this. Click here.

Kendriya Vidhayla Sanghathan (KVS) Vs Score foundation

Score foundation filed a case with CCPD on the request of a helpdesk caller against KVS in august 2013 on the grounds of non- compliance of statutory requirements of 3% reservation for persons with disabilities for the post of PGT computer science and mathematics in its advertisement issued for the recruitment of teachers for the year 2012-2013. 

This is an instance of violation of section 33 under PWD Act. CCPD has validated our complaint and asked KVS to respond to the complaint on the issue.

Access to Public Transport

Score Foundation is advocating for change in policy dealing with accessibility, known as the Barrier free environment and making stride towards promotion of full inclusion of Persons with Disability (PwD) in all aspect of life, including their ability to travel from one place to another within the city. 

Inability to move around the city robs them of access to quality education, better health facilities and an opportunity to be a part of society. The research team is engaged in a qualitative research with the purview of presenting the outcomes to policy makers, to ensure barrier free environment for people with visual impairment. To read more about the research click here.

Education for the Visually Impaired

Score Foundation has filed another RTI application to the Department of Education requesting a list of visually impaired students studying in various Delhi schools under IEDSS - Inclusive education for the disabled at the Secondary Stage. No reply has been received from the ministry yet. However, in response to earlier RTIs and request letter to the DOE and central Information officer, we have received order addressed to the Appellant authority to provide us the desired information.

Internship Forum

Delhi School of Social Work and Score Foundation have joined hands to provide learning opportunities for two MSW (Masters in Social Work) students. These students are engaged in individual research projects as part of their course curriculum. Their respective projects will also add to Score Foundation’s existing  knowledge pool.

Our research officer is guiding the students every step of the way and giving them an opportunity to look at and absorb the social realities for PwD in India.


Nazar Ya Nazariya Symposium

Score Foundation collaborated with Shroff’s Charity eye Hospital on the 21st of September addressed attitudes of the people towards visual impairment by organizing a panel discussion with 5 individuals living and succeeding in life with visual impairment. To read more about the symposium click here.

Reaching Out Through Workshops

Ophthalmologists are in unique position of trust and influence to help visually impaired people. Often it is an Ophthalmologist who diagnoses an eye condition and breaks the news that treatment options are limited, if available at all.

However, for many Ophthalmologists they might then feel helpless at understanding the further needs of patients. This is where we can help.

Score Foundation offers sensitization workshops especially designed for those working in Eye Hospitals. We look at the emotional and practical impact a poor prognosis can make, and take time to explore the technology and resources available to help people live and full and active life with a visual impairment. These are positive sessions, designed to help you support your patients through a difficult time.

We currently have funding available to offer workshops in Odisha, Bihar, Jharkand, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. If you are connected to a hospital and would be interested in hosting a workshop, please contact us.

Helpdesk - Our Impact

When Rihan suddenly lost  his eyesight due to retinal detachment in 2008 he was appearing for his class 12th  exams. His life came to a stand still as his confidence plummeted. He could not think of any job opportunities, as with his meager eligibility of 12th pass along with his deteriorating vision, he was in his mind, virtually unemployable. He became home bound and even feared to step out of his home to nearby places in Lucknow. To read about how Rihan bounced back click here.

This World Sight Day Be Shady!

World sight Day is celebrated on the second Thursday of every October. In 2013 it was celebrated on 10th October. After two years without any global theme, this year IAPB (International Agency for Prevention of blindness) decided to revisit the global theme idea.

2013 is an important year, as it will mark the launch of a new
WHO Action Plan on the prevention of avoidable blindness and visual impairment 2014-19.

In keeping with the main thrust of this new Action Plan, the theme for World Sight Day 2013 was ‘Universal Eye Health’. The Action Plan identifies its purpose as to ‘increasing access to comprehensive eye care services that are integrated into health systems’. The theme for World Sight Day 2013 comes from this focus. ‘Universal Eye Health’ embodies many critical aspects of successful eye health uptake.

Although a lot of organizations around the world celebrated World Sight Day by means of blogs, Tweets, Facebook Posts, Rallies, Events and Eye check up camps. One of the most innovative campaign was the TOMS #BeShady social media campaign.

A popular footwear brand TOMS is launching the #BeShady social media campaign on Thursday, October 10th to raise awareness for World Sight Day. Through #BeShady, TOMS is inviting people all over the world to wear sunglasses in an unlikely indoor setting (like in a restaurant, at the gym, etc.) on October 10th and share a photo via social media using the hashtag #BeShady. Additionally, TOMS also created a limited edition pair of sunglasses available on especially for the initiative. With the sales proceeds, TOMS will provide eye care to people in need.

In the past TOMS has spearheaded initiatives such as One for One, which has turned into a global movement, has been helping kids in need of shoes for over 7 years. The initiative is a great way to get people talking about the issue and create awareness around the issue of blindness.

