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Highlights                                               February 2016

Welcome to High Point Holidays February newsletter. With Spring fast approaching, now is a good time to look ahead to your holiday plans for the year. We focus on our new Alpine Adventures with news of a competition that will help anyone considering a walking holiday in the French Alps.
Don't forget that on our walking holidays, booking early always secures our 1st choice accommodation.

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Walking in the Alps

Walking in the Alps:

We already had a number of walking holidays in some stunning regions of the French Alps but this year we have added the most famous section of the GR5 Trail.The GR5 is one of the world's most spectacular long distance trails from the Netherlands through Belgium and Luxenbourg and then crossing France.

Alpine Adventure Part 1: Lake Geneva to Chamonix
6 nights - £675, 6 days self-guided walking between gites
The first stage crosses the alpine meadows of the Abondance Valley before meandering along the foot hills of the Chablais mountains heading towards the ever-present profile of Mont Blanc. You’ll spend one night in Switzerland at the foot of Dents du Midi before descending to Chamonix.
Alpine Adventure Part 2: Chamonix to Briancon
7 nights - from £645, 7 days self-guided walking between hotels and gites
From Chamonix you’ll head through the alpine meadows of Beaufortain, famous for its cheese. Between Pralognan & Modane you’ll discover the beautiful summits and glaciers of the Vanoise National Park and then Mont Thabor.
Alpine Adventure Parts 3 & 4: Briancon to Nice
11 nights - from £795, 11 days self-guided walking between hotels and gites
From Briancon you traverse the beautiful Queyras regional park before moving onto the Ubaye Valley. From there it's onto the majestic Mercantour National Park, before discovering the wonderful perched villages of the Provence in the Maritime Alps.

Other Self-Guided Alpine Walking Holidays
Tour of Queyras - An Alpine secret
8 nights - £765 - 7 days trekking.
Queyras - Best Kept Secret in the Alps
7 nights - From £665 - 6 days.
Marvels of Mercantour
5/6 nights - From £605 - 5 days.
Les Ecrins: Panoramic Alpine Trail
5 nights - From £575, 5 days walking.
Panoramic Vercors
6 or 8 nights - £740 - 5 days walking.
Tour of Mont Aiguille
5 nights - £595, 4 days walking.
Trekking Tour of the Vanoise
7 nights - £545, 6 days trekking.
Alps to Med Trail
7 Nights - £655 - 6 days walking.

Walking in the Alps

Walking Holiday Updates

High Point Holidays' 2016 Independent and Guided Walking Holiday Brochures have been sent out. If you have not received a brochure, but would like one please e-mail us and let us know.
Please note the brochure is also available online on our website. For more details see section below.

Guided Walking Holidays Updates
Amazing Auvergne 21st - 28th August
Confirmed with spaces available

New Independent/Self Guided Walking Holidays for 2016:

Please note that the European Football Championship (Euro 2016) is taking place in France next year from 10th June - 10th July. As travel costs may be affected by this event, it is wise to book holidays as early as possible.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries on any of our holidays

Ever disappointed that we do not do walking holidays in a particular country or region, then why not send us your suggestions to

Trekking the GR5 Trail


Win one of 3 copies of Cicerone's guidebook on the GR5 Trail

Written by Paddy Dillon and published in January 2016, this is Cicerone's new and essential guidebook for walking the GR5, one of the world's most spectacular long-distance trails. The GR5 makes its way through the Alps from the shores of Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean at Nice. A route of 674km (420 miles), it can be trekked in a month, or split over a series of summer trips.

Win yourself a copy of this ideal companion for an alpine trek along the GR5.
Competition is open until 2nd April 2016

Visit our competition page for further details

French Holiday Destinations
Marvels of the Mercantour

Marvels of the Mercantour

The Vallee des Merveilles is situated in the mountains of the Mercantour range in the south of the French Alps. It is the site of one of the largest collections of bronze age engravings in the world dating from over 5000 years ago. The engravings are found on exposed rocks left following the disappearance of glaciers, either on smooth bedrock or on boulders (eratics) carried from elsewhere on the mountains. The engravings which date from pre-historic times include beasts with corns (bulls) - the most represented forms - arms (such as daggers and axes), animals with human features and geometric figures.

As well as being found in the Merveilles Valley, many of the engravings are located in the nearby Fontanalbe Valley, both of which you'll be able to explore on our independent walking holiday in the Mercantour region of France in the French Alps.

Herisson Falls, Jura

Wild France

In our latest blog, we take a look at some of the unspoilt, sparsely populated and beautiful regions that make up France's areas of wilderness.
Deep valleys and gorges can offer secluded and wild areas with tumbling streams and dramatic waterfalls, making for a wonderful walking holiday experience, such as the Jura and the Ardeche.
Some of the wild mountainous regions of the Alps are home to an abundance of unique flora and fauna, for example the Mercantour, Queyras and Vercors.
The volcanic heart of southern France is made up of one vast upland region the size of Scotland, known as the Massif Central. Auvergne is home to large volcanoes, where glacial erosion has laid bare their volcanic rocks to reveal amazing natural wonders, including strange rock towers and beautiful waterfalls. Read More
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