Reading, humility and parent connection. 
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Parent Newsletter December 12th

IVA Cuddles up to Winter Reading and to Humility

Winter Family Read-A-Thon

Ms. Noble has charted a long list of books that our kids are currently reading on the front board. It is inspiring! Heading into winter break I am wondering if the kids will be reading, watching movies, outside playing?? What will they do with all that time, and can I have some of it so I can read a book that's sitting on my shelf? This seems to be the season of reading as we cuddle up against the Long Beach cold front of 2013. Help us take advantage of this healthy and fulfilling past time by earning some funds for IVA too! Read a book and earn us the funds for a bench or locker. Send an invitation to your aunts and uncles and grandparents and have them donate to IVA in the name of the book they are reading. Family Winter Read-A-Thon is on until January 10th! Help IVA fund our dream projects! Lockers on campus? Bench seating out on the blacktop? Sponsor your reading!

Intellectual Humility & Goals for Growth in Advisory

In advisory, we are encouraging humility. Even if we don't outright label it as such. Our very own Dr. Baehr wrote an article recently published on considering, How Does Humility Contribute to Strength? Dr. Baehr writes, "Humility requires, not just an awareness of, but also a willingness to honestly and appropriately acknowledge or â€œown” one’s limitations, weaknesses, and mistakes. What exactly does such “ownership” involve?" Read the article for a helpful explanation of how such humility can be empowering. In Advisory, we are using the report cards and comments to create an opportunity for our students. We are asking, "Do you agree with the character comments you received on your report cards? If there is an identified area for growth - how can you imaging addressing it?" 

Currently in PE Mr. Johnson is teaching students how to make SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) goals for a new trimester, and these are the sort of goals we need for character growth as well. We need weekly and attainable goals. Here are a few examples the students have come up with - can you guess the virtue? 

  • Raise my hand to ask for help when I am confused 3-5 times in this next week.
  • Write three sentences instead of one to explain.
  • Ask questions - not for clarification necessarily, but for deeper thinking.
We are working to help our students imagine and practice gradual character growth, something that is attainable. It is one thing to admit that we have a limitation but it is another to openly address it in advisory group, create a goal and allow others to support us in this. Our students are practicing humility together and we think this practice will be even more supported as it comes into your conversations at home - not with more goals necessarily, but with a role model. 

What are your areas of intellectual character growth? Do your kids know? Have they been let in on your goals? Are your goals gradual and attainable? Be ready for these questions because your kids might come home asking. Mom, Dad - What are your virtue strengths? Areas of growth? How do you address them?

Can we as adults practice intellectual humility? I think, yes!

To learn and live well, 

Jacquie Bryant, Principal

Parent Education Seminar

Thursday, Dec. 19th

 7:00pm - PTA Presents:
"Social Media & My Kids...OMG!"


at Intellectual Virtues Academy

Social Media & My Kids...OMG! Developing a Mindful and Meaningful Strategy for Your Family

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the new age of technology and social media? Are you wondering how to find the balance between restricting and embracing technology in this digital world that surrounds our kids? If so, come join Shaila Saint and Mollie Bennett of Canopy to learn how the principles of mindfulness can help you get some guidance and clarity for developing a digital game plan that works for your family!

Thursday, December 19th 7-8:30pm
Bring a journal or notepad & your wisdom to share!

Shaila Saint, M.Ed. is a former teacher, who has over 18 years in the early childhood and parent education fields. The goal of her Mindful Parenting philosophy, which forms the foundation of Canopy’s unique classes and workshops, is to create space and opportunities for families to connect, reflect and refuel. She co-founded Canopy, with her friend and fellow mama, Mollie Bennett, who is also a former teacher and facilitator, and has over a decade of experience managing projects, including high production corporate, educational, and private events. 

IVA Game Night!! An Event for the Kids.

While parents attend the Parent Ed Seminar on Thursday, Dec. 19th - IVA kids can come to our first IVA game night! Ms. Noble and Mr. Johnson host a game night featuring Settlers of Catan and Pandemic - same time as the parent ed seminar - across the hall. If you have the games then bring them! Hot chocolate for the IVA kids on the house.

This is going to be fun!!

Go amazing IVA teachers, go!
Beth Christen, Volunteer Coordinator, rallies the green team at lunch. 

