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Winter 2014

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ,


I pray this finds you all well and enjoying the blessings of our Lord Jesus.  May God bless you for your faithfulness in supporting the work of His Kingdom in the United Kingdom!


Since my last newsletter I have been blessed to assist in the work of the Lord in Denmark, Sweden, Spain, England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland (even popped into the USA :), and I have been amazed at the goodness of the Lord ministering to the lives of individuals everywhere His name is spoken.


As I have prayed over the towns, cities and villages of the UK these past few months I have felt so deeply the Lord’s desire to do a greater work than we can imagine, and I firmly believe that the time of fulfilment for prophecies spoken over these ancient lands is now.  God has powerfully spoken that the vision will not tarry, it will come to pass, and my prayer for my generation is that we will rise up and take the land set before us.

After Preaching in Dublin! 

Con Ena and Lady Lou in Copenhagen!

United Kingdom Open 24/7 for Revival!

HBC Boys Shaking Up NLC Worship

Allison Mitchell has served in United Kingdom since 2007, coming under AIM appointment in 2008, and Associate Missionary appointment in 2014, under Missionaries Robert and Jerolyn Kelley. She is a licensed minister with both the UPCI and UPC Great Britain and Ireland and has ministered in several countries in Europe, preaching regularly throughout the United Kingdom, and speaking to youth, ladies groups and young ministers, as well as teaching in Harvest Bible College and serving as part of the Ministry Team for New Life Church in Glasgow. Her passion is to bring the fires together in the United Kingdom and Europe to unleash unquenchable revival in this end-time generation.

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Latino Revival in New York!

One of the miracles of missions is watching a soul receive the Holy Spirit… What price can you place on that?  Or kneeling in an altar as a young person pours our their heart and makes a decision to really follow Him?  They will never be the same, and whatever price can you place on that? As Bible College Students are dedicating their lives to the work of the Lord, church saints are taking on the mantle of ministry and new converts experience their first healing, I have to ask myself again, what price can you place on that?   The work of the Lord is so much more than the numbers we often place on it, it is the rejoicing of a mother’s heart when their children come back to God, it is the tears of liberation from a soul that has been delivered, it is the peace that floods through a heart yielded to the cross, and I find myself thanking God over and over for the gift to share in this, and determining, no matter the cost, to surrender to the call.  To Reach the United Kingdom and Europe for Jesus, to preach the gospel and build up the body of Christ, so that they too, can answer the call, and share in the rewards of sacrifice.


To that end, I have recently been appointed as an Associate Missionary to the United Kingdom, so I want to say a big thank you to The United Pentecostal Church International and Great Britain and Ireland, and to you, my sponsors, friends, and family for supporting me in following the call of God.  Thank you for believing in a little AIMer and for your faithfulness in the six and half years I have been in the UK.  


There will be a few transitions in my new rôle, more travelling, and a greater level of responsibility to the work in United Kingdom, so I am also asking for new sponsors, to assist in the financial costs associated with meeting these needs of the kingdom.  I would ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with me, or making a love offering to go towards my continued service in the UK, (please share this, on Twitter, Facebook, everywhere :)  and of course nothing impacts the Kingdom like prayer!  My Pay Pal link will no longer appear, so I would ask that all offerings be directed to my name and account (No 189249) at UPCI Headquarters, and if you have any questions on how to give, please e-mail me!  


God bless you, and God bless my beautiful United Kingdom,


Que Dios los bendiga, y que Dios le bendiga mi hermosa Reino Unido, 

Rev Allison Mitchell
Your Associate Missionary to the United Kingdom

Rev Robert Kelley
Missionary Superintendent

Rev Joel Wells, Jr
Pastor at The Pentecostals of Titusville, FL

Hmo Limones Preaching at Tiempos De Refugerio en España
Powerful House Group in Queens, NY

Glasgow Needs Jesus!

Rachey is Rocking Leeds for Jesus!
Healing, Deliverance and Outpouring @ Life Tabernacle Anniversary

My Ate's :) Sis Carol and Sis Emily

Estelle, Jenny and Eleanor in Londres
Valladolid and Missionary Trecina Anderson in Madrid, Spain

Worship Team @ Tabernacle of Praise London

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