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Parent Academy

Thursday, May 19th at 6:30 pm
Please RSVP on Facebook
Big Question: *What is the best parent-school relationship?

This Principal Advisory will provide an opportunity for parents to intellectually explore ideas together.  

Advisories at IVA are guided with three guidelines - they should have a big question (normally how or why), a thinking routine (or way to facilitate exploration together so the group can seek understanding instead of a lecture or show-and-tell, and a text (article, video, or podcast that goes along with the question). 

Thinking Routine: 3-2-1 Bridge
Virtues: Humility, Autonomy, Thoroughness
● Ask for 3 words that quickly come to mind on this topic, 2 questions, 1 metaphor/simile
● Do lesson. Repeat 3‐2‐1
● Bridge first responses with second by discussing. What changed your thinking?

Texts: Data from teachers about their correspondence time & Student and Parent Responses from the Mid Year Survey - specifically about accessing resources.

This evening should be a fun and thoughtful exploration with other parents and staff who wonder how to support our students as thinkers and learners. Please RSVP on Facebook or by calling the main office. Feel free to bring a friend! Both current and incoming families are welcome.
Friday Lunch for Sale
Everyone's favorite tacos are back this Friday - just $5.00! Prepay Thursday at the gate.

Wed, May 18th - 6th grade art student Field Trip to Long Beach Main Library

Thu, May 19 - PTSA General Meeting at 6:00 pm

Thu, May 19 - Parent Academy at 6:30 pm

Fri, May 20 - 8th Grade Field Trip to the Great Wall of Los Angeles and Autry Museum of the American West. 

Fri, May 20 - 7th grade art student Field Trip to Long Beach Main Library

Mon, May 23 - 27 - State Testing

Thu, May 24 - Open House 6:30 pm (REGULAR school day) Because Open House falls during testing week, a minimum day would disrupt our testing schedule. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Fri, May 27 - Second Annual Staff v Student Soccer Match

Mon, May 30 - Memorial Day, no school

Thu, Jun 2 - 8th Grade Pool Day at the Petroleum Club, 1:00-5:00 pm

Fri, Jun 3 - New Student Beach Day led by Student Leaders, 5:30pm-7:00pm 

Mon, Jun 6 - 6th and 7th graders to Getty Museum *all permission slips in Illuminate

Thu, Jun 9 - 8th Grade Beach Day at the Leeway Sailing Center, departing IVA at 10 am

Fri, Jun 10 - 8th Grade Dance, dinner will be served at 6:00 pm

Wed, Jun 15 - 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony at 6:00 pm

For CLUB meetings click here

From the Office
You responded...we listened. 172 of you responded to our midyear survey - thank you! We took your feedback and considered it as we developed our annual LCAP (a school plan). Please take a minute or two to contribute to our annual plan. Only 7 questions!
Take Survey Now
State Testing
What parents should know about testing: 

State testing is here!
IVA will be on a regular schedule and test English next week and Math the following week. See the schedule on our website here

Your student is prepared for testing!! 
You do not need to do anything as parents to prepare them for the state tests. Our mission and vision, curriculum selection, instructional practices, and integrated technology have worked together to prepare your kids all year long. Read more about our curriculum connection to standards below

How does the test impact my student? 
State testing is one measure of student achievement - and it will count for 6th and 7th graders as part of LBUSD's High School Academic Index, and for our 8th graders heading to high school it could potentially be utilized by counselors as an indicator to schedule students in honors classes. To see more about IVA's results last year look here. 

How can parents help students?
As with many types of testing, students will do better if they have had good sleep and have eaten well. Our teachers are doing their part by helping to minimize home thinking assignments during the next two weeks of testing. Sleep well and eat well!

To learn more about how IVA prepares students - read below. 

Curriculum and Connection to State Standards:
IVA opened its doors the year that the common core standards were formally adopted and piloted the first online test in our first year. Prior to opening, the curriculum committee of the board did extensive research to seek curriculum through a curriculum selection and adoption process. We selected curriculum based on a review of two questions:

1. Does the form or content of the materials clearly lend itself to educating for intellectual virtues - to allow an exploration of content that encourages deep thinking and understanding of content?
2. Are the materials aligned with Common Core or other CA state standards? 

Through that search IVA adopted curriculum for math and science. We then started off the summer before opening with curriculum development in all other classes to meet the same expectation. You can see more about all of the curriculum that we provide at IVA here

Our curriculum provides students with multiple types of texts and a variety of instructional practices including thinking routines to explore big questions. We have developed a comprehensive thinking-oriented curriculum school-wide. In all of our classes, we require students to demonstrate their understanding through written assignments. In each class students are asked to argue for a side, provide evidence - even in PE. We have many helpful blogs on our website that you can read to see how our instructional decisions have been made not to teach to the test, but instead - to quote a blog post from Steve Porter one of our founders, to "develop an appetite for thinking well and learning about important areas of human thought..."

Our students are practiced!
The types of questions that are asked on the smarter balanced test allow students to demonstrate understanding by selecting evidence and explaining their responses. This is the sort of tasks that students are assigned at IVA in every one of their classes. Our students are practiced in these types of questions and in the online testing environment as we use it frequently in classes. Our students are practiced at taking tests including technical skills like mathematical tables, charts, and sizing options available on the state test, as well as shorter responses and longer-type essays in benchmarks. 

