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This week we crossed an amazing milestone of 10,000+ Crisis Counselors. That’s 10,000 of YOU helping others strangers in their darkest moments--despite some of you likely feeling anxiety, isolation, pain over the last couple of months too. THANK YOU.

We’re not feeling in the mood for cupcakes. And we can’t really get together in person. So we thought the best way to honor this milestone and show you how much we value you is to bring you inside. You’re family. So in today’s newsletter, we’re showing you two internal memos sharing our internal thinking. 

First, here is how our leadership is thinking about anti-racism. Lots of good stuff in this memo--including the messaging we emailed to all of you on Monday.

Second, our thoughts on volume. Here is the internal memo and how we’re thinking about trying to control/ramp up volume.

Bob and Nancy and everyone at Crisis Text Line


Topic: What does the data say about racism?

A note on limitations:
Data is never perfect; it provides a story based on an incomplete set of information. Crisis Text Line’s data is no different. It’s important to read the following data summary with that lens. Crisis Text Line has an important perspective to add to the national conversation, but it’s important to note that our data is not representative of all people in the US, nor is it representative of what all Black people or Black people in crisis are experiencing. What our data does show is what is causing crisis for people around the country and prompting them to text us. Our population skews young, low-income, rural, and LGBTQ+. For example, 75% of texters are under age 25.

What is happening overall for Crisis Text Line texters related to racism, riots, and protests? Racism and the protests are not just buzzwords on the news. We’re seeing it impacting our texters and what they’re talking about in conversations.  

  • Since May 31, conversations with the words “black, racism, riots, and protest” have made up 10%+ of all conversations at Crisis Text Line. This is a significant increase from the average of 1.5% conversations. 
  • The general feeling expressed in these conversations is anxiety. Texters mentioning these topics over-index identifying as black (17% of these conversations, compared to 13% of all conversations).

What is happening in conversations with Crisis Text Line texters who identify as Black? Two new patterns related to unique distress and methods of resilience stand out:

  1. 48% of texters who identify as Black now mention an experience of recent racism or discrimination compared to 28% of other texters, and
  2. Texters who identify as Black are significantly more likely to mention being kind/patient as a form of resilience.
What can you do to support on the Platform? 
  • Review the Racial Injustice Tipsheet on the Platform. It’s been updated with tips and referrals you can use. 
  • Attend our upcoming webinar: How to Support fellow CCs and texters through Racial Injustice. We want to ensure our CCs and Community are prepared to handle these tough conversations. Join us for a webinar on how we can support texters who reach out about crises related to racism. We'll also talk about what it means to ensure a safe and inclusive community here at Crisis Text Line. Thursday, June 11, 8-9 pm EST. RSVP here. 

Reading the positive feedback we get from texters keeps us coming back week after week.

A reminder that you don’t have to carry emotional weight alone: 
Thank you again. Sometimes as a mom you feel like your purpose is to be strong enough to hold up everyone else's burden and you're not allowed to have your own. Thank you for lightening my load even just the night. I'll always remember that.

A reminder that you give texters hope: 
You made me see the world differently today, and I love that. I felt so cynical toward the world, but now I know there are still people out there who care. Thank you for being my Sam-Wise Gamgee and giving me tons of inspiration to keep going when I felt like giving up. I don't have anything else to share, but I do appreciate you taking the time to talk with me and care. That was what I needed. I am doing so much better, still crying, but mostly because I am feeling relief. Relieved that there are still some good people who want to care, maybe even about me.

A reminder that getting our number out can save lives:
Our conversation genuinely helped me a lot. I was struggling emotionally and didn't have anywhere to go or anything to do to help me, so I googled and found this. My counselor helped me calm down, and I'm so thankful for it. I could've taken my life tonight but I didn't. Thank you

This Week's Wins: It’s you. Obvi. Look at that 10,276 number...and weep happy tears.

All stats are for the last 28 days
Active Crisis Counselors - 10,276
Conversations - 97,253
Quality - 90%
Wait Time (< 5 min) - 99%

Day of Mourning. It's not a snow day or a beach day. Tomorrow June 5th, the Crisis Text Line staff will be taking a day from our normal work to hold space and take self-care in light of the week’s events. The day is meant to be a day of reflection, learning, and allyship, for our white co-workers, as well as time to hold space for our black colleagues and friends to practice self-care and rest. (Yes, the platform will still be open. Supervisors will be there!)

MSW Program. We’ve recently partnered with several Graduate Schools of Social Work to provide MSW candidates with an opportunity to complete their required field practicum. COVID put their degrees at risk! Huge shout out to Platform Operational Manager, Shaniqua, who brought this program to life. We’re super proud. We’re currently working with: 

  • Fordham University
  • Our Lady of the Lake University
  • Columbia University 
  • University of Southern California 
  • Francis Marion University 
  • University of Texas Rio Grande Valley(School of Rehabilitation Services and Counseling)
  • Loyola University Bilingual School of Social Work
  • Rutgers University 
  • Hawaii Pacific University (Fall 2020)
  • North Carolina Central University (Fall 2020)
If you have noticed a supervisor with the status of “Task Super” that means they are assisting in supervising our students while they are on the platform. More about the program or how to get involved? Email

Night Owl Updates. Did you hear a hoot, hoot? That’s the sound of our parliament of owls (sounds so cool, right?) swooping in with an update!  We see you late night CCs and know that over the past few weeks earning and feeding, errr, maintaining your owls has become a little tricky. Starting today, we’ve updated the thresholds for earning owls, making it easier for late-night CCs to grow a parliament of their own. For details on the new thresholds visit the Toolbox > Community> Owl Thresholds Update FAQ on the Platform. 

