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Unbeatable 'Go' AI
There's now one more thing that computers can crush us at: Go. Sure, computers have beaten chess players for years now but Go is a lot more complicated. This AI learned from 30 million moves of others playing and now officially ranks at the "Professional Player" level for the first time in history. Oh and it's about to play the world champAlphaGo
Automatic Colorization
More amazing deep learning! Watch as a single researcher trains a neural network to automatically add color to a black and white photo by training it on a large dataset of photos (from ImageNet). Pretty stunning results considering it only required a few days of work. Automatic Colorizaiton
Ultra-Efficient Light Bulbs
CFL and LED lights are only about 14% efficient — a lot better than incandescent lightbulbs (5% efficient) — but here's a new technology that uses a special crystal lattice to recycle energy lost from the lightbulb to get about 40% efficient. Plus, it more closely mimics daylight like those incandescents you still have around. Efficient Bulbs
Brain Timers
Researchers have found the origin in the brain of the mental clock that helps act out and time behaviors (well, at least in rats). It's a part of the brain that can help reliably predict how long ago an event occurred and if it was longer or shorter than the previous event — without us actually knowing the amount of time elapsed. Brain Timers
Metallic glue
Components in modern electronics are held together by heating conductive metals. MesoGlue is a company creating a solder indium-galium composite that will stick components together without heat. It's very cool, it allows connecting heat-sensitive components or build complex systems without creating corrosive spots or heat damage. Metallic Glue