It's that time of year again. There is a slight chill in the air, and it is time to buy new shoes for the new term (any excuse).

News From Base Camp 

hope all your summers are going well. So catching up a bit in no particular order. Last term I went on a six week songwriting evening class to just remind me about songwriting. I spent most of my twenties writing and recording songs, almost every waking hour, to the dismay of anyone who thought I was wasting my time and should get a proper job! The course reminded me why I used to be so passionate about songwriting. We had a task every week and I wrote 5 complete songs in 5 weeks, which was a lot of work and  felt really good. Having had a bit of a break has done me no harm at all, and I think it has only improved my writing. A couple of them are on my soundcloud page and would love people to have a listen. Wow..It's that easy. I the old days when my demos were on a cassette tape it was SO HARD to get anyone to listen to them. I am now inspired to do more. I have joined the BASCA the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors. I am off to a songwriting retreat for 4 days and am doing a p/t songwriters diploma  for a year with the London Song Company.

New River Cantata

Stuart Wood Music,  I am very excited to have been asked to run a couple of rehearsals for this exciting new choral piece that is going to be performed  by 90 community singers at the  Hidden River Festival at Finsbury Park on 22nd September and recorded and videoed at the Angel Recording Studio in London . A download is going to be be made available and all proceeds will go to Water Aid...which reminds me ..don't forget about Sing For Water at the Thames Festival -15th September at The Scoop, near Tower Bridge, by the Thames.

Well it was great to spend time with nephews and nieces from out of town and go and see kids movies without having to kidnap random kids. Despicable Me 2 was an impressive cornucopia of character, visuals and soundtrack, but Kick Ass 2 was in my humble opinion, total pants.
I  am totally in love with Count Arthur Strong. I get the impression he is like Marmite, love him or hate him. I seem to be going through a middle aged hormonal fog where someone has stolen half of my vocabulary,which is why his character probably tickles me so much.
The new tv series made me laugh and cry. He has recorded 6 series on radio 4, which I am going to have to download as in the past I only got to listen to bits and bobs. I am gutted that they have taken the TV show off iplayer, though it is probably better for everyone's mental health that I don't keep watching it. 
Gus Alexander in responsible for the wonderful original cartoons that appear in my newsletter every month and I want to thank him again. I am still getting to grip with this pesky Mailchimp and Gus's newest cartoon is just a wee too small .Last month Gus did the lovely drawing ( above) of 'The Man Who Sold The World', so it feels only right to add the video of the Bishopsgate Singers first performance of this cracking arrangement on one of those really really hot days in July at our end of term sharing with the Tubthumping Chorus. It is the first time we sung it. Also, have a little read read this blog  by MJHibbett which encapsulates what the singing is all about.
 Gluten Free Lemon Polenta Cake..200g butter, 100 grams polenta, 100g dark sugar,  200 grams of ground almonds, 3 eggs, zest of 2 lemons, bit of lemon juice, handful of frozen blueberries, 1 and a half  teaspoons of bicarb/baking powder (what's the difference?) 170-180 degrees -40 mins in greased tin. Just melt the butter bung it all together..chuck the blueberries in the greased tin, stick the mixture on top. YUM. I am off to eat a bit. see you later. Love x x x

New Term Starts Soon!

all open for booking auditions..all welcome
Bishopsgate Singers -30th September
Tubthumping Chorus  - 1st October
Acland Burghley Harmony Singers - 8th October

(more info contact me, or check the NVPN website)
28th September -Bedford
5th October - Downham Market
6th October -Milton Keynes
12th October  -Sheffield
2nd November -Telford
9th November -London Spitalfields


(check sound connections website)
Leading a  Choir -the first steps -23rd October
Leading a  Choir -the next step -15th January 2014
My favourite gig of the year is often when I teach on the Guildhall Jazz and Rock Summer School. All the numerous tutors perform in bands each evening before the students rock on down at their club. Here is myself with the legends that are  Donna Canale ( vocals), Richard Sadler ( bass)
Geoff Nichols ( drums) Dave Gale ( keys and vocoder) Bruce Knapp ( bendy guitar). I am linking up a version of Peter Gabriel's Mercy Street, and Daft Punk's Get Lucky for you to watch...check out the big shorts, very trendy what?
 Over the Summer I got to teach the Deep C Divas an all women acapella group from Leeds a couple of my  pop fun fun.
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