I hope to see you TONIGHT at the Parent Reading Group
PTA General Meeting kicks off the event at 6:30pm. 
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Parent Newsletter November 21st

Let's celebrate the end of our first trimester together! Mark your calendars for next Tuesday, Nov 26th. From 3:00-3:30pm we will celebrate: 

1) November birthdays,  
2) Meeting the challenge of the first trimester, 
3) Ms. Luu's contribution, and 
4) IVA students who are moving on.

Bring a sweet to share and come to celebrate!!

The Trimester Ends:

As students and teachers wrap up last assignments and projects in this grading period we are finding value in reflection. On Tuesday, I visited the classrooms and talked to students about the transitions they have experienced in these last 12 weeks. Our students have met the academic challenge of middle school and rigorous common core assignments with intellectual tenacity and courage. Students practice tracking assignments and projects for 6 different classes in their planners and our teachers practice setting aside time to get organized and time to reflect. Together, students and teachers are creating a culture of learning.

I invite you to join us tonight for our Parent Reading Group. How timely it is to discuss what sort of success we want for our kids right before report cards come out. The timing makes me wonder:
  • How do report card grades define our kids in our minds? In theirs?
  • How does a love of learning correspond to deadlines and extrinsic rewards? 
  • How do we create a mindset that embraces intellectual struggle? Does my kid have this already? Do I encourage it?
Oh, the questions. Come tonight to share your questions and ponder how Paul Tough answers parents who are in the same position as you. Our goal is to create a supportive culture dedicated to learning. You are welcome to bring a friend as well! Hope to see you there. 

To learn and live well, 

Jacquie Bryant, Principal
Join us for this month's PTA General Meeting tonight at 6:30pm
Our first Reading Group book tonight!!

Parent Reading Group 7:00 - 8:30pm

After our PTA meeting, stick around for the reading group. We will meet in Mr. McCurry's room 116 and discuss how our children are succeeding - and what that really means. 

Bring Your Questions!

Please be encouraged to come even if you haven’t completed the book – come with questions and your favorite quotes to consider together. My favorite question this week - from talking to parents at pick up and drop off is:
  • How do we allow our students to struggle without feeling like we are leaving them to fail?
Parents and friends are welcome.

Music with Ms. Luu. 

Students are putting the final touches on their Public Service Announcement projects. With Ms. Luu's guidance, these kids are mixing their groups' video scripts with original musical scores in order to create an emotional effect. Ms. Luu has led students by teaching common musical terms, analyzing how these effects are created, and then through the process of creating a final project, wherein students create the effects themselves. 

We are excited to find a way to share the final products - the videos could be showcased at a spring talent show… if you have other ideas please contact Principal Bryant.

A Note From Ms. Luu Herself: 

The students at IVA have given me one of the most rewarding teaching experiences of my life. I never imagined that 6th graders could compose such intricate music. They conquered every challenge presented to them and were more flexible than Gumby! I’ll truly miss seeing their smiling faces everyday. 

But don't worry - she won't be gone. Ms. Luu is interested in teaching an after school class once we have our extra curricular program up and running. She is currently polling the kids whether they would be more interested in Glee, Orchestra or Band. This one can do it all! We will miss having Ms. Luu on campus every day!

Parents! We need your help!!

Are you interested in leading a committee of students to make our winter dance happen? Contact Cherrie-Ann (Noah's mom) by clicking the link to volunteer. 

Winter Dance!! Jan 24th 6-9pm. 
We need 4 parent committee leads
1. Poster/Tickets/Publicity 
   Goal - 100% participation
2. Decorations
    Choose colors and theme 
3. Music/Entertainment
     Playlist, DJ, activities
4. Food - Organize the Potluck!

A Note From Ms. Noble: 

Small schools do rule!
Math/Science Trimester 1, by the numbers: 57 school days counted, 2 Staff Development days taken, 37 Conjectures debated, 7 Science investigations run, 4631 Edmodo posts monitored, 7 math quizzes taken, 168 Math books passed out, 110 unit tests completed, 56 Favorite Numbers shared, 7 science assessments crafted, 2 museums visited, 1 POW tackled, 28 iPads explored, 1 game of Trashball played, 6 erosion control methods tested, 12,540 minutes instructed, 6 cities' weather analyzed, 1 Letter to the School Board composed, 10 Thinking Routines attempted, 7 Small Group Advisories met, 215 pencils borrowed, 48 tin foil boats floated (or not), 12 Lava simulations run, 1 Erosion Walk taken, 6 Create Your Explanations drafted, and 56 students learning!  Thanks for an awesome first trimester!

New fundraising event will be announced on Friday!!

Look out for the
IVA Winter Family READ-A-Thon!!

Away Camp Survey - open until Saturday.
Cosmo shows off his IVA mug creation

IVA Paint Night - A Fundraising Success!

Thanks to Ms. Dana Lowe (Allison's mom) for bringing us our first fundraising event last Thursday night. We raised over $250, which equals half the cost of a school bus for our next field trip. Yippee!!

It was a great family night of hot chocolate and paint - we painted 35 mugs and trivets that Ms. Lowe is glazing for us just in time for the holidays. Thanks to Ms. Lowe and the PTA for making this event possible! Thank you families for attending and bringing all the kids. I can't wait until our next event. 

IVA and the PTA are working to be intentional in our event planning to create fundraisers that develop community and character. If you are interested in getting involved come to our meeting tonight to learn more!!

Report Card Update: 

Last day of the trimester - Tuesday, November 26th.

In order to allow students the entire trimester to complete assignments and projects, we will be sending out report cards following our last instructional day. Report cards will be sent by email on Wednesday, November 27th to the main guardian email selected on PowerSchool. 

If you haven't checked your preferences or account information on PowerSchool please login today - avoid the grade surprise by seeing your kiddos grades ahead of time. 

If you need help logging in - contact Principal Bryant for access to grades and attendance information today. 
Login to PowerSchool

Art Class with Mr. Callis begins Monday, Dec. 2nd

In two weeks, we being the 2nd trimester and the 6th grade elective wheel rolls on to ART! This is not your grandmother's arts and crafts class (although that would be fun too). Mr. Ryan Callis has an MFA and is a professional and practicing artist who has taught at the university level and brings purpose, meaning and awareness of the impact of art on our thinking. 

IVA has a small budget for our elective class materials. Each elective teacher has only $325 for their 12 week class. Ms. Luu creatively purchased iPad software in order to stretch the budget. Mr. Callis is asking that families to go out and purchase a quality sketch book so that he can use those funds for drawing supplies. We are requesting that if you are able you - purchase a 9x12 thick hardbound sketchbook for weekly homework assignments of outside observational drawings. 

You can purchase a sketchbook at Pearl Art Supply, the Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster, Barnes and Nobles and Aaron Brothers. The sketchbooks are $10. Please let Principal Bryant know if you are not able to purchase a sketchbook!!

A Note from Mr. McCurry:

I have been so impressed with my students creativity and tenacity as they've finished up the trimester.  For their past three months they've impressed me with their thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and carefulness daily in the classroom.  But this week as student's shared their projects and I was able to see their passion and enthusiasm in their own hard work and creativity, I was reminded of why I love being a teacher at IVA.

Upcoming Events:

November 27th -29th  Thanksgiving Break
3 days of holiday!!

November 27th Trimester Report Cards Emailed Home

Jan 24th 6-9pm. Winter Dance!!
*Parent help needed!

 Dec 19th 7-8:30pm - Parent Education Seminar

Winter Break! Dec 21- Jan 5
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