Science for MPA Management, Issue 5, March 2016.

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Science for MPA Management
Issue 5, March 2016

MPAs as sustainable fishery tools - Download the pdf


Dear all,

Well managed Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are a key support to small scale fisheries and a close collaboration between MPA managers and fishermen is paramount.

This edition of «Science for MPA management» proposes to explore this theme ahead of the FAO-GFCM regional conference organised in Algiers from 7 to 9 March in collaboration with WWF, MedPAN, CIHEAM and the Algerian government. Under the banner « Building a future for sustainable small scale fisheries in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea », this conference, through one of its five panels, will draw out recommendations to improve the efficiency of MPAs as fisheries management tools.

Later on in the year, the 2016 Mediterranean MPAs Status report (MedPAN and RAC/SPA) should provide a more in-depth analysis of the relationship between MPAs, fisheries reserves and small scale fishermen in the Mediterranean.

Until then, happy reading...

Kind regards,
The MedPAN Secretariat