Shop at Wheatsfield Cooperative in Ames TODAY and 1% of today's sales support IRR.

Iowa Rivers Revival

Reduce, recycle and revive our rivers!  

Iowa Rivers Revival has been selected as the recipient of Wheatsfield Co-op's "Co-op Nickel Program."  When customers shop at the locally owned Ames store anytime in January they will have the option to donate their bag credits to IRR.   1% of TODAY'S (Thursday, January 14) sales will be donated to IRR.
Wheatsfield Co-op's "Co-op Nickel Program" provides an incentive to customers to eliminate single-use plastic bags.  For each reusable bag used at the cash registers, shoppers receive a "Co-op Nickel." This nickel can either be deducted from the transaction total or be donated to the monthly organization. Extra donations are welcome through the change jars available at each register or via credit or debit cards. 
IRR values Wheatsfield Co-Op's support and commitment to preserving and enhancing our earth’s natural resources. "Co-op Nickel Program" funds will be used to expand IRR’s “River Restoration” program to raise awareness, increase expertise, and expand natural river restoration practices across Iowa.
So grab your bags…and help protect and improve Iowa’s rivers when you shop at Wheatsfield Co-Op in Ames through January 31, 2016. 

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