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Aerial Burton 3D Display
This company has managed to pack a 3D laser projection system into a car. It works by shooting a 1KHz infrared laser into a system of optics/mirrors (3D scanner) to focus the infrared light onto specific points in the air thereby ionizing it to release light! Yes, it's a little big, but the things it may be able to do (like mass emergency signaling) are quite exciting. A display without a display! Can't wait until we have a real-life Batman call system.
Hendo Hoverboard
Back to the Future?! Okay, so granted this isn't exactly what we imagined the first hoverboard would be like. This board appears to be using simple electromagnetic repulsion and thus requires a lot of power and a conductive surface (copper sheets in this case). Some drawbacks, I know, but Tony Hawk just took it for a test-drive after his recent hoverboard prank!
Magic Leap
Yea, we still have no idea what exactly this Augmented Reality startup is doing but it has somehow succeeded in raising a jaw-dropping $542M investment round led by Google. A former friend from our group at MIT was asked to review their patents and make a best guess -- looks like it has something to do with light fields and heads-up displays. People who've seen it describe it as mind-bending and revolutionary, but it seems we won't find out for a little while.
Jawbone UP3
Okay I know what you're thinking. Jawbone, seriously?! How is this cool, Rohan? Hear me out: the latest version of the Jawbone UP includes a bioimpedance sensor that they're using for long-term heartrate monitoring. Eventually it may even be able to measure hydration levels and respiration rate! Check out the impedance electrodes on the inside.
Bluesmart Carry-On
This is a case of common sense slapped onto an everyday product. Weigh the bag by holding it by it's handle, built in battery pack to charge your electronics, location tracking using GPS, and a proximity lock? No wonder this IndieGoGo gadget has 20x'd their funding goal. 

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