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We have extended your HalSail subscription 
Sadly sailing activity worldwide is badly affected by coronavirus. Here in the UK most clubs have had to delay their racing programmes indefinitely.
We at HalSail want to do our little bit to help. We have extended all existing subscriptions by three months. So if your club had an active subscription on 31st January 2020, we have put back the expiry date by three months. You can see your new expiry date on the Setup page under the Admin menu.
One tiny good thing to come out of the pandemic is that I have had time, while self-isolating, to add new methods to move data to and from Excel spreadsheets. The first method has been available for some time, the others are new. You can:
  • Upload a list of boats and (optionally) put each one in a particular class (fleet) with its handicap value.
  • Upload a list of races to the schedule adding each race to an existing series, or starting a new series, and setting the start date and time, together with all other details.
  • Download all the races in your schedule, or in a particular event.
  • Download a list of boats with their details, either all your boats or boats in a particular class.
  • Download the results of a series, with the overall results in the first sheet and additional sheets for the individual races.
Uploading is done from either the Boats Menu or the Schedule Menu. Downloading is done by clicking an icon on the corresponding page, that is on the race list, or the boat list, or the series result review page.

Wishing you all the best in these difficult times and (eventually) good sailing.
Peter Hopford
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