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Turtle Bill Passes Iowa House - 96 Yes, 1 No!
Finally, about 6:00 PM last night, the House of Representatives brought House File 2367 to the floor for debate.  A big thank you to Representatives Fischer, Moore, and Ourth.  They worked very hard to come up with acceptable language.  This was a bipartisan effort allowing the legislative process to work the way it was meant.  The bill states the DNR shall implement seasons and limits.  Non-commercial snapping turtles are not covered in this bill but are already subject to a limit.
The bill now moves to the Iowa Senate.  The time for the Senate to act is very short but our team is working with Senators to have this approved before the second funnel deadline.  If the bill does not make this deadline it will be dead for the year.

Thank you all so much for the calls and emails you made on behalf of Iowa turtles.  We have reason to believe there were many, many, contacts made. Without that support this bill would not have moved out of the house.  Our partners in this effort included the Blank Park Zoo, Raccoon River Watershed Association, Ikes, Sierra Club, Iowa Environmental Council, Iowa Conservation Alliance, and others I am not thinking of right now.  

A big thank you also to our Capitol team of Threase Harms and Dane Schumann for helping educate our legislators on the turtle issue and guiding IRR through the process.

Jerry Peckumn
Chair IRR
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