November, a roller coaster of a month...Immersed In Gershwin and then ....not
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November 2012 

Acland Burghley Harmony Singers 14/11/12. 
'Leading a Choir' Workshop 27/11/12 


SINGING in December





16th December

Family Singing
at the Festival Hall

YES! That is the
Royal Festival Hall

(Sadly if you are under 5
you will have to  wait a bit)

 I am running 2 x 45 min singing
in The Clore Ballroom



(choir & whole school singing)

We are Singing @
Kings Cross

Wednesday Morning
15th December

to raise money for

 Marie Curie Cancer Care

Have a listen to them here


we are sharing our term

of songs from the 80's on

Monday December 10th

in the Upper Hall at the

Bishopsgate Institute.


Gus rather disappointed the
Bishopsgate Singers

won't be singing in  the NEW BIG
Kings Cross

as the station told Marie Curie
they could 
 only accomodate 
15 singers and there are 70 of us...
how are you meant to choose?

Once again Gus has me to a T...

Here is a photo of us singing last year
It is not too late for us to do a bit of open air
singing in the City maybe.....

THE TO-DO LIST continues to be
much the same as last month..
I seem to have done very little of it

1. Complete a set of Folk Song Acapella
arrangements to publish in one form or other.
2. Clean up the 2 children's musicals
I wrote with Mr P. and make them
available for schools to use.
3. Be open to any new an exciting projects
that will come my way
(oops that still seems to be 3 things) 


( folky choir)  
 January 2013
Bishopsgate Institute
Tuesdays 6 - 7.30pm 
Spending the month researching

fok music for this new folk choir

Continuing to hope that funding

will come through for me to spend

half of December and
arranging and researching
new songs. Fingers crossed the

Arts Council 
can see it as a worthy


The Acland Burghley
Harmony Singers'

first season was a resounding

43 singers came for 6 weeks and we
learned 6, four part acapella songs
which we share to all our friends last
week.There was a slight rumble that
we had bitten off more than we could
chew,but the sharing was great. 
We sang a lovely arrangement of
'Love Call Me Home' - Peggy Seeger 
( *which is hopefully
going to be in the new Voiceworks
Community Book)
'Bye Bye Love' - Everley
Brothers, 'Pride' - U2 based the
arrangment by the Sowetto Gospel
Choir, I Can Hear a Train a
Coming - Nickomo*,
Walking on Sunshine -
Katrina and the Waves*
and Shona Malanga - arranged by
Una May*. 

I ran a lovely workshop in
Telford organised by
Hanna Lawrence with support from
hubbie Al(the spoon) who had the most
 important job of tea making
and washing up, expertly assisted by
Mr. P. We sung a new winter round I
have written, Pride, Love Call me Home,
Pata Pata,  Deep Down in My Soul*
in a lovely little hall in Dawley.
There were about 40 singers
there who were amazing.
big yummy lunch to share and
4 cracking basses!
Interested in the whole acoustic
of halls this month
my wonderful co-editor Ali  Burns
has written an interesting note on
her website  about
chosing a hall for singing.
I was aware at lunchtime that my
ears were very tired and ringy,
and even though
the hall had a lovely wooden floor
it had a newly insulated
ceiling with strip lighting,
 each light surrounded by a lot of
metal. I wonder if all our gorgeous
sound was just being eaten
by the ceiling, or it was
just my imagination?
I am going to carry on this quest for
the perfect hall. I do tend to take
pictures of empty halls alot - might have
to start a whole chapter just about




Thanks For Reading
my Second Newsletter

I am still learning how it all works
and really thank you for supporting my
endeavours. Mailchimp templates are an absolute pain, they stretch
and then don't shrink back ,
and  seem to do loads of wierd things on their own
that you  seem to have have no control over.

This package has a curious
little widget so I know who does not open it! ha ha

But then if you don't open it you won't be reading this.
 x x 
Have a great month. 

Here is to all things sparkly!



All work and no play...

 Favourite  November Movies 
A Royal Affair ( out on DVD) a
Danish historical drama love story .
Have now got a movie crush on
the actor Mads Mikelsen
So will be going to see his new movie
The Hunt  -
by the same director who brought us
Festen for which he got the
best actor award at Cannes
The Killing is Back on BBC4...
more Danish Drama!
Not for the faint hearted,
but very excitingly tense.

The London Bulgarian Choir
just get better and better...

never miss an opportunity to see
them sing,
if singing is your thing.

Magnificent Music
of the Moment

I am still loving

London Fields Lido
Just don't tell anyone. It is
heated, outdoor and olympic
sized.The deep joy of swimming
in a pool where you don't get
deafened by the
'swimming pool acoustic'. Bliss.
Have managed 3 kilometers in
Looking forward to trying
swimming in the snow.
The Plinth and the Altar
28 Shepherd's Green Road.
Dennis Plaxton is a mate
and has spent 3 years
putting together an amazing
( mobile) of birds made of toilet
rolls...(and so much more)
looks so much better in real life.




Trying as usual to think of
personal gifts for people.

The Dandy Lion Christmas Market 
my mate Kylie has a stall.

The Oxford, Kentish Town over
a great pub, daytime 1st December.

Alastair Dargue  fab tea man at workshop
in Telford, who is now carving
 amazing spoons and bowls
almost all the time...

check them out on December 8th
at the East Dulwich Tavern Craft Fair.
Also check out 
Barn the Spoon Carver's
 New Shop In Hackney Road! 

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