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p l e a s e   j o i n   m e   t h i s   e v e n i n g  
f o r   t h e   o p e n i n g   o f   m y   s o l o   s h o w

a n d   t h e n . . . 

An unusual title for a solo show? I'm going to credit an unnamed friend for this, as he made the observation that I used this phrase often in the course of conversation. That I segued from topic to topic, but that somehow it all ended up being connected. Which is just about perfect, as that is pretty much how I see the world.

So, in the context of naming this show, this phrase seemed to me to be the right one, as this show is a combination of my work in both photography and fiber. Two very different media, but in truth, very interconnected. Most of you are probably far more familiar with my photography, although not necessarily this body of work. However, I've also worked in fiber for the past dozen years or so, and more recently have worked with kozo fiber, which is the material used in this work. 

For years I tried to figure out how to integrate the photography and the fiber. And last summer,  when I was introduced to kozo in a workshop on the Vineyard, it all came together. Actually unconsciously, as I immersed myself in working with this new material, and without realizing it, created nearly the same image in kozo as you see in the photo at the top of this email. And as my teacher said at the end of the workshop, it was all integrated in my head the entire time.

I have come to realize, through this particular experience as well as more reflection on my work in preparation for this show, that I am drawn to certain imagery - a visual vocabulary - that threads itself through my work, often without me realizing it until much later. The ripples in the water in my most recent photo in this show (hanging over the fireplace in the gallery) were first seen in a photo taken in 2003, CircleSong, and then repeated in another favorite, April Showers, a photo taken in the spring of 2013. And pulling out a file of previous work in paper fiber, I discovered a forgotten cache of paper swirls much like these ripples, created back in the studio on the Vineyard in the summer of 2003.

That vocabulary - those common threads - are a conversation that takes place as I photograph, or work with form and fibers. The vibrant blues and greens on the surface of the water as seen in a photograph reappear in the strands of kozo that weave through my fiber work.  I am drawn to the interplay of sky and water. The ebb and flow of the tides, the action of the waves or ripples on the water, the impact of light and fog, sun and sky - all are subjects of great fascination and wonder. We are truly blessed to be a witness to the magic and mystery of this shimmering beauty all around us. 

And while my work here is visual, I feel that there is a strong lyrical underpinning of music as it flows through the imagery - for me, there is always a soundtrack.

I hope that as you view my work, you enjoy the conversation, and hear the music.


* and then...
CONVERSATIONS IN PHOTOGRAPHY AND FIBER  can be seen at the ARTWorks Gallery at Seabury Academy on the campus of St. Paul's on the Green, 60 East Avenue in Norwalk through July 24. The gallery is open till 2 pm daily.
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