Save Iowa's Wild Turtles!
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The Bill to protect turtles is still being held up!! 
Please contact your representative today!  Your representative needs to ask Majority Leader Chris Hagenow to allow a vote on House File 2357!!!
Turtle trapping is in full swing with no regulations to protect female turtles that will soon be laying eggs.  Our turtles are at risk! If we lose our native turtles, we will lose a vital part of our river ecosystem.
The bill requires the DNR to protect Iowa’s wild turtles from over trapping.  The bill passed out of the Iowa House Natural Resources committee with strong bipartisan support with only one dissenting vote.  A vote in the full house must be held this week to move the bill to the Iowa Senate.  Your representative needs to hear from you soon or unlimited turtle harvesting will continue to destroy Iowa’s turtles.  Turtles are trapped year round with no limits and no protection during the reproductive season-this will destroy a resource meant for the benefit of all.   It is extremely important to have a vote soon or the bill will die.
Contact Information for  Lawmakers:
Iowa Senators and Representatives:  Find your legislators
Iowa Senate:  515.281.3371
Iowa House:  515.281.3221
Jerry Peckumn
IRR Chair
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