Check out the test yourself
Parent, if you would like, you can take practice tests at home so you can take the test yourself. We do not encourage students to do this except in specific cases where students are concerned and need extra experience with the test before our testing window. Here is the website. You can reassure your child that it is the practice and curriculum at school all year long that will best support them. 
From Our Principal
Field Trip Etiquette - Learning from our Mistakes

On Monday our 6th graders visited the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. Unfortunately, there was negative behavior exhibited by our students that included a lack of respectful behavior and a disregard for the guides' requests. Students took the trip as a social opportunity rather than a learning opportunity. This was the first time a group of our students has received negative feedback from the tour guides.

Receiving this report, we held 6th grade circle discussion to process the behavior in the last hour and half of school to discuss: 
  • How can be best represent the culture that we want to demonstrate? Our 6th grade class identified that they want the following culture:
    •  respectful group of students who are eager to learn
    • a thoughtful community who are nice, kind, and respectful to each other where anyone can say their thoughts without fear of being attacked
    • a group that can make mistakes and can learn from them
Adjustments we are making as a result:

Student Reflection:
At the end of our meeting, our 6th graders shared that the discussion was helpful as it:
  • acknowledge our mistakes and build from them
  • learn to adjust and not just seek blame in others
  • get to express thoughts and feelings together
  • helped to bring awareness of what is misbehavior and how others perceptions impact our school
Staff Reflection:
From the feedback and suggestions of students we are instituting the following:
  • Our 6th graders will not be able to use their cell phones on the trip for the remainder of the year
  • We will meet to set clear expectations for students that a field trip is a privilege 
  • We will review appropriate behavior with students and what behavior would result in being sent home. 
  • Field trips are privileges that are provided for us by the generous contributions of our PTSA funds and hours of preparation by teachers. We will uphold high standards of behavior for students so that the entire group can enjoy the enrichment off campus visits can provide. 
    • Unfortunately, there are a few students who will not be invited to the next field trip because of egregious behavior and a few who will receive warnings that if the behavior continues they will lose privilege for remaining field trips. 

To learn and live well, 
Local Artist, Guest at IVA

On Tuesday, local Artist Vincent Mattina was a guest in the 7th grade art class. He spent an hour with students answering their many questions and explaining his art process. Students will be creating Assemblage / Found Art pieces and his work serves as an inspiration. Mr. Mattina works on the computer with photography for his digital collages and with found objects for his 3D assemblages. He writes on his website, "Although there may not always be visual similarities between the different series, they are all linked by recurring social concerns. The subject matter of each piece determines the colors, textures and the objects and images used to create it.” That’s what our students are going to be attempting! If you have any interesting “junk” laying around, send it to school for our projects.

Student Leaders

Beach Day at Mother’s Beach:
Wed, June 1 - Student Leader Training in Rec Center 3:30 to 5:00pm
Fri, June 3 - Beach Day at Mother's Beach 5:30 to 7:00pm

8th Graders // Promotion Speech Auditions:
Thur, May 19 - Auditions for selected candidates
Fri, May 20 - Three Students notified of selection
Tue, June 14 - Dress Rehearsal for student speakers

Final 2016 General Meeting
Our PTSA General Meeting is at 6:00 pm on Thu, May 19th. This is our last meeting for the school year and we will be voting on the 2016-2017 PTSA board. Please consider attending - your vote counts! 

8th Grade Promotion is on Wed, June 15th at 6:00 pm in the IVA Social Hall. Detailed information went home with students last week. Please review, sign and return all necessary forms to the office. 

Needed: 6th Grade Parent Volunteers! We still need volunteers to support the 8th-grade promotion ceremony. Please contact Judy Hunter if you can volunteer anytime on June 15th.
  • Only three more practices in the season until the second annual Staff vs Student Championship Game on Friday, May 27!
  • $20 season and jersey cost (cash or check) to Ms. McAdams or the front office.
  • Jerseys will be in towards the end of the week!
  • Any parents interested in competing with the staff against the students for the championship game, please contact Ms. McAdams
Club News
The Toxic Turtle's Travel Schedule:

• Fri May 20 - VERTE2016 at the Ritz-Carlton, Marina Del Ray
• Wed May 25 - District 3 Long Beach Community Meeting at the Long Beach Yacht Club
• Sun June 5 - Grades of Green Final Celebration at the Discovery Cube, Orange County

This turtle has been very busy spreading the news about Plastic Ocean Pollution! 
Connect with IVA faculty!
Staff: We have five dedicated staff members at IVA!
Jacquie Bryant, Principal -
Amos Mikaele, Counselor -
Danielle Montiel, Program Administrator -
Diana Bosetti, Admin Assistant -
Natasha Garcia, Admin Assistant -

Send in Notice of Absences:

Teachers: We have 10 amazing teachers at IVA!
Bob Geminder, Math -
Claudia Campos, Science -
Angel Cutno, Music and Interpersonal Comm. -
Sabine Deeble, German 1-2 -
Roberta Denis, Art and English 6 -
Chris Fountain, History -
Jana McAdams, Physical Education and Math 6 -
Ian McCurry, English and History 6 -
Cari Noble, Math and Science 6 -
Adam Rodriguez, PE 6 and 8 -

Our board chairman welcomes your questions and concerns.
Dr. Eric Churchill,
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