Happy Turkey Week! I can't believe it's already here. Before you know it we'll be scraping back through Fives newsletters for Christmas gift ideas. I'm thankful for you for subscribing/reading so far! I'll also consider it a compliment that this newsletter hasn't already made it's home in your spam folder.

Speaking of which, I better not mess this up!
1. Pinlight Display Glasses
Once you get past the absurdly slow narrator in the video, you'll see how clever these ar (misspelling intended). Researchers at UNC/NVIDIA have found a way to encode 3D augmented figures into your line of sight by using unfocused points of light from a cheap lcd screen mounted on glasses. They add an etched layer of acryllic as a wave guide and the result is a full field-of-view augmented reality projection image on your retina without the need of any lenses or other optics. Super simple and a very compelling result for such an early prototype. Wonder what Magic Leap thinks of this...
2. Schlieren Optics
Before you even read this you need to watch the video first. Describing it just won't do it justice.

Okay, back? Here's what's going on: this technique magnifies differences in the refractive index of air. What changes air's refractive index? Density! What changes the density of air? Heat and other gasses. That's why you can actually see the hot air currents moving. Do yourself a favor and read more.
4. Google's Auto-Captioning Pictures
Just when you thought memes were dying and Reddit was losing original content, I'm here with some good news: computer generated content for everyone! Google's designed a new type of neural network to identify objects, verbs, and environments in an image and intelligently describe the image in one natural sentence. It works surprisingly well and I wonder how many blogs will use this functionality one day for all the images they post or even to create a more powerful Google image search. Who knows, maybe I'll even add it to Fives one day. What do I really do anyway...
3. Cymatics Sound Art
While we're on the topic of trippy visualizations, this will definitely blow your mind. Turns out certain frequencies of sound can create some really amazing geometric shapes in matter. It's just a matter of the frequency you choose, the shape of the vibrating source, and the stuff on top of it. These guys take the effect to a whole new level through a crazy music video involving sand, flames, electricity, and water coming out of a spout.
5. Vision Correcting Displays
Okay okay, I know what you're saying -- shameless plug, I get it. It's just that this amazing thing recently came out of our group at the MIT Media Lab and I think it deserves more attention. This is a glasses-free 2D display. Not 3D, 2D. What I mean is that with this simple clip-on attachment on the display, most people won't need their reading glasses to see the screen anymore. It uses the light field technology (see: Magic Leap and Lytro) + and some nifty pre-filtering algorithms to correct for your poor vision. That's right, toss out those reading glasses/bifocals and shrink back down your font-size, people. Well, okay, maybe not yet -- still some fixes needed on the resolution side but we're getting there!
Fives is written by Rohan Puri