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NEW Beginner classes

Maidenhead, Windsor and Wokingham

Want to shake it like Shakira?

Love to celebrate your femininity?

Ready for a more flexible, toned and fitter you?

Then get your hip belts ready! 

This September we are launching 3 new BEGINNER bellydance classes in Maidenhead, Windsor and Wokingham, taught by our fabulous new RBSB teachers! They're ready to take you on a magic carpet ride of shimmies, snake arms and some obligatory fun!  We're introducing our first teacher: Sandy in just a without further ado, may we present your new beginner classes:

Wednesdays 8.35pm - 9.35pm Woodlands Park Village Centre - click here

Tuesdays 8.15pm - 9.15pm Heidi Rhodes Dance Studio - click here

Tuesdays 7.00pm - 8.00pm Woosehill Community Centre - click here

We've already began taking registrations and places are limited to maximise your quality experience.  We've got an early bird discount until end August, so why not enjoy it!

Ready to take that leap?  Enroll with us now and check out our registration options here.  

Want to give bellydance a try?  Book up a trial lesson with us.

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Want inspiration?  Read our scrummy students' bellydance success stories.

Ready for some flamboyant skirt swishing?

Love a bit of Bollywood glamour?

Are you a Bellydance Disco Diva?

If you're improver, intermediate or advanced level then these classes are perfect for you:

Intermediate and Advanced
Princesses of the Orient

Maidenhead Mondays 6.15pm
Woodlands Park Village Centre
Gypsy Skirt Fantasy Fusion with a passionate choreography to "Alabina" by Alabina - click here

Wokingham Wednesdays 7.30pm
Wokingham Methodist Church Hall
Gypsy Skirt Fantasy Fusion with a passionate choreography to "Alabina" by Alabina - click here

Open Level - improver, intermediate and advanced
Jewels of the Orient
Windsor Mondays 8.00pm
Windsor Youth & Community Centre Dance Studio
Bellywood!  Enjoy Rachel's unique fusion style of bellydance, Bollywood and bhangra with a showstopping number to "Shakalaka Baby" from the Bombay Dreams west-end production - click here

Pearls of the Orient
Wokingham Wednesdays 8.35pm
Wokingham Methodist Church Hall
Bring out your Bellydance Disco Diva with our fantastic pop routine to Nourhanne's "Habibi ya eini".
Click here

On-line bookings open and enrollments have begun!  Want more inspiration?
Read our compelling student testimonials.

Introducing your bright & bedazzling beginner bellydance teacher for Maidenhead and Wokingham: Sandy!
Read on for a free on-line bellydance tutorial!

So Sandy, what's your bellydance story?  Oh dear, where to begin? I have always been a person who loves to try out new hobbies. In my opinion, you cannot dismiss anything unless you’ve tried it yourself.

It’s funny how things work out. A colleague of my friend and housemate invited us to watch her perform at the Summer Spectacular Student Show in 2011. We went to support her and watched such a variety of bellydance; I had no idea there were so many different styles!  I was fascinated by that and was so keen to give it a go that I went to the very first lesson available after the show, which was a drop in class taught by Cherie Leigh Marshall coaching under the Santa Maria Bellydance Academy in Reading. I attended every class during that summer and had my feelers out for other classes in and around Reading to keep on learning and practising and to gain as much experience as possible. Then in 2012 I plucked up the courage to do my very first Bellydance performance with the Divas from Giza, coached by Cherie.

I would never have thought Bellydancing would be for me.  In fact it is amazing to see how misinformed people are in general about Bellydancing. Very often I am asked what type of dance I do and my response “ Bellydance” is very often misunderstood for Ballet. I guess the way I am built reflects my Ballet influence. During my school years I took up Ballet/classical dance lessons, because of a famous TV series about a Ballet dancer “Anna” in Germany.  I recently found out that my Ballet teacher from back then is also teaching the art of Bellydance. So there is a connection after all ;) And who would have thought that I would become a teacher myself? You never know what the next chapter brings in life. I am absolutely delighted to continue my Bellydance Story with the RBSB.

Do you have any special areas of expertise?  To be honest, my main objective is “Fun”; I have to enjoy what I am doing. So that's reflected by the music I choose mostly for my own choreographies. I want the audience to be part of it. I want them to enjoy the music and dance within, whilst enjoying my performance.  Click here to see what I mean!

The same goes for teaching. I believe that you learn quicker and best when you enjoy the process. Of course it is said that dedication and hard work will make you an expert, but it often goes hand in hand with losing yourself in the joy of the art itself.

So, in short, I specialise in fun. It is very rewarding watching your students enjoy class as well as performance. When you enjoy what you do, you tend to invest more time into it and practice makes perfect after all.  Having said that, I am very creative and have a wild imagination, which helps with choreographing, of course!

