Happy Thanksgiving Fivers!

Here's some new tech to hold you over while you feast on your leftover turkey for the next week.

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3D motion tracking On any object
This is a technique for high-speed tracking of 3D motion on any object in real-time using laser tracking. No knowledge of the target shape or type needed: build gesture controllers out of almost anything! 3D Motion Sensing (thanks, Achuta Kadambi)
Graphene's new cousin
Stanene may be the first room-temperature super conductor. Physicists have theorized the possibility that a single layer of Tin would be a suitable super-conductor — researchers have now found a way to make it! Only time will tell if it has superconducting properties, though. Stanene
Facial Reenactments
Project your own facial expressions onto the face of another. This technique screams animatronics, new forms of acting for animations, and maybe new virtual avatars at your next video conference. Check out the (somewhat creepy) video. Facial Reenactments
Ultralight metals
Here's a metal lattice that drifts through air. Researchers have collaborated with Boeing to design a hollow metal lattice to create a strong, energy-absorbing metal structure that is 1/100th as light as styrofoam. Ultralight Metals
Gluten Detector
A new sensor that uses "antigen-based chemistry" and some mechanical motion to isolate and identify gluten in suspect foods. Drop in a food sample, give it a couple minutes and "Nima" will detect if the food has a high proportion of gluten. Nima