Thank your lawmakers and Gov. Branstad!
Action Alert!
Turtle Protection Bill Approved!
Thank your lawmakers and Gov. Branstad. 

Take ActionSend a note or make a quick call to your State Representative, State Senator and Gov. Branstad:  “Thank you for taking quick action this year to protect Iowa’s wild turtles.”  [Contact info below.]
Hundreds of you wrote or called lawmakers and the Governor – and it worked!  They heard you.  They acted.  Now we need to thank them.
On March 23, Gov. Branstad signed HF 2357, “the Turtle Bill,” into law!
  • The Housed passed the bill March 8, 96-1. 
  • The Senate passed the House bill March 15 (unchanged), 47-2.
Almost all lawmakers should be thanked.  The only “nay” votes were Rep. Klein and Senators Costello and Kraayenbrink.  (Absent:  Reps. Hanson and Stutsman, and Sen. Chapman.)
With passage of this bill we will finally be able to protect turtles.  Under the new law, DNR will be able to prohibit turtle commercial harvesting during thecrucial mating season.  The long delay of adequate rules has undoubtedly had a terrible impact on turtle numbers in Iowa.  It will take a generation at least for the numbers and sizes to recover.  This once again shows that, without rules, a wildlife resource can suddenly be lost.  So, thank you very much for all your calls and letters – they were essential for this bill becoming law.
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From Jerry Peckumn, IRR Chairperson:  “IRR took leadership on this issue on an emergency basis as we learned about the serious loss of turtles in Iowa.  We have not asked you for help in funding this effort.  We need to rebuild our reserves, and I am asking if you could make an extra gift now in honor of turtles?   We’re making progress, but we have much more to do to protect Iowa’s rivers and environment.” 

Contact Information for the Governor and Lawmakers:

Governor Terry Branstad:   515.281.5211 or
Iowa Senators and Representatives:  Find your legislators
Iowa Senate:  515.281.3371
Iowa House:  515.281.3221

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