Friday is Faculty Academy - students take a day off
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Faculty Academy - Advisors
At IVA we have a day on our academic calendar called Faculty Academy Day. Students look forward to a day off and our Faculty and Staff look forward to professional development. This Friday is the Advisory Kick off day. 

Advisors consist of the school principal, all full and part-time teachers, a select number of IVA board members, and a select number of IVA parents. All advisors undergo training in the intellectual virtues model and meet together on a monthly basis to exchange ideas, address challenges, and provide mutual support.  

This Friday will consist of a full day of training for advisors to learn and think deeply about the goals of Advisory. The formal aims of IVA’s advisory program, many of which have already been touched on, are as follows:

1. To ensure that all students experience a caring and supportive relationship with an adult figure at the school

2. To ensure that all students develop an understanding of the nature and value of intellectual virtues (including each of IVA’s nine “master virtues”)

3. To help students develop a rich and accurate understanding of their own intellectual character strengths and weaknesses

4. To provide students with ongoing opportunities to practice and cultivate a wide range of intellectual virtues.   

Leading students to facilitate with their peers about what they wonder takes a dedicated advisor. We appreciate our advisors and thank our IVA families for the time for our advisors to learn together.

Thur, Sep 23 - For a 2nd week our Fun Thursday FUN-raiser: Fudgesicles, Big Sticks, and Orange Push-up Pops for Sale $1.50 

Fri, September 25
Faculty Academy
- no school for students as faculty engage in professional development

Thu, October 1
Back to School Nite
& Bake Sale! 


Spirit Wear - We will have Spirit Wear for sale at Back to School Nite, Oct 1. If you are interested in pre-ordering our IVA embroidered hoodie, email the quantity and size here.

Tdap Verification
due for 7th graders

Illuminate Login
Having trouble? Contact Danielle

Our IVA Planners are here! A round of applause to our parent volunteers Jui Ishida and Beth Christen for all of their dedicated work in creating these unique planners for our students. We can't wait to see how your student will customize and color it and put it to good use! 
Advisory on Thursdays
In the first week of October our students will be split into their advisory groups for the year. There are two general parts to Advisory on Thursday mornings - the first part can consist of a check-in component that ensures that students are experiencing a caring and supportive relationship with an adult figure; this “direct instruction” component ensures that students develop a good understanding of intellectual virtues and why they’re important; self-reflection and self-assessments exercises help students develop a better understanding of their own intellectual character strengths and weaknesses. 

In the second part of advisory we have students learn to facilitate their own inquiries with their advisory group exploring topics or questions that they wonder about. Students are guided to use thinking routines and plan out the structure of facilitating this intellectual exploration with the group. So that we grow in wondering, we guide students away from lecture models or show and tell but help them to practice a wide range of intellectual virtues by facilitating their wonderings. 
From Our Principal
Dear IVA Families!

I am thankful to our teachers who are providing so many ways for students and parents to contact them - especially for providing details in Illuminate for each assignment. It takes time for teachers to plan for classes, teach classes, and include all of this information online as well as a reference. 

I am also thankful to the students and parents who are learning and navigating through a new system with the Google Classroom. Teachers are happy to help students learn how to use these sources by logging into the Google Classroom together in their classes. Please contact your teacher if you are having any problems by email or sign up to see them at office hours. Not all classes use Google Classroom but it has allowed for teachers to upload attachments for review and home thinking. 

Notes on logging in at IVA: 

Students are not expected to check all our tech sources each night - they can go to office hours once or twice a week if they are not able to check at home and work on assignments, to monitor their grades, and communicate with teachers from inside the classroom. During office hours iPads are available to students. At IVA we utilize technology as a resource to explore ideas and help in organization as appropriate for each class and content. We have 1 iPad for every 2 students (the iPad carts are shared between classes). Thank you to the PTSA who raised $15,000 this last year so that we can have iPads on campus. We are using these resources daily! 

Illuminate - Go to our website and select the Resources tab for the Illuminate login
    Username: student ID #

Use Illuminate to check your assignments. Teachers work hard to post all assignments when they are assigned. You can also message your teacher through Illuminate.

IVA email - this is a Google email account - to login go to and sign in with username and password

*Please note that IVA email is for academic use only. Students' emails will be suspended if they sign up for Google Plus. 

Use IVA email to communicate with others who have the same domain - Log in to create online documents that can be accessed at home and at school. Email your teachers and fellow students. 

Google Classroom - (If you are logged into your email already they you should be in!)
    Username: IVA email

Use Google Classroom to see attachments for your classes - some teachers will also accept work on Google Classroom and be able to comment right on your paper when you turn it in online. 

All staff emails are (see linked emails below) - Email us at any time with your questions and have your students email their teachers with any questions.

To live and learn well,
The first meet is Tuesday, September 29 at Kenneth Hahn Park. For all students who are interested in running, the website registration is up and running. You can register for any of the meets online at this link.
Please email Ms. McAdams with any questions. 
FUN Thursdays
Thank you for supporting our Cross Country team last Thursday and this week on Fun Thursday! 
Save the Date: The Intellectual Virtues Academy Friends and Fund Raiser is Saturday, October 24th. Come see the nine master virtues in action and enjoy an evening unlike any other as we raise money for our unique middle school. 

Membership: Yay you!! We have received aprox 150 PTSA memberships so far! 91 Families our of 149 families joined, or 62% of our student body. Our goal is to reach 80% family participation. Please send in your PTSA membership forms. You are valued here! 
After School Academy
Beginning in mid-October, parent volunteers are invited to lead workshops for small groups of students from 3:15-4:15 p.m. (earlier on Thursdays), one day per week, in six-week sessions. We'd love to expand class offerings according to your interests and skills. For inspiration, we'll mention that past topics have included:
  • website design
  • martial arts
  • counseling/process group
  • mock trial
  • house handy skills
  • knitting
  • literary journal
  • yearbook
We've heard ideas to offer neuroscience, typing, dance and language! To indicate your interest in leading an after-school class, please email to Danielle by Thursday, September 24. If you already indicated your interest via our recent volunteer involvement survey, Danielle will be contacting you soon.

We look forward to announcing our After-School Academy activities and inviting your students to participate once we've scheduled our wonderful volunteers!
Connect with IVA faculty!

Staff: We have four dedicated staff members at IVA!
Jacquie Bryant, Principal -
Amos Mikaele, Counselor -
Danielle Montiel, Program Administrator -
Diana Bosetti, Admin Assistant -

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Teachers: We have 8 amazing teachers at IVA!
Claudia Campos, Science -
Angel Cutno, Music and Interpersonal Comm. -
Sabine Deeble, German 1-2 and PE 6 -
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Chris Fountain, History -
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