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Thu, Feb 4 - Fun Thursday 

Thu, Feb 4 - Basketball Game 3 at 5:00 pm at Everest Value School (668 South Catalina Street, Los Angeles 90051)

Thu, Feb 4 - Report Cards emailed

Fri, Feb 5 - Coffee & Conversation at 8:20 am in the IVA office

Fri, Feb 5 - Learn2Earn rewards - Free Dress and Pizza Party for selected recipients

Tue, Feb 9 - Learn2Earn rewards - Pajama Day for selected recipients

Thu, Feb 18 - Basketball Game 4 at 5:00 pm at Everest Value School (668 South Catalina Street, Los Angeles 90051)

Thu, Feb 25 - PTSA General Meeting at 5:30 pm preceding Beyond Measure

Thu, Feb 25 - Special Screening of the film, Beyond Measure at 6:00 pm

Save the Date - Coffee & Conversation
Parents of 6th graders
are warmly welcome to attend 
coffee and conversation with Principal Bryant
February 5th
directly after drop off at 8:20 am
in the IVA Office
Arts and Music Showcase Reflections
Ms. Chung-Cutno's - reflection on the music class performance:
Last week was a second and much larger attempt at a student-driven and hosted variety show. In our music class, we cover the basics of several types of instruments while learning to communicate about how we identify with music and learn to identify ourselves as people capable of creating music. In our class, which is not performance-based, students are constantly pushed to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones and face new challenges of both thinking and communicating music.

In our performance this last week the students shared from their hearts. Unfortunately, sharing was interrupted with significant technical difficulty which showed the need to better plan for and be ready to troubleshoot our presentation. In all, this was a learning experience for us all, students and myself, especially coming from the more intimate experience we had last year with half the amount of students; but we will move onward and upward with just as much enthusiasm.

Parents and students - thank you for your patience, support, and continued belief in our students’ exploration of music both inside and outside the classroom. 
From our Principal
Moments when I am comforted by and truly believe in a growth mindset.:
Last Thursday night was a quickly implemented showcase of the learning of our art and music students. The night was a practice in extremes for me as a school leader. Extreme joy in seeing our art students find their roles as tour guides, curators, and facilitators who demonstrate the learning that each other had experienced, and extreme agitation at a student-run music program that I struggled to not jump in and rescue. If you attended Thursday night I wonder if you had some of the same experiences. And, separately from the performance on Thursday night, I wonder if you might have experienced some of the same reactions as parents in seeking a balance between equipping and empowering your kids and desiring to swoop in and rescue. 

As a school leader, with each new experience I gain hindsight and strengthen my ability to foresee challenges. In reflection of our music performance, I see so many ways that I could have intervened and did not. Likely, I was thinking the same as Ms. Cutno that I want to trust kids to rescue the situation on their own, I did not know how bad it was going to get, and in that trust misjudged when intervention was required. So - enter in a perspective on growth mindset that I must respond with to lead in making this a learning experience for students, teachers, and myself.

I am confident that a poorly executed event will not overshadow the commitment and dedication of our teachers and the care and support of our students and that it served as a learning opportunity for us. I take full responsibility for this event and what took place in the moment and with that responsibility feel confident that it means I know what to look for and can dedicate myself to carefulness and oversight moving forward. Our community can become stronger in our reflection and learning from events and moments that we would have done differently with hindsight. I am relieved by this truth and growth mindset because I can always think of ways we can do better the next time and I choose to see this instead of as overwhelming or disappointing as empowering. 

To live and learn well,
Principal Bryant
Report Cards
Which leads me to this Thursday!

We are in the mid-way point of the school year and you will soon be receiving two ways by which schools traditionally track and measure our students’ “success.”  By the end of the day tomorrow, all families will have received their fall semester report card.** This is such an important time for families to connect together about learning at school. Our IVA families have found that the combination of letter grades and intellectual character narrative comments to be a valuable conversation starter to talk about how each individual student is a learner - one who has grown and is growing. As a culture of thinking we value reflection and recognize that your children are best supported holistically through our culture of thinking at school and and your communication with them and examining their connection to learning. Please take the opportunity to talk about the report cards together as a family!
Here are a few conversation starters: (you might need to reference the definition of the virtues at home for this one)
  • Are the virtues that teachers identified you have grown in and can grow in consistent across classes? Are they different in different classes? Why would that be? 
  • What virtues are missing from discuss in the report card? Why do you think that is?
  • What intellectual virtues do you practice at home that don’t show up in school and vice versa?
  • Do you disagree with any teachers’ assessment? Why? 
  • Can you add to some strategies that your teacher suggested?
  • What is the connection between the grades and the virtues for you?
  • If parents and caregivers received a report card like this what would it say?
  • Is there anything about the report card that surprises you?
  • What are the practical steps to go from here moving forward into this next semester?
Looking ahead and the implications of grades:
Our 6th and 7th graders will be meeting with Ms. Bryant and Mr. Mikaele to look at the high school choice process and how the 6th and 7th grade GPA contributes to that in the next few weeks. We will send home communication so that parents and caregivers can get involved in that conversation too!

Thank you, parents, for trusting your child’s comfort with talking about intellectual virtues and being courageous to learn alongside your child how the virtues are applying to them and consider how the virtues apply to you as a learner at the same time.

Principal Bryant

**If you do not get your report card please email or call the school office. We are sending out report cards one at a time by email and are bound to somehow miss a family. Don’t let that be you!! 
Reminder and Thanks!
Thank you for updating important information in Illuminate. If you haven't yet updated your student's record, please look for the FORMS link when you log in to Illuminate with your parent log in. 
After School Academy - Coming Soon! 
Spanish! Ceramics Part 2! Neuroscience! Art! More info coming soon...
Basketball: No practice this coming Monday (February 8). Practice will be Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. No game next Thursday, February 11.

Cross Country: Optional practices held Thursdays after school. Come out and run with us!

Soccer: We are currently in the beginning planning stages for Spring Soccer and are seeking volunteer coaches. Please contact Ms. McAdams if you are willing and able to coach!

Track & Field: Coming soon! Distance, sprinting, and field events all included. Be thinking about if you are interested!
Special Event
Beyond Measure Trailer
Connect with IVA faculty!
Staff: We have four dedicated staff members at IVA!
Jacquie Bryant, Principal -
Amos Mikaele, Counselor -
Danielle Montiel, Program Administrator -
Diana Bosetti, Admin Assistant -

Send in Notice of Absences:

Teachers: We have 8 amazing teachers at IVA!
Claudia Campos, Science -
Angel Cutno, Music and Interpersonal Comm. -
Sabine Deeble, German 1-2 and PE 6 -
Roberta Denis, Art and English 6 -
Chris Fountain, History -
Jana McAdams, Physical Education and Math 6 -
Ian McCurry, English and History 6 -
Cari Noble, Math and Science 6 -

Our board chairman welcomes your questions and concerns.
Dr. Eric Churchill,
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