What training and qualifications do you have? By the time I start teaching at the RBSB in September 2015 I will have over 4 years of intensive Bellydance experience. I hold the IDTA Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, all completed with honours and I also completed the Drumzy Foundation Course back in 2013. I graduated from my Teacher Apprenticeship with SMBA in March 2015 and have since then provided free online tutorials for beginners which are available on my YouTube channel. (Link below)

What's your top bellydance learning tip?  Choose the music that speaks to you and do not be afraid to express yourself. This is your moment to do what you love and don’t be shy about it and just enjoy it. Again, fun would be my main ingredient here.

Which Bellydancers inspire you?  I remember watching America's got talent and Sadie and Kaya were performing together. What a wonderful and dynamic duo. They inspired me big time!

What's your favourite costume?  Does any bellydancer have an answer to this? I love all the different costumes, especially if they sparkle and make lots of shimmy noises :)

What's your secret skill?  I smile or laugh even more at a performance when I get a move wrong :)

My favourite part of my body is..... my tummy. I have always liked to bare my tummy and also got my belly button pierced.

In my bellydance bag, I'm never without.... From experience I learned that a bottle of water and plenty of safety pins should be in it....but I cannot say I am very consistent in having that on me, but I know I should.

How do you boost your confidence?  The way I see it: when you are on stage, you are performing for the audience. It's important to come across as confident and that you enjoy the dance, because otherwise the audience may feel awkward on your behalf as they pick up on your uneasiness.

What's your happiest memory?  Too many to mention. Happiness is part of my daily routine....let's see...ok, too many flashbacks right there....there is one though where I laughed hysterically for joy and that was on a husky sleigh ride in Lapland. I think, that was pure joy! Oh...actually...seeing a falling star (" Sternschnuppe" in German), right after having noticed the star consolation "big bear" in the sky for the first time just came to mind.

What's your greatest ambition?  To be happy and stay healthy. Although I have ambition, I have never really been a competitive person.

What's the last bellydance song you listened to?  I have a problem remembering bellydance songs names, I am afraid. But I love "El baston" a saidi piece.

My favourite food is....Chocolate and ice-cream, and lots of it :)

You can find out more about Sandy at: 
Facebook: click here
YouTube: Learn a bellydance move in 3 mins!  & watch Sandy perform
Twitter: click here

Sandy will be teaching our Maidenhead & Wokingham beginner classes - sign up now and get fit, fun and fab with us!  Click here

Photo of Sandy by Nadia Bargir

So who's teaching the Windsor beginners? 
All will be revealed in a forthcoming newsletter!

Bellydance Dates for YOUR Diary

Rachel is performing at: Mangal Turkish Restaurant, Reading - Fri 24 July

Belly dancing at Ascot racecourse anyone? We've been invited to deliver a half hour belly dancing taster workshop at Ascot Relay for Life in aid of fundraising for Cancer Research UK. Rachel will teach the belly dancing moves and we're looking for gorgeous summer term enrolled volunteers to help the participants get in the groove! It's Sunday 19th July 10.30-11am. Who's up for it?

Celebrating Dance Festival, Devon
Fri 23 - Sun 25 Oct 2015
Rachel will be teaching "I Dream of Jeannie" choreography and a bellydance disco diva workshop as well as performing as a Supporting Artist

Sheikh It! A bellydance Show
Saturday 24 October evening performance
Norden Farm Centre for Arts, Maidenhead

Workshops with US international star: Princess Farhana
Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 October daytime
Norden Farm Centre for Arts, Maidenhead

Snowflake Spectacular Student Show

Sunday 13 December 2.00 - 5.00pm
Doors open 1.30pm
Souk, Snaps and Sparkle! 

Click here for the full scoop, buy tickets and enjoy your early bird discount until 30 November - click here


About Rachel: Rachel Bennett successfully established her bellydance school in 2008 and her extensive performance experience includes theatre, long-standing restaurant residencies and national TV.  Rachel is a graduate of the Hossam and Serena Ramzy School of Music and Dance and a principal dancer with the Ramzy Dance Company. 

Rachel absolutely loves to teach and perform bellydance and is proud to have turned her passionate hobby into a full-time career.  She encourages her students to develop as bellydancers and reach for the stars!  Rachel also trains coaches and mentors fledgling professionals and teachers to help them realise their dreams.  Read compelling student stories at

Rachel Bennett School of Bellydance - Fitness, Fun and Fabulousness!  Studio Classes, Private Tuition, Workshops, Coaching, Mentoring and Professional Development - Maidenhead, Twyford, Windsor and Wokingham in Berkshire, UK

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