Q&A with Lannie Garrett

With Lannie's eagerly anticipated upcoming special performance at the 
Broomfield Council on the Arts & Humanities Benefit
 on February 8 at the Broomfield Auditorium

it's a perfect time for the fans to get to know her a little better (not that Lannie holds anything back from her audience ;-)).

Lannie kindly participated in an exclusive interview with BCAH's office manager, Keri Dillingham. Scroll down to read the full interview. We hope you enjoy it!

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At what age did you realize you wanted to be a start performer?
I knew from the minute I had consciousness that I wanted to be a performer. I wanted to be a ballet dancer (like so many little girls), then an actress and then a singer. Anything in show biz! I grew up on Ed Sullivan and that show was my school. I didn’t take lessons or start singing until pretty late in the game. 

Tell us about your first performance...
My very first “performance” was a sixth grade talent contest. I lip synched to Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog” with my hair greased back and blue jeans on. I won a cupcake. 
 My first professional performance was as a back up singer in the soul band, “Pride.” I was in my twenties and had never sung in front of anyone before. We became the house band at  a beautiful nightclub in Denver called "The Warehouse." I got to work with Ray Charles, Mel Torme, Tina Turner, Richie Havens and many more. It was an incredible “entree” into the field. I learned how to be onstage watching all these amazing performers. 

How many performances have you given throughout your career?
I started singing in the mid-1970’s. A low estimate would be over 5,000 gigs.

What was your most memorable show? 
There are so many, good and bad! I think one of my most memorable was getting asked to open for Ray Charles at Fiddler’s Green with my swingin’ big band. I think the year was 1996. My band and I got a standing ovation and an encore. After our last song, I explained to the audience what I HAD to do and then did it: I rubbed my behind across Ray’s gorgeous grand piano. It was Ray Charles’ piano and the one and only Ray Charles was going to be sitting there in a minute! The audience cheered. 

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What big names have you joined on stage? 
BB King, Roseanne, David Steinberg, Donny Hathaway, Bill Cosby, David Brenner, Maria Muldaur, Leon Redbone and even Bob Hope! Also, all the ones I mentioned above -- Ray Charles, The Four Tops, Tina Turner, Mel Torme.

Who holds the title of "Performance Icon" in your book? 
Old School: Bruce Springsteen, Bette Midler
New School: Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and Alicia Keyes, to name a few.
And Cher, just cuz! 

I've read that you have stepped down from the Clocktower Cabaret. What will you be doing with your much-deserved free time? 
I sold Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret last year. With my new free time, I intend to mentor a little girl through the Denver Kids Program starting later this year. I also get to enjoy my friends, godchild and husband on the weekends for the first time in years. I’ve been doing lots of walking and reading more than ever. This Summer, I am taking a dream trip to South Africa. I am still singing and doing lots of corporate gigs, but I am really enjoying my down time right now. 

Would you ever consider writing a book about the funniest, most sensational, and, perhaps, confidential stories of your life as a performer?
I have several very juicy celebrity (and confidential) stories about my life in and around show biz, but I doubt I would ever write a book. A few of my close friends know the stories, I’ll keep it to that! 

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