TODAY we celebrate Hallowed Virtues Day and October birthdays - come join us! 
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Parent Newsletter October 31st

Greetings IVA Families, 

I hope to see you after school today for three celebrations.

1) We will celebrate our October birthdays - bring dessert!
2) We will award our top 9 intellectual virtue costumes - let's applaud their creativity!
3) We will give three cheers for our runners who competed yesterday!
Go IVA!!

Hallowed Virtues or Virtueen? 
We all can't wait to see what creative costumes our students have come up with. And it's the reasoning that I'm most interested in. How does a carrot costume represent open-mindedness? How does a peacock costume represent intellectual courage - intellectual, not just courage. These are the conversations we have been having this week. We continue to think and talk about the differences between general virtues and intellectual virtues. Today's events continues to develop our culture and the students are rising to the occasion. 

To learn and live well, 

Jacquie Bryant, Principal
Our students at the starting line for the FIYA cross country meet

Field Trips - Tuesday and Wednesday

We heart field trips! On Tuesday we are stepping outside of the classroom and into the California Science Center. On Wednesday we return for an exclusive tour of the Natural History Museum. We will meet around the corner from the campus at the parking lot on Elm and 36th street. We will leave promptly at 8:45am return to campus by 3:00pm - dropped off at the same parking lot. 

We are looking for 3 parents each day to help chaperone. Please email or call Principal Bryant if you are interested. 

Faculty Only Day - November 8 = 4 day weekend! 

Next Friday is a day off for students so teachers can meet together to reflect on and grow in our content and practices. This makes for a 4 day weekend for you. We will have no school on Veteran's day. Enjoy your time off!

Common Core and IVA - news from our recent conference 

At a charter school conference this week Linda Darling-Hammond of Stanford University, who played a role in developing the Common Core State Standards, spoke about what we have to gain in these new standards. She explained that in the 1970’s the top three skills that employers were looking for were reading, writing and arithmetic. Today, according to a Fortune 500 poll, the most valued skills are teamwork, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Our students’ ability to know and tell information is not enough for college or a career. The new standards recognize this shift from memorizing information to applying learning.

IVA is on track

One common core presenter this week introduced the new standards to administrators by explaining, “We are going to have to start thinking beyond content, beyond skills, we are going to have to think about teaching habits of mind like perseverance.” This is exactly what we are doing at IVA!

Reminder! Field Trip Slips Due Tomorrow - Friday, November 1st

Our first book club pick

IVA Reading Group - Mark Your Calendars

Mark your calendars for Thursday, November 21st.  We will host a lively discussion on Paul Tough's book How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character. This recent New York Times bestseller provides an overview of recent research from a variety of disciplines supporting the idea that success in school, and life in general, largely depends on intellectual character virtues like curiosity, intellectual perseverance, and "grit." The event will be structured to provide us an opportunity to talk together, propose questions and consider how we can support our students' character growth - from school, home and in our relationships. Our community partner, Apostrophe Books, has it in stock and is offering IVA families a 10% discount! We will meet in Mr. McCurry's room 116 from 7:00-8:30pm. Come to think and talk with adults who have much in common, most importantly - our kids! 
Congratulations to Ronnie for placing 6th! 

Deep learning is difficult

At IVA, we aim for deep understanding of rigorous content. But that is not enough! We must also help students know themselves as learners. And what better way to do that than with a rigorous curriculum that requires students to think rather than to memorize. Paul Tough writes that the problem is that, “the best way for a young person to build character is for him to attempt something where there is a real and serious possibility of failure…But that the ultimate product of good character is a happy, meaningful, productive life” (84-85). 

The Common Core test this spring

In the spring, all California students will take one of the two common core pilot tests. These tests are difficult! They ask students to think deeply about content they have not seen before. IVA students are practicing thinking routines in the classroom that encourage deep understanding. These sorts of routines will prepare students for the test in a way that any amount of knowledge alone cannot do.
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