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Parent Academy
Thursday, December 17th at 6:30 pm
New Year's Resolutions for More Connected Families

IVA and the PTSA have joined together to bring you a Parent Academy focused on supporting your families. Join us Thursday!

What if you could add healthier​, more connecting ​habits ​to your family's life that last well beyond the holidays? Join certified Simplicity Parenting Counselor®, 
Mary Van Geffen to learn a step-by-step process for making micro-resolutions that stick. We will leverage the science on habit formation and look at what realm of family life can be simplified to bring more peace and cooperation to your home. 

Thu, Dec 17 - 8th grade promotion meeting, 5:45 pm
PTSA General Meeting, 6:00 pm
Parent Academy, 6:30 pm

Fri, Dec 18 - Regular schedule, dismissal at 3:14

Fri, Dec 18 - Let's Go Fly a Kite! Lunchtime fun

Mon, Dec 21 - Jan 1 - Winter Recess


Picture Orders! Parents have until the end of December to place their orders on-line.

If you turned in your order by Dec 4th, you will have your student's photos by this Fri 12/18. All other orders will be delivered to school in Jan 2016. Please select "studio" option for school delivery. Any questions, refer to Dana Lowe.

Food Survey
If you did not have a chance to respond to our lunch survey last week - please do so now.
As our school has achieved its complete enrollment, we are considering lunch program options. In order for us to best serve you, we need an accurate understanding of our students’ intentions, needs, and preferences for lunch provided on campus. Would you help us make an informed decision by responding to the anonymous survey linked below? Thank you so much for your time and participation in a brief, confidential survey.
Take Survey Now
A Teacher's Wish List
As you consider ways you might give during the Holiday season, consider gifting one of these items on our teacher's wish list:
  1. Kleenex
  2. White paper / copy paper
  3. Ice packs
  4. Band aids (lots, all sizes)
  5. Blue / Black pens
  6. High-lighters
  7. Swiffer (wet kind)
  8. Echo dry erase markers
  9. Tapered chalk (Poof brand, available at Target)
  10. Single subject notebooks (new or used with unused sheets) for students to use as log book for science
  11. Broom with dustpan
  12. Printer for the office
  13. Coffee for the office
From our Principal
Dear IVA families,
A few reminders as we head into our holiday season - 

Use Independent Studies if you know you are going to miss a school day in advance. Contact the office to set it up. 

Contacting your students while at school - we have a policy of no cell phones used on campus. If you need to get into contact with your child please call the office otherwise there can be an unclear line of communication and procedures at school. Please do not text your kids or let them text you during school. Allow the office to communicate with your kids first. If a student is seen using a phone on campus we will take the phone and hand it back to them at the end of the day as a first warning, the second time we will require the parent to come and pick up the phone. Please support us in limiting your communication with kids during school and supporting our protocols on campus. Thank you!

Dress Code - we daily requiring a handful of student to change while at school to get back to the dress code. Some students are arriving in PE clothes and staying in those clothes throughout the day. Students out of dress code will either be asked to change into the donated clothes we have in the office or call home to get a change of clothes. Our dress code can be found on our website here

Attendance Notices - please continue to send your attendance notices to

Bringing lunch - all lunches that are brought to IVA during the day will be brought out to students and put on our black table in the lunchroom. Students can check the table at the lunchroom for their forgotten or delivered lunches. 

Lost and found - We are donating all items left in the lost and found over the holiday to Goodwill. We will rescue school clothes to wash and put in our dress code box to loan out.  

The Illuminate system will be down during the weekend of Friday, December 18th through Sunday, December 20th we will be moving into a new data center beginning at 6:00pm Pacific on December 18th. 

Office Hours - After this week we have 4 more weeks of the semester. All make up work from prior in the semester is due to teachers by Friday, January 15. Encourage your kids to talk with teachers at office hours to get a list of assignments that can be redone before the break. 

Thank you dear families for the kind cards and gifts. Our staff appreciates our students and families and wishes you a wonderful holiday.

To live and learn well,
Let's Go Fly a Kite! 
Friday, December 18th, 12:32 - 1:08 pm
Kite Flying Holiday Party at Lunch - it is a free holiday dress day, we will play holiday music, and bring your own kite to fly (no drones please). 

Take a quick break from your work at lunch between 12:32pm and 1:08pm. Parents and guardians are welcome to come and sign in at the office for lunch, put on a visitor badge, and come fly kites with your student. 

