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Europeana Fashion

Europeana Fashion Project

As Summer has arrived, Europeana Fashion is in full preparation for its portal launch in Fall. 

In the meantime, we continue showcasing our partners' outstanding content on our Tumblr and during our fashion edit-a-thons around Europe.

You can also find a lot of new interesting content on our website, where all the lectures of our conference in April are now available.

You will find all the details below.
Have a beautiful summer!

The Europeana Fashion Team
Conference Lectures Now Online

On April 17 and 18, the fashion community gathered in Florence to discuss the relationship between the fashion industry and the GLAM community.

Attendees enjoyed lectures from renowned professionals from the heritage and fashion industry. All lectures are now available online on our website. Click on the hyperlink under each session to browse the related videos.

Image: Erwin Verbruggen, used under a CC-BY-SA 2.0 license.

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Pucci "Prince of Prints" on our Tumblr

Over the past month, Europeana Fashion partner the Emilio Pucci Archive curated our Tumblr, infusing it with the iconic colours and prints of the classic Italian house.

Since March, we have showcased on our Europeana Fashion Tumblr, rare, exceptional and stunning images coming from our partners.

So far we have had exhibitions about shoes (with the contribution of Ferragamo Museum), art and fashion, the history of the Antwerp Fashion Academy by MoMu Fashion Museum, and themes around shoes from the collection of Museo Rossimoda della Calzatura. See all these wonderful collections on our Tumblr blog.

Image: © Emilio Pucci Archive

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The Fashion Edit-a-thon Series

The fashion edit-a-thons are well underway now. The fashion community is joining Wikipedia to improve and add information on fashion to the world's largest encyclopedia.

In March, Nordiska Museet hosted our first fashion edit-a-thon and Centraal Museum in Utrecht followed last May. The next fashion edit-a-thon will take place at MoMu on 23 September, for which you can sign up directly here.

Image: Sebastiaan ter Burg, image used under a CC-BY license.

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Support #AllezCulture

The Europeana Foundation needs your help. The budget that will fund Europeana from 2015 onwards has been heavily cut, putting at risk the continuation of open and free access to cultural heritage 

Help by joining the Facebook group and using #AllezCulture on Twitter and Facebook. Read more to find out why your support is so important.

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