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More than 320 Publications on suPARnostic® in PubMed
At ViroGates we continue to achieve new hights. Now we celebrate more than 320 publications on suPARnostic® * being a prognostic biomarker for survival in various diseases such as Cardiovascular diseases, Infectious diseases, Inflammation, Sepsis, Nephrology conditions, different Cancers, Diabetes, etc.

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"Blood test can save lives"

The Danish newspapers Berlingske Tidende and BT have published a 16-page guide that tells about suPAR*,  how lifestyle changes can change your suPAR level and thereby your prognosis. It includes an interview with  Dr. Jørgen Thorball who changed his lifestyle because he wanted to lower his suPAR level. 
 It also talks about Hvidovre University Hospital where all patients in the acute care medical department, are now being tested with suPAR and Director of Research Ove Andersen from Hvidovre Hospital is interviewed.

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