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GREETINGS...Yup it's chilly inside and out! Cannot believe it is booking time for  the summer  term! I am not sure that people will be sleeping rough in order to get a place as Gus has  intimated in this month's cartoon above (particularly due to the weather) but Choirs do get full up, so don't leave it too late - click on the choir name to take you to booking possibilities.
Bishopsgate Singers 
The Tubthumping Chorus
The Acland Burghley Harmony Singers

Photo taken by Roz Carmal.
Yup! that's me dressed like a girl! Earthly Voices  members nearly fainted when we came into the bar on our Weekend Singing Retreat.  Since I first ran a session with Earthly Voices how ever many years ago it was, they have never seen me dressed like a girl.  They had no idea I actually had legs ( even thought they were wrapped in dark green tights)..and as for a dress, curly locks and a matching handbag.....Possibly a bit too much of a shock all in one go.  Ali, Wendy, and I sung a rousing three part arrangement of 'Sisters' and 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow ' for the cabaret in the evening (both Wendy's arrangements -see last month). Lovely!

 click for live version
 Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer..saw them perform this live, this very  gorgeous version!  Cecil Sharpe House..Then arranged it and the Tubthumpers sung it at our sharing 2 weeks later...all 24 verses! That's folk for you....

So last month I sadly had to cancel my workshop In Macclesfield due to bad weather, but we are rescheduled for Sunday 7th July! The workshop in Milton Keynes was a bit special this year. We got to spend most of the day on the stage in the Stables Theatre, so spent a lot of the day standing up and moving around, which was great. ' We Shall Overcome' was a bit of a special moment, and I shall be repeating this song everywhere I go for a while, until I am convinced everyone knows it. I did it with a group last month and half the people DID NOT KNOW IT....

End of term sharings with the Acland Burghley Harmony Singers, click here to watch video check out Tubthumping Chorus  click to watch video and Bishopsgate Singers click to watch 'too darn hot' were all really amazing this term. Only fly in the ointment was Mr P's videoing of the Bishopsgate's end of term sharing. I think he must have been rather tired or hoping I would never ask him to do it don't get out of it that easily my dear husband!

Took the school choir to the Camden Cluster Festival where they sang Rhythm of Life on their own and joined in with another 200 children in a great concert. it was a fantastic day, we all enjoyed it - me more than imagined, as I have been know to get a trifle grumpy on these long rehearsal days. ( what me? grumpy? ha ha!)
And just because I have done absolutely nothing cultural since my last newsletter I am treating you to a picture of me as a nipper. Check out the red Lancashire clogs, which I still have sitting on my piano in my kitchen.
I am hoping for a 'creative fairy dust'  injection at an exciting event I am going to end of the month

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