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Parent Newsletter October 17th

Greetings IVA Families, 

Tonight is our first Parent Education Seminar at IVA from 7:00-8:30pm. We will hear from Matthew Duggan, PhD who wrote Breaking the Adolescent Code. The evening is sure to be educational and will give us a chance to think and talk together about how to raise healthy kiddos.

Today is also our first student-led advisory. I am honored to be the principal of this amazing school and I also get to be an advisor and learn and support the growth of the eight individual minds in my group. I am most excited today to consider the musings of an intellectually courageous student who has stepping out to lead our group in exploring if space goes on forever. This topic makes me wonder what the implications would be for us if it did. The curiosity of our students is inspiring! 

Read on to learn our plan for a trash free lunch and our parent involvement in the PTA.

To learn and live well, 

Jacquie Bryant, Principal
The first ever student council meeting at IVA. After three intense meetings we almost have our bylaws passed!

Trash-Free Lunch Every Day at IVA!

A word from our Recycling Coordinator, Lisa McCarthy.

Not only are IVA students good thinkers and learners, they are also environmentally conscious and responsible! We kicked off our recycling and "trash free" lunch program on the very first day of school. Students were taught what items in their lunches are recyclable and what items need to be thrown in the trash. We also learned that the very best way to help the earth is to Re-Use! It is also a lot cheaper than buying all those brown bags and ziplocks. What if we could be totally trash-free and recycling-free during lunch? That is our goal, and it's really very easy.
Here are some tips for helping us to reach our goal:

* Pack your child's food in re-usable containers (plastic/metal containers, thermoses, fabric sandwich/snack bags), and put all those in a re-usable lunch bag.
* Toss in a metal spoon or fork instead of using plastic ware.
* Reduce packaging by buying a large bag of the same food item and putting an individual serving in a reusable container for your child's lunch.  Most individual chip/snack bags are not recyclable because they are made with aluminum laminated with polypropylene and the materials can’t be separated. If you want to do the "rip test" to see if it is recyclable, just tear it from the top down. If it rips clean, then it is only foil and is recyclable. If it doesn't rip, then it is not.
* Instead of buying bottled water or prepackaged juices, refill re-usable sports water bottles every dayNote:  Drink Pouches (ex: Capri Sun) are NOT recyclable
* Consider skipping the pre-packed, processed store lunches.... make your own with bread, crackers, cheese, meats...and pack in it all in re-usable plastic ware.
*Instead of buying individual cups of applesauce, yogurts, pudding, etc.. buy the larger jar and scoop into a reusable container.
* Think about tossing a small cloth napkin in your child’s lunch instead of a paper one (all napkins and paper towels need to be thrown in the trash).

 Our students are excited to be working on our "Trash-Free" lunchtime challenge. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions,

Lisa McCarthy
IVA Recycling Coordinator


Our eager and organized parent Beth Christen is gathering all teacher and staff volunteer needs onto our Shutterfly site. If you are interested in volunteering OR if you are interested in connecting with other parents and families please check out our site. 

Spirit Wear - Orders Are In! 

We have ordered the t-shirts and they should arrive for students to wear in 2-3 weeks. 
An awesome experiment - this group is testing their erosion claims in a student-created lab. 

Parent Education Seminar : Tonight, 7:00-8:30pm 

To continue supporting your involvement with your child, we are scheduling seminars every other month. Mark your calendars for an interactive seminar with Matthew Duggan, PhD whose talk comes from his book Breaking the Adolescent Code. Dr. Duggan will present information for about 40 minutes and then open the time up to small group discussion or question and answer. Join other IVA parents for this informative evening about the growth and development of middle schoolers. This event is free and open to all IVA parents!
Look what little trash we produce already!

PTA - Supporting Education Inside and Outside of the Classroom. 

Way to go IVA families!!!! IVA PTA wants to let you know that we are currently at 50% membership. We are off to a wonderful start.  Lets keep the memberships growing. Our goal is to have 100% of our IVA families join the PTA. If each family has at least one member join the IVA PTA, we will reach our goal.  As a treat for the kids, if we can get 80% membership, meaning at least 80% of our families have at least one IVA PTA member, the students will have a pizza party. We can do this!!

Right now, the PTA is funding transportation for our first two field trips on November 5th to the California Science Center and November 6th to the National History Museum!! Our students will get to attend these museums and explore, think and wonder as a group without any charge!
ANYONE can be a member: teachers, school administrators, students, parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, friends, and even neighbors!  The more members we have, the stronger our voice will be. Our dues are $8.00 per person.  A portion of the membership fee goes to support and advocate for children on the state and national level. You can join PTA by filling out an envelope found in the office. Every PTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your membership is tax deductible. You might have children in other schools and we encourage you to join each school.
On behalf of  IVA PTA, we thank you for helping to make a difference in the education experience at IVA!
Any questions you can call me at 310-941-3397 or email
Denise Blankers
VP of Membership
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