If you have a few Trader Joe's paper bags, a dowel or stick, and some string, you can make your own box kite - instructions here

We will have our Virtue Ceremony this Friday - all are welcome to attend!
School of CHOICE
Above is a linked video created by LBUSD with step-by-step instructions on how to navigate ParentVUE and complete the School of Choice application: 

The School of Choices offices will be offering support for families who need assistance with ParentVUE and School of Choice applications from 10:00am - 2:30pm on most weekdays until the end of the application window on January 13th. The School of Choice offices are located at 1515 Hughes Way, Long Beach, CA 90810 on the third floor. 
Basketball: No practice over break, but continue to practice skills on your own when you have free time! Practices will resume after break and will be twice a week (specific dates TBD ASAP). Season schedule coming soon! 
Home Advisory - Winter Recess
What and Who?  A family conversation together -  encourage your IVA student to facilitate! 

When? During Winter Recess – while enjoying a meal together, on an extended car ride…any time you have a captive audience. 

Why? An IVA education is uniquely personal – we encourage our students to grow in their intellectual character. One of the “tools” for understanding and practicing growth in virtues is mindset. Take some time over break to have a conversation together about a fixed vs. growth mindset – how we think and feel about success and failure inside and out of school. 

1. Review fixed and growth mindsets
Fixed Mindset
➢ I believe that success in school (e.g. math/science/etc.) is based on natural ability and that natural ability is fixed (it doesn’t change). 
➢ When I struggle or fail in school, this means I don’t have what it takes to succeed. Therefore, struggle and failure are a source of shame or embarrassment. I avoid intellectual challenges, risk-taking, and struggle.
Fixed mindset messages we tend to tell ourselves:
  • If I don’t succeed right away it shows I’m just not smart enough.
  • Looking smart is more important than anything else.
  • If I have to struggle on an assignment it’s not worth it. 
  • If I have ability then everything should come naturally for me.
  • If people see me failing then they will think I’m worthless.
Growth Mindset:
➢ I believe that success in school is based on qualities that are at least partly under my control and that can change over time. 
➢ When I struggle or fail in school, I don’t get ashamed or discouraged because I believe that with effort, perseverance, and tenacity, I can become successful. Therefore, I don’t shy away from challenge, risk-taking, and struggle. I view struggle and failure as an opportunity to learn and grow.
Growth mindset messages we can tell ourselves:
  • I know some things, but I have a lot to learn.
  • If I try hard to learn, I often succeed.
  • If I don’t succeed, I am still accepted by other and have worth.
  • We all make mistakes sometime and that’s alright.
  • What I have to offer or say is important. 
(you can select an option below to review together)
a.    Have one family member read the chart out loud and as a group give more examples of fixed and growth mindsets – inside and out of school. 
b.    Watch a 10-minute Ted Talk (search on you tube): The Power of Belief – What did you learn? What do you wonder? 

2. Talk about it: (select some or all of these questions to discuss - and create your own)
Try practicing a MICRO LAB PROTOCOL thinking routine. 
Each person talks for 1-2 minutes with 20-30 seconds of silence in between, this encourages listening and open-mindedness for the listener as well as intellectual autonomy - the ability to think and reason for oneself - for the speaker    
●    Think and tell about one time each of you demonstrated a growth mindset and one time you demonstrated a fixed mindset. How did things turn out in each case?

●    What’s an areas in which you tend to have a fixed mindset? When you struggle in this area, what fixed mindset messages do you tell yourself? What growth mindset messages could you tell yourself? 

●    Which mindset will help you grow in intellectual virtues? Explain. 

●    How do you respond well under challenges? How do you want to grow? (Can include the intellectual virtues here for more specific language).  

●    How are the virtues that you discuss at school a part of your life out of school? How can we support each other in this sort of thinking growth?

●    For those families who have discussed this before - how have your thoughts about yourself as a learner changed over this last year? Explain. 

For our 8th grade families - 
MICRO LAB PROTOCOL some of these prompts or make up your own!
●    What did (or do) you want to do with your life when you were in middle school? 
●    What influenced you to want to seek these things with your life? 
●    How did your desires for yourself and your future change throughout high school (or for the student - what do you think could impact you)? What advice would you give your high school self?
●    What sort of person do you want to be in the next four years and how can you help get on that path?
●    How can an approach to learning impact who you are outside of school? How does your approach prepare you to respond to new truths and the world around you?

We wish you the happiest of holidays!
To learn and live well,
the Advisors of IVA 
Connect with IVA faculty!
Staff: We have four dedicated staff members at IVA!
Jacquie Bryant, Principal -
Amos Mikaele, Counselor -
Danielle Montiel, Program Administrator -
Diana Bosetti, Admin Assistant -

Send in Notice of Absences:

Teachers: We have 8 amazing teachers at IVA!
Claudia Campos, Science -
Angel Cutno, Music and Interpersonal Comm. -
Sabine Deeble, German 1-2 and PE 6 -
Roberta Denis, Art and English 6 -
Chris Fountain, History -
Jana McAdams, Physical Education and Math 6 -
Ian McCurry, English and History 6 -
Cari Noble, Math and Science 6 -

Our board chairman welcomes your questions and concerns.
Dr. Eric Churchill,
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