Green Team News

1) IVA students had an opportunity to watch a plastic pollution video in Ms. Noble's Science class.

2) IVA Student Green Team has been formed, and the original 12 members have worked together to submit their application to 2014 POPS International Youth Summit.

3) Four students from the team will attend the summit, which will be held in March 2014 in Dana Point, to represent IVA Green Team.

4) We have 14 student members but we consider all IVA students & families are active Green Team members. Thank you all for your support to make IVA green. 

Mark Your Calendars:

please note: a few updates and corrections from last week

Dec. 12th - Parent Info Night Thursday, 7:00-8:30pm : Current 5th grade families invited! Applications for the and the 2014-2015 school year will be released.
NOW - Jan. 10th - Family Read-A-Thon Fundraiser
Dec. 18th IVA Board Meeting Wednesday, 7:00-9:00pm 
Dec. 19th -  Parent Ed Seminar Thursday, 7:00-8:30pm: Shaila and Mollie from Canopy talk about your child and social media - invite your friends!!
Dec. 19th - IVA Students - Game Night! hosted by Ms. Noble & Mr. Johnson. We will show a movie for younger kids in the social hall so our 6th graders can play with focus!
Dec. 20th - Winter Break Kick Off Friday, 3:00-3:30pm : plus our December Birthday Celebration
Dec. 21-Jan. 5 Winter Break
Jan. 6th - School Resumes
Jan. 10th - Winter Family Read-A-Thon concludes

Much is happening and we want you to be a part of it!
Fundraise the Dream! Pictured is our design inspiration for benches
on our IVA campus. 
Consider reading January's Parent Reading Group selection. - an article by Carol Dwek Even Genius' Work Hard. Check it out - a practical explanation to take steps toward developing intellectual character. It's only a few pages long. (You have the tenacity!)
Fundraise the Dream:
Pictured is our designer's rendition of what IVA lockers might look like. Read a book and bring lockers to our campus!

Basketball & Sports at IVA

A group of our students ran in a cross country meet back in November (Ronnie won a medal!) and another group is getting pumped up about forming our first basketball team this January. If your student is interested, please email Ms. Bryant or Mr. Johnson.

We have found a connection with
FIYA, a multi-sport league that caters to middle schools who do not otherwise have access to district sports programs. Without the LBUSD connection to sports we are seeking alternatives so our students can play. 


Parent Volunteers Needed

Do you have a passion for marketing or food? So do our kids but they could use some direction. Contact Cherrie-Ann (Noah's mom) to help our students.

Winter Dance! Jan 24th 6-9pm 
Here are the tasks we could use
a hand with :
1. Poster/Tickets/Publicity 
2. Decorations 
3. Music/Entertainment
4. Food

Parent Volunteers at IVA

We are taking foundational steps to launch our volunteer program including Board of Directors approval of the volunteer handbook and a fingerprinting account with the Department of Justice. Soon we will launch our volunteer program and we are looking forward to your partnership on campus. 

Already we have parents who are involved - Look at the list below and imagine how you might participate too! Look for Beth's letter coming soon!

Lunch Volunteers! 
Weekly volunteers and substitutes - Beth, Maria, Carrie, Melissa and Natalie, Stacy. Sign up on Shutterfly to join the team!
Club Sponsors!
Adrian - Comic Club, Natalie - Safety Patrol, Amy - Student Newspaper, Green Team - Beth and Jui. Our students need a faculty or parent sponsor to participate in any club - Thank you to our parents who have helped to create by-laws and lead students in their passions! 
Office Help!
We always need help around the office. Thank you to those who have the time and gifts to support. Denise, Beth, Michael, Judy. 

Think Even Further:
We need parent help to bring sports, events, yearbook, and more. You imagine it and we can make it happen together! 

Upcoming Parent Participation Events: Invite your friends!

Dec. 19th - Parent Ed Seminar: Canopy presents Your Child and Social Media 
Jan. 16th - Parent Reading Group on Carol Dweks' article  Even Genius' Work Hard
Feb. 20th - Parent Ed Seminar: Speaker TBA.
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Faculty & Staff Email Addresses

Cari Noble, Math/Science Teacher
Ian McCurry, ELA/Social Studies Teacher
Michael Johnson, PE Teacher
Ryan Callis, Art – 2nd trimester elective
Danielle Montiel, Program Administrator
Lisa Miller, Administrative Assistant

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