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Spring Cleaning HalSail
At this time of year I am frequently asked about the best way to prepare HalSail for the coming season. Typically you want to archive last year's results, so that people can still access them as a historical record, then set up your new schedule of races. You probably also want to remove any boats that are no longer in the club and generally keep everything up to date.

With this in mind I have prepared a YouTube video illustrating the procedure. If your schedule of races for next year will be similar to last year's, the video shows you a trick to make setting up the new schedule easier. It then shows how to access your account on the Hal Archive Server and upload last year's results. Finally it shows you how to remove all last year's races and results in one simple spring clean, while keeping the racing classes and boats as they were.

Do take a look at the video on the Hal YouTube Channel.

Stay safe and let's hope we soon see an end to the current restrictions on our favourite activity. Wishing you good sailing in 2021.

Peter Hopford
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