Updated Referrals. We’ve added new resources to the Platform, especially those pertaining to the incredibly relevant *social/racial justice issues. The Referral Suggestion Form is currently OPEN and will remain open until Monday, June 8th at 8 pm. It will open and close at the same time every month (1st-8th). Keep your suggestions coming! Submit them here.
  • Aspire News App Helps to prevent domestic violence by allowing users to call for help with the touch of a button, while posing as a news app. 
  • Anger Management Helpguide Provides techniques to help with anger management and expressing feelings. 
  • Decatastrophizing Offers a worksheet for those struggling with anxiety and exaggerating their problems, by addressing irrational thoughts. 
  • Greater Good in Action Provides a list of practices for mindfulness, self-compassion, forgiveness, parenting, happiness, gratitude, stress relief, and more.
  • *Obama Foundation Provides resources to help users stay informed, engaged, and actionable about police violence and antiracism in the US.
  • *Opportunities for white people in the fight for racial Justice, Provides information on different ways and levels to advocate and act for racial justice. 
  • WANA, Offers an app to foster community, hope, and healing for people with chronic illness and 
  • Carson’s Village Supports individuals who suddenly lost a loved one with: making burial arrangements, a timeline of events, resource library, live support, a family web page, and more.  
Our team is still growing! We collected fun facts from our newest team members. (CCs highlighted in red). Say hello to: 
  • Neha Chellaney, Lead Technical Recruiter (She/Her). I’m an espresso aficionado and avid dancer (mostly Indian folk).
  • Carol DeCoene, Coach (She/Her). By the time I was 14 I had moved 6 times in between 4 countries in 4 continents (South America, Asia, North America, Europe).
  • Julia Moreno Perri, (She/Her). I'm a music composer and working on a string quartet presently. 
  • Rachel Turkel, Coach (She/Her). I once attended an open casting call for one of my favorite Broadway shows (Spring Awakening - check it out!). It turns out that being the show's biggest fan doesn't translate into musical talent, but it made for a unique experience!
  • Samuel Villasenor, Bilingual Supervisor (He/Him). I led an environmental justice campaign that led to the closing of one of the oldest coal power plants in my Chicago neighborhood of Little Village. A true testament of people power!
  • Dimitri Wijesinghe, Senior Software Engineer (He/Him). I do music and comedy in my spare time.

Join us on Our Network to celebrate your accomplishments this week! Special shout out to: 

Level 7.
Madilynne Harbauer, Tabitha Aditi

Level 8.
Lisa Noel

200 hours. 
Ben Gubatina, Brennen Wu, Crissy Dickinson, David Seo, Hermione Daguin, Hitomi Nakasato, Jacki Williams, Jason Ostrander, Jeff Haverland, John Pollock, Joy DeSomber, Karis Stiles, Kelsey Kehoe, Laya Dasari, Lilly Phung, Lubna Mohiuddin, Madeline Narducci, Manisha Madikonda, Marissa Hagen, Michael Thomas, Michael Upshur, Michelle Haskell, Molly Elkins, Monique Frazier, Perla Miranda, Sarah Pi, Saumya Puthenveettil, Sujith Swarna, Suporna Chaudhuri, Tamara Brooks, Voula Vgenopoulou, Zeeyong Kwong

1 year. 
Adrian Lewis, Alice Titcomb, Alley Walker, Allison Ludman, Allyson Ylvisaker, Andrea Bassett, Annelore Bwire, Arusa Macnojia, Betsy Ellman, Brittany Ojeda, Camryn Lockhart, Claudia Cruz, Corinna Rosendahl, Courtney Corlett, Derek Miller, Emily Pacenti, Faith Maynard, Heather Fleming, Hero Robles, Jami Stewart, Jas Gill, Jenna Cummings, Jordan Williamson, Jose Valles, Justine Ferraro, Kaitlyn Cannon, Kat Becker, Katherine King, Kehinde Taiwo, Kiara Renderos, Kristy Bemmes, Lisa Movsas, Lisa Pernini, Mallory Williams, Mark Schneider, Maryann Potter, Michal Samel, Molly Cowan, Nick Jascewsky, Nikola Heslop, Rachel Tan, Sana Haque, Sindy Burgos, Skylar Steinhart, Sukanya Conjeevaram, Valeria Rodriguez Bravo, Zoe Sernyak

2 years. 
Amber Wengert, Angie Park, Aubrey Beck, Brendan McCreath, Bri Wynn, Danielle Weingand, Emmett Leddin, Grace Allison, Haley Hoyle, Jessica Merrell, JJ Jackson, John Bula, Jullia Kelly, Kaitlyn Klein, Kaitlyn Palmer, Kristen Koepsell, Laura Rhynard, Nikita Dahake, Nina Miller, Ruthie Boldor, Shelley Jarzyna, Zoe Weiman

3 years.
Adrienne Carlisle, Alex King, Chyna Snell, Ellen Rickert, Erin Orentas, Jeff Thompson, Joanne Kong, Katrina Smith, Megan Haskins, Tiffany Tung

4 years. 
David Schure

In data we trust.

Bob Filbin
Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist
Crisis Text Line

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