New At The Ranch
Misty 6 hours old Rhapsody proudly showing off her new cria - a rose grey suri girl!

Rhapsody had an "easy" first birth presenting us with a beautiful rose & silver grey female "cria".  We wanted to call her "Purple Haze" as she has a purplish hue to her fiber.  But the consensus of those in attendance agreed Rhapsody's Lavender Mist was the way to go.  "Misty" has steadily gained 3/4 lb/day!  Rhapsody hummed to her cria for 2 weeks prior to her being "unpacked" and continued humming to her every few seconds for about 1 week after birthing Misty.  She has been such a good mum!  Did you know the average pregnancy term for alpacas is 11-11 1/2 months?  Rhapsody "unpacked" her cria (baby alpaca) at closer to 12 months.  We were starting to get jittery as Francesca's "unpacking" of Opal was not as easy as Rhapsody's!  In fact, Francesca had to take a ride to the Vet to help "unpack" her girl.  But that's another story. 

Open Farm Days – Free!  Nov 2nd  & Dec 7th

If you want to meet Rhapsody's Lavender Mist, you are invited to visit us Sunday at our Open Ranch Day scheduled for Nov. 2nd from 10am-4pm. Remember to bring your camera or smart phone.  You will definitely want to take pictures. 
Get a jump on your holiday shopping too!  Buy and support local! 

Autumn Specials

Many of you have let us know of your desire to have your very own alpacas on your land.  Of course, we understand how they can capture your heart!!  So for those of you ready to bring home your very own (Santa is coming!), we can sweeten the deal even more!

Call us for your own private appointment 530-272-1218, or email or come by Sunday
Nov 2, from 10-4 to learn about our Fall Specials.

Many have asked us for baby alpacas (cria)... so...

We have a new program called “Lease an Alpaca”.  Contact us for more information.

When people visit our ranch, one thing they notice is how our alpacas do not run from us, and even follow us around without the promise of a treat.  Impressed?  You bet!  Our alpacas have learned to trust us, as we love to spend time with them, and they seem to enjoy our company too.

At Sierra Rose Alpacas, we strive to create a vibrant and sustainable ranch where we breed high quality Alpacas, provide education and support to our customers.  We sell the finest ‘Made in America’ Alpaca products. Our goal is to bring the American-bred Alpaca fleece goods to a level of quality and distinction that surpasses the overseas markets. Not only that, but alpacas are just wonderful animals to be around.  Many people simply want to enjoy the unique, wonderful alpacas as part of their lifestyle.  We can help!  Come visit our ranch, and we think you’ll agree!

Upcoming Events/Classes 

Now is the time to start your Handcrafted Holiday Gift for a Loved One!
Two classes to choose from. 

Get Hooked on Crochet! Nov 2nd & Nov 9th With Pat Nelson!
Beginners crochet class taught by Pat Nelson who will offer one of two projects,
a “spa cloth” or a “cloche” (a snug fitting hat).   Kits will be provided and includes: Pattern, 2.5 oz. 100% Cotton  or Wool Yarn Spa clothe- cotton; cloche - wool), and a Crochet Hook!
Class Enrollment Fee is $40.00 and includes:  Instruction, a kit of your choice and a drop-in follow-up on Nov. 9th, 2014 between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.  Contact Cynthia to enroll!  Email:

Learn to Knit! with Justine Chenel  Nov 2 & Nov 9 1:00-3:00
Upcoming Classes:
2 Sessions/2 Hours each, $60

In this class Justine will teach you the basics of knitting, yarn, and needles, and the way they work together. The skills we will cover include: Cast On, Knit Stitch, Purl Stitch, ways to combine these stitches to create stitch patterns, Cast Off and Weave in Ends. We will put these skills together and knit a useful spa washcloth. No prior experience necessary. Come in a novice and leave a knitter!

Spa cloth sample

The required supplies are included with the class.
Class size limited to 6 participants, so signup early!

Details at: 

Alpaca Farm Days Festival was another successful event! 