The Month Gone By

In the last two months our CEO, George Abraham spoke at 5 events at various places across the National Capital Region. We would also like to take this opportunity to inform all our supporters that Score Foundation is looking to organize ‘Nazar Ya Nazariya’ Sensitization workshops across NCR. If you would like to conduct a sensitization workshop or talk or know somebody who might, drop us a mail at

On 25th September George spoke at Janki Devi Memorial College. The aim of the talk was to sensitize both teachers as well as students on life with blindness. The focus was on looking at blind and visually impaired students as friends and treating them as such, instead of trying to help them out or looking at them as charity cases.

On 2nd October George spoke at the Blind Graduates Fellowship of India at Y B Chavan Centre in Mumbai. The talk centred around our recently launched TV Series - Nazar ya Nazariya.

On 10th October 2013 Mr Abraham spoke at a seminar titled “Mainstreaming Disability in Socio-Economic Development” organized by Enabling Unit – CHETNA of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College of Delhi University. The talk centred around the ‘Nazar Ya Nazariya’ concept i.e. is it about sight or perception?

George addressed a class of 2nd year Masters students of Disability Studies at Delhi University on October 19th on the topic ‘Social Exclusion’ - its meaning and impact on the society and nation.

On October 25th our CEO participated in a high powered conclave at The Lalit hotel in New Delhi. The topic of the conclave was ‘The role of Faith, Values and religion in Nation building’. George was a part of the 18 people panel that discussed the topic at length.       

On 30th of October our CEO spoke to an audience consisting local school authorities, students and teachers as well the gentry at YMCA in Greater Noida. YMCA is currently setting up a daycare centre for early intervention of children with disabilities, and the talk was aimed at sensitization people on the issues of living life with Blindness. George’s talk focused on RAW -people with disability as potential ‘Resources’ for this country, focusing on the ‘Ability’ instead of the disability and focusing in the ‘World’ in terms of sensitizing people at large so that they recognize PwD exist as part of the social fabric and are consumers of services.

News In Brief


The 10th season of our Radioshow - Eyeway Yeh Hai Roshni Ka Karwan has been on air on September 4th. This season has 10 power packed Episodes each featuring interviews with interesting people, news, competition and other interesting tidbits. To read more about the people featured in season 10 click here.

Nazar Ya Nazariya on YouTube

You can now watch all the previous episodes of Nazar Ya Nazariya (complete as well as short versions with english subtitles) on our YouTube Channel. Click here to view an episode today!

Score Getting Social!

Our Facebook fan base has increased to 11000 people with we actively engage on a regular bases. We have now started receiving queries regarding technology, training courses and much more on Facebook as well, in addition to our Helpdesk. We are currently posting proactively about Nazar Ya Nazariya. On an average we reach out to 60000 people on Facebook from our 11000 strong fan base. To engage with us on Facebook like us here.
We are in the process of expanding our Twitter base to be able to reach out to more people on Twitter and beyond. We currently have 541 Followers on Twitter and our hashtags #NazarYaNazariya and #RoshniKaKarwan have been doing really well with a number of tweets and retweets. We are also launching a twitter chat with George starting next week under the hashtag #AskGeorge.

Project Eyeway Blog!

Our Project Eyeway Blog is up and running. We have recently shifted the blog from Blogspot to our new druppal based Eyeway Website. Currently George is doing a Series of 13 blogposts each dedicated to an episode of Nazar Ya Nazariya. you can read the latest Blogpost here.

Bidding Farewell

This Month we bid farewell to one of our two VSO International Volunteers. Claire Boxall has been with Score Foundation since May this year and was working as part of the communications team. With close to 15 years of experience in PR and strategic communications in the in the not-for-profit sector in the UK. Claire was working on content for our various channels of communication. We wish Claire all the best in her future endeavours.
This month we had 4 media interactions with Spice Route Magazine, All India Radio, Prevention Magazine and The Week Magazine. Although the Prevention and The Week articles are awaited we have received coverage in AIR and Spice Route. Also this week we did a series of articles around Diwali and its meaning for the Blind and visually impaired people. Below is a snapshot of the coverage we received in the last two months. 
Don’t forget to watch our documentary film on YouTube ‘Life Does not Stop Here!’

Score Foundation’s mission is to inform, inspire and empower all persons with visual impairment in India to live independent and successful lives with equal access to opportunity and services. We gather and disseminate knowledge and information on life with blindness through project ‘Eyeway’ which encompasses our radio show, our helpdesk (+91-11-46070380), our SMS alerts and our website. In doing so we reach the blind and visually impaired throughout India, serving them with information and advice while also working to overcome discrimination and empower communities through both our grassroots and institutionally targeted advocacy activities.

We are in great need of your support. If you can please donate and help us continue the great work we do. 
Cheques to be made payable to Score Foundation and sent to 17/107 l.g.f, Vikram Vihar, Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi 110024. A bank transfer can also be sent. For details please contact - donations are exempt of tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Thank you!
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