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ViroGates announces first new ambulance study together with Nordic hospital partners starting May 2015
In May 2015 the Swedish Medical University Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm South General Hospital/ Södersjukhuset, KI SÖS, and Helsinki University Central Hospital, HUCH, supported by ViroGates will initiate a pivotal ambulance study to explore the use of suPARnostic® in a new method for prehospital patient assessment.

The ambulance study is aiming at testing 500 patients with suPARnostic
The study will affect 65 ambulances in the Stockholm area and around 25 ambulances in the Helsinki area over a period of 6-9 months.

Read more in the Press release here.
ViroGates announces new Board of Directors

ViroGates has announced the appointment of Lars Kongsbak and Bernd Uder as new members of the Board of Directors, together with Jørgen Thorball.

Lars Kongsbak, president & CEO of Exiqon A/S, will serve as chairman.
Bernd Uder, formerly Senior Vice President and Managing Director at QIAGEN, joined the board as non-executive director.
Jørgen Thorball is co-founder of ViroGates  and formerly Chairman of the Board since 2001.

Read more in the Press release here.
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