Some big things are happening at City Steading!

CS Brews is now.... CS Mead and More!

Yes, the channel name is changed, but the content isn't.  We just thought that having the word "mead" in the name would be better for YouTube and for new viewers to know what we're about.

CS Cooks and Grows is now.... CS Bread and Beyond

This one isn't just a channel change.  We found that Bread was our most popular content, and so, the channel is focused on all things bread, which includes pizza, pastry, cookies, etc, and the "beyond" means there's gonna be some cooking too!  This has become mostly Brian's Channel, but Derica will make appearances too!


CS Garden and Grow

With the Cooks and Grows Channel becoming more bread centric, we had to figure out what to do with the gardening and growing content.  So... after some debate, we opened a new Channel just for it.  Expect Gardening tips, plant talk, hydroponics, chicken keeping, and anything outdoorsy from this one.  Derica is heading up this channel but Brian will be there from time to time too.

Changes to our VIP Club!

Here's a big one.  We're moving away from using Patreon for our VIP Club.  Instead, we are cutting out the Middle Man and Using our own service.  This means more direct control for our VIP's as everything would come through us, so no waiting for customer service.  No limitations made on us and you by third parties, and overall, hopefully a better experience for our VIP Members.  This change is in effect right now and we hope to have everyone moved over by August 22, 2020.

If you are a current VIP Member and have not moved to the new system yet.  Please do so before August 22, 2020!

Sign Up for the City Steading VIP Club
If you are not a VIP Club Member, you can use the button above to become one too!
That's it for now.  We appreciate your support for City Steading in all its forms!  As always, thanks for watching and have a great day!

-Brian and Derica from City Steading
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