Copy Gets Upgraded

We are excited to announce that the newly revised and improved SRN website has officially launched.  Thank you for your patience! New changes include:
  •   The archived issues of Serenity Pathways and featured articles that have been requested are now readily accessible
  •   New membership categories have been added and member discounts in the new SRN Market are easier to use.
  •   So much more!
Comments and feedback from reviewers have been very positive. One reviewer commented, “I started to feel relaxed the moment I got on the website”.  Check out the site and give us feedback on Facebook. We are ready to go right into De-Stressation and hot, summer Fun.

Summertime and the Living is Easy . . .                  
And Stress-free 

The most relaxing activity that I have participated in, so far, this season was a White Party.  The party was held on my sister and her husband’s front lawn under the magnolia trees.  The décor was “white shabby-chic” and the scene was nostalgic.  Picture, if you will, people from all walks of life sitting around engaged in conversation sparked by bits and pieces of memorabilia perhaps last seen when we were children: Read More...

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SRN Stand

Share information on how you are making your SRN stand and de-stressing this summer. Stress Rejecters input is always welcome. You can also submit your pictures and write up of the activities. Recruit more stress rejecters whether or not they are members of the SRN. As a SRN member you have the right to encourage safe fun, fun, and more fun. The emphasis is on relaxation and de-stressing. Share with others how you are demonstrating your commitment as a Stress Rejecter.
Make your response to this monthly e-letter a part of your fight against stress with your member participation. Your comments, member articles, Member of the Month suggestions or nominations, or other suggestions, etc. can be sent to:
Thanks for your commitment to increase our tranquility.
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