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Let’s Connect:  Heaven to Earth in the United Kingdom


Allison Mitchell Newsletter 2nd and 3rd Quarter 2015


During a profound moving of God’s Spirit during a Youth event in Rugby, the Lord impressed very deeply into my heart and spirit His desire to do an unprecedented thing in our generation.   As in the days of Noah, the Lord wants to open the springs of the deep, and shower down from above, but this time, it is not a physical flow but an out pouring of His Spirit, in the United Kingdom, throughout Europe and in all the earth.  The presence of God in the room was so tangible, you could almost touch it, as young people cried out to him, many making lifelong dedication to serve him, receiving supernatural healing, and some answering a very personal call.  But the outpouring is not limited to the four walls of any building, as I have seen the Spirit fall with power on the streets of historic Bury St Edmunds, Nottingham, Bradford, London, and even in a restaurant!   I’ve experienced it in my living room, praying with people who desperately needed him, and in my wonderful Church, as people wept under His sweet influence.   


I’ve heard people, who were just passing by, gasp, and say, “What is this power???  We need more of this!”  I’ve seen drug addicts receive deliverance and the Holy Ghost in City Centres, while my friend Sis Bethann Gadd marvelled that this was the fulfilment of over 30 years of prophesy for Birmingham Lighthouse.   I’ve seen people who were hardened and hopeless at the seeming futility of life receive hope and understand He made them a future.  And that’s what its’ all about.  


As Christians we are called to connect heaven to earth, to live with the mindset that we belong to a heavenly Kingdom, and bring as many people as we can to that Kingdom, and to our King.  As we are obedient to that calling, we begin to see the fruits in lives that are changed, destinies that are altered and futures that are realised.    Just as in the natural, drought can quench life out of all but the most resilient, the enemy has fought tooth and nail to stop this outpouring, but if we as a generation will rise up and pray the prayer of the ancients, ”Oh that thou wouldst rend the heavens…”   he cannot stop it.   We connect to a heavenly purpose, as the power of eternity flows through us, and out of us, into those that are hungry for Him.    This why we pray, fast, and seek the face of God with groanings that cannot be uttered, because we want to see His Kingdom come, and His will be done in earth as it is in heaven.

FL YOM Team in Calvary Temple, the first United Pentecostal Church in London!

Every so often God gives you an iron sharpens iron friend!  Thankful for Missions Minded Silje from Norway!

Worshipping God in the Abbey Gardens of Bury St Edmunds District Missions Rally

We get kind of excited about all the AWESOME stuff God has been doing in the UK!

Blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth!

Shaking under the power of God as Nick was baptised in Jesus name!

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Allison Mitchell has served in United Kingdom since 2007, coming under AIM appointment in 2008, and Associate Missionary appointment in 2014, under Missionaries Robert and Jerolyn Kelley. She is a licensed minister with both the UPCI and UPC Great Britain and Ireland and has ministered in several countries in Europe, preaching regularly throughout the United Kingdom, and speaking to youth, ladies groups and young ministers, as well as serving as Pastor of Liberty Worship Center in Lakenheath. Her passion is to bring the fires together in the United Kingdom and Europe to unleash unquenchable revival in this end-time generation.

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What a blessing Harvest Bible College Students and AIMers Sis Jeanette Sanchez, Brier Scott and Emily Hefner were to LWC!  Thank you for coming!

LWC Ladies Tea in Ely!  These women have changed my life... Love you!

Watching the first of my church members go down in the wonderful name of Jesus this weekend, and rise up to be powerfully filled with His Spirit today, there was not a doubt in my mind that it was worth it.  To see heaven on earth.  To see a life transformed by the power of Christ.  And I want to thank you, my sponsors, for being a part of it.  Thanks for praying, for being sensitive, for giving, for serving and standing in the gap for me in prayer.  It means so much.  Without your continued support none of this would be possible.


There’s some really exciting doors opening in 2016, like the UPC GBI Young Ministers Missions Trip to the Philippines (if you would like to support this financially, please contact me,) By His grace, we'll also be building up AIM UK teams to impact the streets of our nation, and building up His Kingdom daily through altars of prayer and sacrifice as we go about the work of the Gospel in the UK.     If you would like to begin to, continue or increase your sponsorship, click on the link below or e-mail me, and I’ll let you know how.  What a powerful thing we can be a part of! For when the power of heaven touches the lives of His people on earth, there’s no telling what will happen…   Thanks again for being with me on this journey,


Por Su Reino, 
For His Kingdom,

Rev Allison Mitchell 
Your Associate Missionary to the United Kingdom

Rev Robert Kelley 
Missionary Superintendent 

Rev Joel Wells, Jr
Pastor at The Pentecostals of Titusville



Many thanks for those of you who have been praying for my mother.  As some of you may know she has been diagnosed with an untreatable cancer.  Your continued prayers for a complete work of healing are so appreciated.


Preaching at 30/30 Young Ministers Conference
Blessed to have our EME Regional Directors with us at Liberty Worship Center!

YOM Team praying with Missionaries John and Susan Beek as they share their burden for the City of Edinburgh

Power Packed Youth Service in Rugby!

So grateful for Sis Wendy Gherky, Rachel Miller and Rachel Haag coming for our Kid's Prayer Seminar and Youth Service! 
Boots in Bradford Prayer Walk!  Part of the vision to Capture Cities for Christ

Humbled to be appointed by UPCGBI Board as Director of AIM UK

Rev Jack Cunningham preaching our General Conference in Wales where 103 were filled with the Holy Ghost!!

Sis Vicky Nakamatte is a new Secretary of AIM  UK team!
We have 68 million reasons to rejoice in the Lord!

Life-long friends and inspirations! Sis Angelica Raines and Sis Betty Badenhorst met as teenagers and are now affecting nations!

Excited to be a part of this team with Bishop Francis and UPC GBI!  If you would like to Sponsor please let me know!

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