New editors, new guidelines, and a contest!

Julie Haring

20-something American for whom food may lead to the heart, but literature wins the soul.

Susan Wenograd

A writer and word-lover posing as a businesswoman by day. The correct answers are always chocolate and coffee.

Please welcome Julie & Susan to the Vine Leaves team!

Our inbox has been overflowing with YOUR work. Poetry, prose, pictures and more - powerful vignettes that inspire us, excite us, and yeah, sometimes overwhelm us. Trust us, we're not complaining at all. We absolutely love this journal and put all our effort into making it the best it can be. But as the journal grows we've recognized that we can't do it all on our own, not while keeping our mandate of giving each submission the consideration it deserves, and providing feedback on at least 20% of submissions. So, we have added two wonderful readers to our team!

Please welcome Julie Haring and Susan Wenograd to Vine Leaves Literary Journal!

Vine Leaves has switched to Submishmash.

Due to Vine Leaves' growth, we've decided to use Submishmash for all text submissions beginning April 1st. Before submitting for Issue #07, please familiarize yourself with our updated Guidelines.

Enter a vignette for a chance to win 1,600 Euro in prizes!

While we may be closed for journal submissions until April 1st, submissions are still open for our contest until April 30th. 

First Prize:

Second Prize:

Third Prize:
Winners announced on or before May 31.
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