Greetings! DONT FORGET TO CLICK ON THE LINKS AND SCROLL DOWN..Early summer leaped upon us, Bowie grabbed me by the short and...songwriting and acapella are blooming!
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Thanks Gus x


Welcome to Soon it's June

ALL ABOUT DAVID BOWIE... (do you think anyone calls him Dave?)

Well, it's  a lot about Bowie. We are singing (click to have a listen to the arrangement) 
The Man Who Sold the World
at the Bishopsgate Singers this term, and I have just been to the David Bowie at the V&A, and watched
' Five Years' a documentary about five of Bowie's album on the BBC ( still on iplayer for a couple of days) . This is a picture of me looking fairly hysterical, in an excited sort of a way, with my Bowie exhibition book that I had to purchase. Me and my mate were in the exhibition hall for nearly two hours...It was amazing ...sound and vision! I was reduced to a blubbering wreck at two points in the exhibition. The bit where there was a big screen of Bowie singing Space Oddity, and Life on Mars...It was just as well the exhibition room was dark, and my eyeliner was waterproof. We agreed the exhibition was really well put together and totally absorbing. We think Dave should go and see it, as it really is about the art, the design, the music, about a man who seemed to live for the moment creatively, gave us all permission/freedom to do the same, and then woke up one day and found he had a 40 year back catalogue and was still creating. Thanks for sharing it. Oh this is a good version of
The Man Who Sold the World
from Saturday Night Live 1979, with 2 amazing backing singers, one being the fabulous Klaus Nomi.

           Welcome to  to Hackney Wick...

It is all getting very cool and
arty over there.

Ate great food at the Hackney PearlSaw an amazing one man show at
 The Yard Theatre by Bob Karper
who needs to be kept a serious eye on
probably two and followed on twitter etc etc.

Did you click on the song or video?

Even though I adore all  my choirs
and love singing and arranging for 
them and with them, it is healthy for
me to do something a little bit more
selfishly  creative, which feels like
it is  just for me. How often I forget.
Good news for me at the moment!
I am attending a 6 week songwriting
course run by the LONDON SONG COMPANY which is
proving to be a really good discipline, as we have to write
a song a week..I have just finished my second song
and ploughing into a third! I have met some
lovely musicians and we are all  on a
fantastic little  journey together.Thoroughly recommend
going back to school at anytime in one's life.

The start of something new..
watch this space!


  • June 1st Bishopsgate Institute SINGING IN HARMONY 10.30pm - 4.30pm
  • July 7th SINGING IN HARMONY Macclesfield 10am-4pm
  • July 15th 7.45pm upper hall, Bishopsgate Institute, Bishopsgate/Tubthumpers sharing, for friends and family 
  • AUGUST 17th - Bishopsgate Institute SINGING IN HARMONY 10.30am - 4.30pm
sorry no links  for workshops should do it! have a happy June x x x x
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