Happy New Year Fivers!

It's been a crazy month for Fives. We were featured on Product Hunt and more than doubled in size in a week. There are a lot of new people to impress, so here goes!

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Optical Clones
Reach into one box and knock down a ball in another box! This amazing interaction system "clones" both light and forces. Light is cloned using an array of mirrors to create a virtual 3D light field. Force/haptic feedback is replicated using ultrasonic pressure waves. This opens up amazing opportunities in interactive telecommunication and haptic augmented reality. Haptoclone
Jumping Cubes
Self-assembling robots may have just come a bit closer to reality! This crazy locomotion technology uses angular momentum conservation to flip a cube up on its edges and corners with just a couple spinning wheels inside. It almost feels gravity-defying: the video is a must-watch. The Cubli
Object Touch Identification
This is a smart bracelet can identify the object you're touching. Almost everything we touch has a relatively unique electromagnetic noise profile caused by nearby power lines. Subtle differences in shape, conductivity, and position will change the profile. Detecting that opens up amazing opportunities for context recognition and smart home control. A bug turned into a feature! EM-Sense
Ultra-fine 3d Motion capture
This one may get you curious enough to read the math! This technique uses two cameras and nine coloured directional light sources for rapid reconstruction of both 3D depth and motion. It's a relatively simple idea, but implemented with some seriously impressive results, opening up opportunities for more realistic character design based on real subjects. PGSF
Flat Cameras
That's right: a flat, lensless camera. We've heard of these before but this one has been implemented to an actual, manufacturable silicon sensor. They use a mask as a lens and compensate computationally. Their camera is currently low resolution (512 x 512 pixel) — your iPhone won't get even thinner and slipperier... yet. FlatCam