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Pajama Pizza Party
Join us this Thursday (Nov 5) at IVA from 6:00-7:30 pm for pizza and reading.  We invite families to come in their pajamas and purchase a pizza dinner. $5.00 gets you 2 pieces of pizza, a drink and dessert!  You can read, login to Learn2earn, ask questions and meet other IVA families! 

Besides supporting the school with needed funds, we are offering students incentives:
$30 in pledges: Popsicle party
$50 in pledges: Free dress
$100 in pledges: PJ day
$150 in pledges:  Read-a-thon limited-edition pin
$200 in pledges: After school pizza party 
$500 in pledges: Choose your locker location

Off-line participation: If you're interested in participating, but don’t want to login online, you can get a printed reading log form from the office. Checks can be made out directly to IVA PTSA.

Thu, Nov 5 - Fun Thursday. Bring your loose change! We are raising money for our basketball team. 

Thu, Nov 5 - Pajama Pizza Party. Come read with us! 

Tue, Nov 10 - Parent Night, 5:30-7:30 pm at El Torito on Atlantic Ave.

Tue, Nov 10 - The Academy Info Night at 7:30 pm at IVA 

Wed, Nov 11 - Veteran's Day, no school

Parent Night
We want you to feel connected with our IVA community. Join us at El Torito on Atlantic Ave, Tuesday, November 10th for 'Taco Tuesday' from 5:30-7:30 pm
After School Academy has begun 
Yesterday, we peeked in to Introduction to Ceramics led by Dana Lowe. Doesn't this look wonderfully creative and fun? There are still a few spots open in Ceramics and Music. Contact Danielle to register.  Participants: don't forget your materials fees due by the second week of class.
From Our Principal
Dear IVA Families!

Before I came to be Principal here at IVA, I realized that an intellectual virtues approach to education worked more than 4 years ago. I was a high school English teacher, teaching mostly Advanced Placement classes at the time, and trying so hard to do good by my students and good by my curriculum...and it was a struggle. 

I was teaching the top students of the high school and yet I struggled to get them to think critically, to be willing to rewrite, to be engaged in learning. My high school students wanted to do well, but neither my students or I had a common definition of what exactly that meant. Did it mean an ‘A' on the essay the first time? Did it mean finishing quickly? Did it mean being able to maintain focus during the whole class? Did it mean helping them to see some sort or meaning or be able to ask the right questions? As a teacher that had taught English classes at every level, these were always the same questions, and I was unsatisfied with both the questions and the ways I was trying to answer them

This was the year that I was introduced to Intellectual Virtues Academy as an idea and signed a petition and said, “This sounds like a good idea. I would teach here. I would send me child to this school.” I was able to go to a training at Loyola Marymount University with the soon-to-be founders of IVA and with 14 other like-minded teachers and learn more about these virtues, these habits of thinking and learning, and for me immediately a light bulb went on. The most amazing impact is that once I left that training, growing in my understanding of why I teach, and what it meant to be successful, it automatically and totally changed my teaching. I approached my lessons with the understanding of what I wanted students to make instead of what content I wanted to cover. I talked to students and gave feedback with so much clarity. I told my students what I was doing and asked them to evaluate themselves with the virtues - which ones did they see themselves practicing, which ones did they not - and they caught on too. It was right then, early in the school year that I was writing letters of recommendation for my seniors and filling out references for grants. I was amazed and felt like it all fell into place when one of the applications asked “How does the student practice intellectual humility?” I had that student come and sit down next to me and I knew he was prepared to answer for himself - I asked him “Deshawn, how do you practice intellectual humility?” He and I spent a good 20 minutes talking about his approach to learning, his growth as a student, and his mind - and I wrote the best recommendation I had ever written - and as a teacher of juniors and seniors I had written so many! 

I knew my students’ mind. I had seen it grow. I was a part of shaping his thinking and helping him to understand himself. He and his classmates had so quickly gotten to college-level thinkers - beyond the challenge and understanding he had developed in my AP class on its own. 

Now, I was introduced to intellectual virtues when I was teaching high school. The great experiment for me was to see if it would work in middle school. Do you know what? It has worked! Beyond my expectations! When we define success as developing our students into the people they will be for the rest of their lives - then education has found its purpose. It is not just the content or the experiences in high school that are valuable alone, it is our patterns of thinking and who we are becoming and how we approach learning and participating in the world around us. We haven’t talked a lot about The Academy - our Intellectual Virtues Academy Public High School, I want you to know it is happening! 

So now - as parents of students who are moving towards high school - think of who you want your child to become and think carefully of how high school at The Academy could continue to change their lives in unimaginable ways. I absolutely fully endorse the education that is being created at The Academy. I wish I could have gone to IVA and what if I had also gone to The Academy? 

Parents - please continue to learn more! Come to our IVA Parent Taco Tuesday and the first Information Night for The Academy on Tuesday, November 10th. I hope to see you there!

To live and learn well,

We can do this! Let's earn field trips, tables, chairs & lunch benches! 

Our third annual Read-a-thon date has been extended to November 13th! Our goal is to raise $34,000 ($200 per student) to pay for field trips, 8th grade promotion, and create a functional space for our students to eat lunch, access lockers, and grow a learning garden! Right now only 20% of our school has participated and we've only raised less than $4,000.  

Here's what you can do! 1. Login and reach out to sponsors to support our middle school! 2. Make a donation - any amount gets us closer to our goal. 3. Read and log your pages read! 

The PTSA annually funds 6 field trips (3 full school and 3 grade level field trips), classroom enrichment and supplies, outdoor fitness, dances, and club activities. In addition this year we are also looking to fund chairs, tables and lunch benches to compliment the lockers and benches that are on order for our new Fox Corner of the blacktop! 
Optional basketball practices are Tuesday after school from 3:30pm-5:00pm here at IVA! We're getting a head start on the season and all are welcome to attend. Practices will be held weekly on Tuesdays after school for the next couple of weeks. Do not worry if you cannot attend a practice; it does not mean that you will not be allowed to try out for the team.
High School Choice
Announcing a new, free, public high school in Long Beach. Intellectual Virtues Academy opens in August 2016 with 120 ninth-graders. Their mission is to inspire growth in "intellectual virtues," the deep, personal qualities of an excellent thinker and life-long learner.  

High School CHOICE Info Nights at IVA middle school
Tuesday, November 10, 7:30pm
Monday, November 30, 6:30pm
Monday, December 14, 7:30pm
Thursday, January 14, 6:30pm

Learn more at and connect on Facebook.
Explore your options at the 10 LBUSD High Schools and learn about their Small Learning Communities. It is recommended that you arrive early. As many as 4,000 people attend and lines form as parents and students wait to speak to teachers, counselors and student representatives from the SLCs. 

High School CHOICE Regional Fair at Hoover
Thursday November 5, 6:00 - 8:00pm

High School CHOICE Regional Fair
 at Nelson
Monday November 9, 6:00 - 8:00pm
Connect with IVA faculty!

Staff: We have four dedicated staff members at IVA!
Jacquie Bryant, Principal -
Amos Mikaele, Counselor -
Danielle Montiel, Program Administrator -
Diana Bosetti, Admin Assistant -

Send in Notice of Absences:

Teachers: We have 8 amazing teachers at IVA!
Claudia Campos, Science -
Angel Cutno, Music and Interpersonal Comm. -
Sabine Deeble, German 1-2 and PE 6 -
Roberta Denis, Art and English 6 -
Chris Fountain, History -
Jana McAdams, Physical Education and Math 6 -
Ian McCurry, English and History 6 -
Cari Noble, Math and Science 6 -
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