In spite of the threat of rain (Sept 27-28), many people came out and enjoyed meeting the alpacas, learning about them, & buying some lovely alpaca items for themselves or as Christmas gifts.  Thank you for coming out and making it a success!  It is an event that we look forward to all year long!  While some folks came for the classes and events we offered, others came just to sit and relax while enjoying a day out with family and soaking in the calming yet playful nature of these beautiful creatures.  This year, we had the privilege of introducing several new artists in the area to the public for the first time! Justine and Dano, from Purl and Burl offered gorgeous gifts for sale made from their hands, while Pat Nelson and Justine Chenel offered lovely hand-made wearable art alpaca items and classes on crocheting or knitting!  Brandi Kuhlmann was here offering tips on crocheting too!  If you were not able to make it out, it is not too late to start making your holiday gifts from alpaca, or learning to crochet or knit! Now is the perfect time to sign up for a class, and learn to make that special gift item, or simply treat yourself to luxury alpaca.

More pictures from this event are available on our website – you just may see yourself there!  And if you have any changes or improvements you recommend to make next year’s event even better, feel free to email me with your ideas!  Newsflash – we have no control over the weather….

Alpaca Rugs?  Yes!! 
Now is the time for you to select the perfect hand-loomed alpaca rug for your home! These are true heirloom quality! Alpaca fiber is naturally fire retardant, water and stain resistant, anti-microbial, soft cozy luxury!  Alpaca is naturally insulating too.  I often hear the comment about how "cushy" alpaca is as a rug, and it is true!!  Alpaca is pure luxury that lasts a lifetime.

Come visit to experience and see the full array of what we offer!  We are OPEN the first Sunday of every month.  Our next Open Ranch Day is this Sunday Nov 2nd from 10-4.  Our Christmas & Holiday Open Ranch Day will be December 7th from 10am - 4pm! 

Francesca’s Corner (of the Pasture)

My little girl, Opal, still steals the show!  But that little suri girl, "Misty" has captured my heart too.  She reminds me of how I use to romp and jump and play!  The cria get very active, especially just at sundown, when she and my little Opal "pronk" and run and leap to their hearts desire. They are so cute together!  And that little Crimson Knight - well, he thinks he is all grown up!  He is ever the flirt, and catches the eye of many of the ladies.  They just can't wait until he's all grown up.  Really, the way they fawn over him!  You'd think they'd never seen a boy before!  One of my BFF is all agog over him.  But, as usual, I have one up on them - Maverick and I had our 2nd date, and guess what....I'm pregnant - AGAIN!  Still don't quite get how that happens but sure do love it!
I am available to see my fans by appointment, 530. 272.1218. Please check with my agents Howard and Cynthia for dates and times. I do hoofographs (like an autograph) for my fans and love photo-ops to show off my lovely fleece and trademark eyelashes.
Kiss Kiss,


Rainbows of Fiber! 

Alpaca fiber produced by the United States is a booming business. By the year 2020, it is estimated that the US will produce 2,500 tons of Alpaca fiber per year. With the assumption that South American production will remain constant (as it has over the past 100 years), the United States will capture 20-30% of the world market in Alpaca fiber sales.  Currently the U.S. captures only 10% of the market.
Fiber artists love Alpaca fleece because it is so soft and lovely to work with.  It is soft  like cashmere, but lightweight, lofty, and simply luscious to wear!!  It is water repellant, fire retardant, wicks moisture away from the skin, yet does not absorb  a lot of water so in humid environments does not get moldy. It has a low prickle factor (itch) is non-toxic and chemical free.  Is warm and insulative, wrinkle resistant, and comes in over 22 natural colors – more than any other fiber animal - so does not need to be dyed.  Should one decide to dye it, it takes about ¼ the amount of dye as sheep’s wool.  It can be used for naturally fire retardant baby blankets, or lovely clothing, and even household goods, such as furniture coverings, rugs, cat nappers and dog beds, and so much more!

We have lots of 100% alpaca yarn, rovings, and even raw fiber available for sale!

The WINNER of the drawing for Alpaca socks, or Yarn, Or 'Paca Gold (fertilizer) is APRIL JOURNAGAN, of Nevada City!  Congratulations April!!

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