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Greetings Parents!


First Days of School – Teacher Perspective

I believe that our English/Social Studies teacher Mr. McCurry explained it best when he described it this way, “This was the best first day of school for me in ten years of teaching!  IVA rocks!” We had a very strong opening – and as a group we determined that our strong opening came from three sources: 
1.Our Summer at IVA events created a tone of fun, learning and participation that students brought with them straight into the learning environment – and they already knew so many of their peers.
2.Teachers met for training the week before school and read the first chapter of Ron Richart’s book Intellectual Character. We decided together to be intentional about learning on the first day rather than list our rules and expectations – we jumped into learning and created lessons that encouraged curiosity. Students responded with eagerness to learn more.
3.Our families! In our interactions with you we recognize the intellectual carefulness you have practiced in making the decision for a middle school education at IVA. Our families have been models of intellectual carefulness in attending meetings, in your questions and in your discussions with your child. 

First Days of School – Student Perspective

I have heard a dozen stories and each one is eager with expectation. Here are four snapshots. 
1.During our first nutrition break I talked to a group of five girls and asked how it was going. They responded by explaining what they were learning and how much fun it was. One young lady when into detail about the questions she and her partner answered to try to explain an image from ancient civilization. She did not label it but she was demonstrating a passion for intellectual thoroughness in seeking details to support her interpretation. 
2.I spoke with another young lady in the hallway after the first day and asked how it was. She said that school was way better than she expected. This was her first day of public school ever! She told her mom and I that she was excited to go home and do all of her homework tonight!
3.Not every story is extreme and super positive – I heard about one student that struggled with not having to copy down the question. Her teacher said it would be best not to copy the question so that she had time to respond and think through the answer. This was too hard for her - understandable since many students are trained to copy all the questions and often attempt to put off thinking through the answer by the copying. In the end she wasn’t comfortable just answering the question. We have decided to use our class time a bit more focused on thinking rather than having students script or take up time for class management purposes and this is going to be a transition for some students.
4.One student who was super nervous about IVA the first day – his best friends were at another school and just he didn’t want to go – asked his parents to please take him back to his other school if IVA was no good. This young man called his mom during the break from the pay phone next to our classrooms in the hallway. (It was his first payphone call ever). His mom answered and he explained that IVA was epic. He explained his excitement and ended the call by thanking his parents for sending him to IVA and telling his mom that he loves her. 
Thank you for your stories. Our students, our teacher and our families are committed to education and it is life changing. I am honored to be a part of this great work. 
Even with a great start much is still being put into place the coming days and weeks. To that point – read on.

Food Service at IVA:

Your students are currently bringing their lunches and this works, but we would like to provide the option of purchasing lunch. Please take our survey so that we can ensure that we provide the option that works best for our families. 

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We have a handful of families that need carpooling options!!! Tiffany B. has created a secure share site for IVA on Shutterfly to post photos - but this site also offers a way to communicate with other parents.  We can share our carpool needs and connect with others via the Message Board titled Carpool Connections. The more families that participate, the easier it will be for our families to have options.
Shutterfly Share Site

Drop-off & Pick-up: 2 options

Drop Off: You are welcome to drop off your student either on 36th Street, which has a loading zone or on Linden Avenue. The blacktop is open at 8:00am. The office opens at 7:30am.

Linden Avenue - If you drop off your child on Linden please do not park in the Petroleum Club parking in the center median. Your child can enter through the office and walk out to the blacktop for supervision before school.

36th Street – parking is available but be aware of the 30-minute parking. There is a posted sign that warns unattended cars will be ticketed.

Pick Up: After school hours our campus is open until 3:30pm and the office remains open until 4:30pm. Make a plan with your child to know where to meet and pay attention to parking restrictions. Please feel welcomed on our campus!

Powerschool Login:

Our teachers are posting their assignments on PowerSchool. Today each family will receive login information. Please call or come into the office to troubleshoot logging in.

School Contact Number:

We are working on getting office phones. Until then please call my cell phone number at 562-787-4527. Until the phones are up, this is the official number for the school. Please call for anything. Email if you want a faster response but I will call you back if I don’t answer. If you are not able to get an immediate response – our student story up above gives us a great second option. Call the pay phone in our hallway!! The number is 562-331-6366.
Thank you families for being a part of this great education and I look forward to hearing your stories of the first week!
Warm Regards, 
Jacquie and the IVA Team, 
Jacquie Bryant, Principal
Danielle Montiel, Program Administrator
Lisa Miller, Administrative Assistant
Cari Noble, Math/Science Teacher
Ian McCurry, ELA/Social Studies Teacher
Michael Johnson, PE Teacher
Cindy Luu, Music Teacher


Equipping every student to learn and live well.

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