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Me Gozaré:  
Finding God’s Joy in United Kingdom and Europe
Autumn 2013 Newsletter
Walking through the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark, where I am on a three month assignment to assist Pastor Chris and Clara Brett, I felt the chill winds of autumn sweep through the sunny day. As I looked at the harvest field of just one of our many European capitals still being opened up to the gospel, and my own relatively small estimation of my impact versus what Jesus actually wants to do here, I felt a greater chill of compassion to reach the lost sweep over me and my heart cried out for God to use me like never before.
      Six years ago I moved to my beloved Reino Unido (UK), to mi Europa, and in that time alone I have been over and over again astounded at the power of God poured out on individuals to change a nation, a city, a soul, and this day my heart was humbled with great desire to join as a conduit of that power to reach my generation for Jesus Christ. Sometimes when we look at our own human inability in comparison to the task set before us, it can be so overwhelming until we remember Who lives inside of us, and Who’s power is really invested in you and me to change the world.  We are never sent out alone.  
    I have been challenged, during our General Conference in Wales, on outreach in Glasgow, and in my prayer closet alone with God, like never before to be dissatisfied with living the way we always have, and reaping the reasonable harvest we expect from our own efforts.  The time for mediocre worship, and moderate devotion passed us by a long time ago, and now we stand at the dawn of the end time harvest of souls with the choice looming before us  to engage with everything we have for the Kingdom, and as I hear the voice of the Lord calling me to step forward, my choice is suddenly simple.  Go.
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Allison Mitchell has served in Scotland since 2007, coming under full AIM appointment in 2008, under Missionaries Robert and Jerolyn Kelley. She is a licensed minister with both the UPCI and UPC Great Britain and Ireland and has ministered in several countries in Europe, preaching regularly throughout the United Kingdom, and speaking to youth, ladies groups and young ministers, as well as teaching in Harvest Bible College and serving as part of the Ministry Team for New Life Church in Glasgow. Her passion is to bring the fires together in the United Kingdom and Europe to unleash unquenchable revival in this end-time generation.

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    Do what God is calling YOU to do.  Don’t try to mimic someone else’s anointing or calling; be obedient and faithful to the work set before you.  Don’t let fear or hesitation stop you from pulling souls out of the fire. Don’t let the cries of your flesh for comfort and an ordinary life keep you from living an extraordinary life that will affect nations. When it comes down to it, we didn’t choose to be a part of what is unfolding all around us, He chose us.  To Go.  To bear fruit and that that fruit would remain.
   The Psalmist prayed, “Let all my springs be in thee,” and we also must desire that all that would flow through us would be Jesus.  When the Holy Spirit wants to heal, we will just state it, and operate in that.  When Jesus wants to work miracles in Liverpool, or Hvidovre, we will just release His power and it will happen.  Suddenly and subtly the focus of our lives and ministries will change as it becomes all about HIM instead of all about me.  And how many souls can we impact if we really open up our lives to let Jesus use us, if we stop worrying about what people will think, or whether we have the ability, if we realize that it’s really all about releasing Christ in me.
     I can see in the Spirit the many fires God has placed throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, piercing brightly through the spiritual darkness that surrounds us. I can also see that God’s desire is to bring those fires together in harmony and unity to ignite a generation for Him, and that the destination is a explosion of Apostolic power and authourity in Europe and truly throughout the world.  If we will come together before His throne with hearts of humility and love and echo the prayer of Isaiah so many years ago, “Here am I, send me,” if we will allow Him to heal us an liberate us so we can operate at the dimension we are called and step into the roles set before us, then there is no limit to what He can accomplish through you and me in United Kingdom, in Europe, in the world.
   And with this revelation I look up from the grey pavement of Enghave, to the breathtaking skies above Sønder Boulevard, smiling because I know,
Me gozaré, me gozaré, me gozaré,
me gozaré esta en Jehová.  [¡Gózate!]
Pues ha llevado todo dolor, me ha hecho libre
My rejoicing is in the Lord, because He has lifted off all of my sorrow and made me free.  The harvest that I hunger for is His, and He WILL bring it to pass.
For the Kingdom,

Rev Allison Mitchell
Your Associate In Missions to United Kingdom

Rev Robert Kelley

Missionary Superintendent

Rev Joel Wells, Jr

Pastor at The Pentecostals of Titusville, FL

BOTT is coming to Copenhagen! Be sure to check out, and register as soon as possible!  You don't want to miss this life changing conference!  And please keep it in your prayers, as Europe unites for revival, that God's Spirit would move in a mighty way.

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