A Personal Message From Dr. Jill

Dr Jill was live today on Facebook talking about The Pet Beastro and Coronavirus/COVID 19.

Dear Beastro Pet Parents: 

We care about you and your health! 

First and foremost, THANK YOU. Thank you for showing us your support and not forgetting about your local pet supply store. As we venture into some strange times we are going to continue to monitor what is happening and how we can continue to supply you the items you need for your cats and dogs. 

If you aren’t familiar with the novel Coronavirus, we encourage you to check out the information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) to know the symptoms correlated with the current virus. If you have any of these symptoms or have traveled internationally, we would encourage you to use our online or local delivery for supplies. 

We are monitoring the Coronavirus situation in our area and have taken the following steps for our customer’s convenience and wellness.

Cleaning & In-Store Precautions - 

  • We are using approved disinfectant wipes to wipe areas that are frequently used. These surfaces include the following doorknobs (inside and outside), bathrooms (faucet, handles, seat), freezer doors, keyboards, pin pads, stylus pens, and regular pens, counters, scanners, faucet handles, swing doors, basket handles, cart handles, light switches, etc. They are being wiped no less than three times daily. We will increase as needed (or if there has been a confirmed case in our community) but also being mindful of the shortage of disinfectant wipes. We are also using essential oils spray blends in between these times for wiping counters and other surfaces within the store. 

  • We are stocked up on essential oils and hand soap, with more on the way! We have essential oils diffusing daily throughout our store both in the front and backroom areas. Every customer is welcome to wash their hands at any time in our store. Feel free to ask at any time during your shopping experience!

  • We offer Apple Pay & Samsung Pay to reduce touching of pin pads in-store. You can pay online to avoid touching the payment terminal completely.

  • When weather permits, our front doors will be propped open to reduce touching of handles.

  • We have been in communication with our naturopathic community for updates as well as Oakland County to monitor the virus and it’s spread.

Local Delivery, Curbside Pickup, & Online Ordering - 

  • We are offering FREE local delivery during the state of emergency situation. Visit and shop here and at checkout select local delivery. For more information on the exact areas we deliver to and specifics visit

  • We are offering in-store pickup or curbside pickup. Shop at and select in-store pick up at check out and we will bring the items/order to your car if you give us a call ahead of your arrival. Please give us an hour or so to gather your order. 

  • If you need extra food or more than we have in stock, please call us by Monday 9 pm. This will allow us to order correctly through our distribution channels. 

  • If you call the store to place an order or get product information, please be patient. Although we have several phone lines, we may not be able to get to you right away. Feel free to leave a voicemail and we will be back in touch. 

Employees - 

  • Dr. Jill has put together an individualized & personalized supplement routine for each staff member to keep each one of us healthy and whole.

  • Our staff has made a commitment to eating healthier. We are committed to more in-store potluck meals during this time. Once weekly our team has decided to order from a local restaurant as a team to support another local business who may need help during this time. Every small business will need each other's support more than ever and we are committed to helping. Having a community (albeit it small) is still important for some normalcy during this time of unknown.

  • We are encouraging our staff to drink clean water (which we provide Reverse Osmosis water) to stay hydrated. 

  • Each of our employees has been given a thermometer to monitor their temperature. If they are not feeling well or have a temperature they will stay home until they are cleared to return to work. If needed we will support our employees with compensation or find a solution to help out monetarily during this time.

  • In addition, we are committed to making sure we get enough sleep to support our immune system and reduce our stress. This will help us to stay grounded and ready to help each of our customers.

Services - 

  • We are going to continue natural health services as usual unless the situation changes. We understand that many of you rely on our services with senior pets or those pets who are having health challenges. We ask that you be respectful as well if you feel like you or your pet may pose a risk to cancel until you are deemed healthy.

  • Chiropractic care can be performed outside or in your car if you are concerned about entering our building during this State of Emergency.

At this time, our distributors and manufacturers are committed to making sure we are receiving weekly inventory orders. We have plenty of inventory in stock and will continue to place orders on our scheduled delivery dates. We are not expecting many if any, disruptions to our supplies and inventory. 

We love being part of our local Metro Detroit community, before you turn to a big box or online companies for your pet needs, please don’t forget about us. Small business retailers help our community stay vibrant and strong! Together, we will make it through this challenging time. At the end of the day, the sun always shines after the storm. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always call us at the store at 245-548-3448. 

Stay grounded,

Dr. Jill Tack, The Pet Beastro

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