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Episode 2.1 : Summer Downtime!
Summer Heat = Frequent Breakdowns


Summer heat combined with contamination is the #1 fatal consumer of the electronics that we see through the months of June-September. In the electronics industry heat is never a good thing. As heat Increases so does resistance, thus causing all kinds of problems.

Most components live.......

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There is no specific time table for the lifespan of any servo motor. In ideal conditions a servo motor can last 20+ years, and under extreme conditions can last less than one year. Most OEM contribute the lifespan of their servo motors to the lifespan of the.....
Summer Has finally arrived and with these extreme temperatures the Repair Zone Team wants to be sure you are prepared for the unexpected. Visit today and receive 25% Off your equipment Code: BackMeUp25 (Not valid on repairs)

Although it is not the case, people naturally tend to perceive re-manufactured products as having a shorter life span, which prevents many from purchasing re-manufactured. When equipment is re-manufactured or refurbished to factory specs they.....
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