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Release of 2020 handicaps for PY and SCHRS
The Royal Yachting Association and the International Small Catamaran Rating System have both released revised handicaps for the 2020 season. The new Portsmouth Yardstick numbers from the RYA and the SCHRS handicaps are already incorporated into HalSail, the on-line version of Hal. They are available to download for Hal's Race Results, the off-line version.

If you use HalSail you can apply the new standards straight away. Go to the Boat-Class Crosstab page in the Boat Menu to see which of your handicaps agree with the new standard (green background) and which do not (red background). Click on any entry to add a new handicap, which by default will align with the new standard. Of course this only works if you have set up the boat types correctly in the Boat Register.

If you use Hal's Race Results you will need to download the latest version, which is already in the Microsoft Store. If you originally installed Hal's Race Results from the Microsoft Store it should update automatically, although in my experience this can take a few days. To speed things up you can click this link to go to the store and force an immediate update.

If you downloaded your present program from the Hal's Race Results web site directly, rather than from the Microsoft Store, you can still get the new version from the store by clicking the link in the previous paragraph, provided your computer is running Windows 10. I suggest that after having done that you delete your old version which will remain on your computer.

If you are using an old version of Windows, not Windows 10, you cannot get the program from the Microsoft Store and you will have to download it from the Hal's Race Results web site. I hope to have the new version on that site in the next couple of weeks.

Wishing you Good Sailing.
Peter Hopford
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